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Entering Fellini-Dream Land--Transits of Neptune in Pisces

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Similar to other people born in the mid-1960s, first I was hit with the Pluto transit to my Nodes, then an opposition to my Sun followed by a Uranus Square, then followed by Neptune in Pisces transits to my Mutable T-Cross.  While most astrologers focus on the Uranus-Pluto Square, Neptune also causes emotional crises when it dissolves the only world we've ever known.

While I enjoy using the Joseph Campbell Hero's Journey and the Dark Night of the Soul to describe a Pluto transit, I'll use the popular movies The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland to describe what happens when Neptune in Pisces transit conjuncts the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign or Saturn in a Natal chart (or in the Mutable T-Cross from the mid-1960s).  And while I could read astrology blogs that layout the Neptune in Pisces Transit brick by brick, I prefer to relate my own experiences with this transit.  After all, Neptune is currently conjuncting my Saturn and Moon, squaring my Mars in Gemini and opposing my Uranus/Pluto in Virgo (though the Pluto opposition is still a wide orb).

Allow me to describe my experiences with this entanglement.  Don't get me wrong, I love Neptune with its opportunities for ascension, support for meditation and creative pursuits.  However, I don't enjoy waking up feeling like someone tossed my brain in a blender, spacing out about appointments or paying bills or continually losing track of time or waking up wondering where the heck I am, even though I'm waking up in my apartment.  Sometimes I lose track of what I'm saying halfway through a sentence or I space out an errand so I have to go back to it later, and usually at a busy time.

As far as career goes, don't ask me to make 5-year plans or set goals at this time because I'm not able to wrap my mind around anything concrete.  I make mistakes with my writing or go off on tangents which drives my Type A personality crazy.  Just today I learned that even though I thought I mailed off a check for a phone bill in June, I found the check in the bottom of my backpack.  The stress caused by me stumbling through a world that dissolves at every step, has left me with physical health problems.  And forget the healthy diet and exercise because I still feel sick from the stress.  Okay, so I just described the shadow side of these Neptune transits.  Some of you can relate which is why I'm baring my private life here.

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I'm bringing this information to your attention because some of you were born from 1964 to 1966 and you're also feeling these transits to your Mutable T-Crosses.  In 1966, I believe the conjunction between Uranus and Pluto in Virgo was exact too so when the Neptune transit forms an opposition, nervous disorders result and probably in the form of depression as the person with this conjunction witnesses their old world dissolving which leaves them in a void.  It's not a matter of searching for the light at the end of the tunnel because there is no tunnel, just the void.  And I can tell you living in the void feels uncomfortable, if not downright frightening for some folks.  This also happens with Neptune in Pisces conjunct Sun, Moon and AC.

However, all of these outer planet transits play a key role in our personal and global transformation. Ultimately, we must lose the old world to birth the new.  With a Neptune transit we feel like we're in a long gestation period, but having Pluto and Uranus in Cardinal Signs we have the urge to push ourselves out in the world prematurely.  Think of bread taken out of the oven too early.  It has that awful doughy taste.  I believe that a Neptune transit lasts around 2 1/2 years, but we also have supporting transits happening in our natal charts such as with the Water and Earth Trines of recent years.  For instance, people with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo experience trines with transiting Pluto in Capricorn.  And transiting Neptune trines natal Neptune in Scorpio. These transits bring relief in the form of grounding that helps us deal with day-to-day business.

We no longer have the support of the Jupiter transit in Cancer and in December, we will no longer have the Saturn in Scorpio transit to offer us relief.  However, I feel that by this time, we will have started building new structure and taken our life in a new direction that honors our spiritual beliefs.

I would like to say that Neptune has a gentler approach than Uranus or Pluto, but dissolution of matter still transform the old paradigm. Think of waves eroding rocks on a shore.  Have you ever wondered how sand was made? 

Never ignore a Neptune transit and pay special attention to the House where Pisces resides on the cusps.  So if you have Pisces on the cusps of the Third House, look at areas of communication, learning/education, short distance travel, cousins and siblings that Neptune now dissolves.  If you have Pisces on the cusps of the Seventh House then make the effort to get out of denial about partnership issues and don't allow anyone to pull wool over your eyes. Follow your hunches because this will save you grief down the road.  It's not so much that others deceive us, but that we deceive ourselves which we project onto others.  Those people we call deceptive actually play the role of waking up our consciousness.

In the end, a Neptune transit in Pisces no matter where it falls in the Natal chart, offers us opportunities to lose our mind so we gain our soul.  And ironically, we become more mindful in how we live.  However, pay attention to details, even if it feels like time and space slip away from us, like a wet rug underneath our feet.  And let's get back to my analogy to The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.  If you feel like you've stepped into a new dimension, it's because you have.  Welcome to Poseidon's Palace.  You are an honored guest.

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