Sunday, July 6, 2014

Astrological Transits for 2nd Week of July 2014--Clouds in Our Coffee

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I start this post off quoting Carly Simon's "You're So Vain," only because the words, "Clouds in my coffee..." popped into my head. However, the 2nd week of July resembles last week, with the exception of a Scorpio Moon trining Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and conjuncting Saturn and Mercury moving into Cancer on July 14th.  This week feels watery, but what's new Magoo?

Water and Air dominate this week with the Sun, 3 planets outer planets plus Chiron in Water and Mars, Mercury, North Node, and Venus in Air. Mercury switches elements on the 14th when it moves into Cancer.  And speaking of Cancer and the other two Water Signs (Scorpio and Pisces), I advise you to buy lottery tickets, enter raffles and drawings and send off submissions if you're a writer, this week. The benefactor Jupiter rolls into Leo next week and it will be another 5 years before Jupiter is in its next Water Sign, Scorpio.

It's also beginning to feel like the last hoorah for Water Signs this summer with Jupiter changing signs this summer and this autumn Saturn also moves into a Fire Sign.  Fire Trines replace those flowing Water Trines we experienced in the past 2 1/2 years.  For now, the Scorpio Moon on the 7-9th which conjuncts Saturn, and trines Sun, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron definitely cause stuck emotions to flow, and artistic inspiration to ignite. With this Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn, then later the Jupiter Trine, we could experience Kundulini energy (Scorpio) in the body (Saturn).  People who practice meditation, yoga and other body work are the most susceptible to this experience.  We could also feel a rush of tears that ultimately bring release.  Good time to meditate or go deep into the inner sanctum.  For others, it feels like a sexy time, especially if they have planets in Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces or Capricorn.  Use sound healing and music now for therapy.

Mercury transits into Cancer at the end of the week so we could focus on food and communicate themes revolving our nourishment, mothers, containment, fear, insecurity, and food safety.  We could focus on our mothers--on what she did or did not give us as children.  Forgiveness is the key and express compassion and gratitude for your mother.  With Mercury in Cancer, we prefer silence to all that chattiness of recent weeks when Mercury was in Gemini.  Mercury in Cancer lends itself to going inward and introverts thrive when Mercury transits in Water or Earth Signs.  Extroverts use this time to chill out and stop trying to micromanage everything and everyone. Settle down, my friends or make a trip to the City of Subdued Excitement.  Cured me of my Type AA Personality.

Finally, let's take a look at the planets in Libra and Gemini.  We continue the Air trines with Mars, Venus, North Node and Mercury (at the beginning of the week).  With this combination of Air and Water, we feel like we're riding a seesaw traveling between our mind (intellect) and our hearts (emotions).  We alternate between clingy and spacious.  Our minds travel here, there and everywhere, just like The Beatles' song.  We want love and romance so we flirt, but when Mister Right or Missus Right show us affection, we run for the hills.  Really, with all this Air and Water, we feel like we're in the middle of a hurricane and in some parts of the world, people experience that.  We deal with steam, vapor, and active volcanoes especially if Uranus in Aries kicks in.  Check the weather reports before heading out.

The old advice of following the heart still holds strength.  But first we must tame our monkey minds, quell the doubts and worries (oh, and Cancer worries) and stop thinking we're victims (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces).  If the Kundulini starts rising, allow it to lead to the ascension process.  This could be a week of miracles if we stay in our hearts and count our blessings. Make a gratitude list.  Remember that every experience (whether we label them as good or bad) has a purpose.  Life doesn't always go the way we want it to, but this week, we will appreciate that.  For instance, say we miss an airplane then later we learn that the airplane crashed.  Or we miss a bus, but someone spread a contagious illness on that bus which thankfully we missed catching.  I'm not saying this as predictions or to alarm anyone, but to make the point, that if we pray for safety, we could miss a bus, train or plane and later witness the Bigger picture.

With that bit of philosophy, I wish you a fabulous 2nd Week of July.  Enjoy the season where you are in the world.  Blessings.

Here are two National US news articles I found that are related to this week's planetary energies:
The first story has to do with the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of religious companies not insuring women's contraceptives. 

The second story has to do with Central American children illegally immigrating to the US without their parents.  Boy, this one is a can of worms.

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