Monday, May 15, 2017

Now You See Me, Now You Don't--The Sun Moves into Gemini on May 20, 2017

The Sun moves out of earthy Taurus and into the Mutable Air Sign Gemini on May 20. This means that we get out of our bodies and off the couch and into our minds while engaging in the social scene. Gemini brings us the gift of gab and everyone, even introverted dogs want to communicate. In fact, we're all fired up to share the stuff that's roaming around in our brains.

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Time Period: Spring, May 20 - June 21
Zodiac Symbol: Twins 
Astrological House: Third
Polar Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
Quality: Mutable
Element: Air
Body Rulership: Lungs, arms, and hands

But the problem with this Gemini energy (especially with Mars also in Gemini and Mercury transiting into Gemini on June 6), is that we talk a lot and we don't spend much time listening or observing. When we don't listen or take in the world through our senses and intuition, as we did when planets transited in Taurus, is that we miss the thread of what is really happening.

We tune into radio shows or turn on the television but we aren't really able to pay attention to what the announcers tell us because our minds feel like they have been highjacked by monkeys on acid. This isn't to put down Gemini Sun, Moon, or Ascendant people. However, this message comes as a warning to pay attention and practice the other side of an Air Sign which is mindfulness. Two-way communication requires both talking and listening. It does bode well for authors and professional communicators who study their audience and express the right words and thoughts to the right audience.

Think of Ted Talks as an example. While many topics are included in that form of media, the target audience is made up of forward-thinking progressives who tout solar panels on their homes, believe in building communities and call themselves Cultural Creatives. Well, that's the ideal anyway. They don't all have solar panels on their roofs obviously. So now, we know what Gemini is and it isn't. And yet, Gemini represents the twins and duality.

Again, I'm reminded of a gingerbread plush toy I had as a child. One side was yellow and it sported a happy face. The pink side of the toy wore a frown. Just like this toy, Gemini people are either on or they are off. There is no gray area and I'm sure Geminis have an opinion on this matter. Just like their polar opposite, Sagittarius, they too enjoy a good philosophical conversation. And if they have their Mars also in Gemini, they will argue their way until they have you buried in the ground. They are always right (even when they're not).

Gemini people learn quickly and they work well with their hands too. Think of the carpenter who also has a Masters or higher degree in an unrelated topic. And if he has Sagittarius prominent also in his Natal Chart, he also picks up foreign languages. I know of one Gemini woman musician who speaks several languages and she also picks up various musical genres with great ease. I'm just a bit envious of her, except for the smoking habit she picked up along the way. Geminis tend to have addictions to tobacco products and suffer from lung ailments such as asthma (go figure).

I had a Gemini landlady once who had a lit cigarette in one hand and her asthma inhaler in her other hand. Geminis also are more likely to suffer from a mental illness as opposed to an emotional imbalance. I have known of Geminis who are bi-polar especially or who suffer from anxiety and or clinical depression. And I'm wondering if resting their minds more through yoga and meditation would bring a healing balm to the Geminis who fit into this category (not all Geminis suffer from mental instability). Another health problem to watch out of is nervous exhaustion, especially for someone with a Gemini Rising or Gemini in their Sixth House. I have Venus in Gemini in my Sixth House and I often suffer from nervous exhaustion.

On the lighter side, Geminis love to play board games, learn something new, and take their curiosity into the realm of journalism. They excel at any job in the communication field and are excellent bloggers and social media directors. They prefer to engage in lighter topics and Scorpio types with their probing and prodding, don't please Geminis. And yet, many Gemini parents raise Scorpio children (I have seen this more often than not). I guess the two signs balance each other out. Someone with prominent Scorpio and Gemini in their chart is a fabulous candidate for investigative journalism. They are fearless and curious at the same time.

Gemini rules the hands, arms, and lungs. When the Sun or any faster-moving planet sails through Gemini, we need to be careful with the health of those areas of our bodies. We tend to suffer from more lung problems such as with seasonal allergies. And if we also have planets in Aries (not just transiting planets such as Uranus), we suffer from headaches and sinus pressure or infections. Look for herbs and flower essences that correlate with Gemini. You can also wear an amulet made from a gemstone or crystal associated with Gemini (I don't have that information handy at the moment).

 So what can we expect for Gemini people this year? With the North Node in Leo, Gemini people no longer experience the square with the Virgo North Node. So, they experience less inner and outer criticism and less nervous exhaustion. They experience heightened creativity and might want to try their hand at acting or some other kind of stage performance. Leo energies meld well with Gemini and bring out more of an extrovert energy. With Jupiter in Libra until October, Geminis forging a literary career need to pitch to agents and editors now. Don't wait until Jupiter moves into Scorpio.

Uranus in Aries still gives Gemini the push to get involved with activism and with the South Node in Aquarius, this push doubles. Gemini, use your gift with words and communication to make a difference in the world. If you can't find a job in the communication field at least volunteer to write newsletters or handle a non-profit organization's social media campaign. Or get involved in local politics. Share your thoughts (not opinions) about various causes dear to your heart.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are causing you confusion unless you decide to delve into your spiritual side and personal psychology. Where do you choke up in your life? Where do you trip yourself or sabotage your efforts, Gemini? Take a hard look at those patterns and commit to releasing them once and for all. Chiron asks you to go back to childhood and practice radical forgiveness. Then you can use manifestation and the Law of Attraction to create the life you only imagined up until this point.

Saturn in Sagittarius is still opposing Gemini. On one hand, you strive to see the bigger picture and to practice expansion in your life, but you keep running into restrictions, especially with travel, the law, and higher education. Perhaps, you have been denied loans or scholarships to attend a university. Look for another way around your dilemma such as taking free online classes for the time being. Or do an internship in your community to gain the skills and knowledge you require.

Normally, I would include famous Gemini people and careers for Gemini people in the post. But this post is already to winded. I want to end with the words of a famous Gemini musician, Bob Dylan. "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind..."

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