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Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9, 2017---Time to Travel & Expand Horizons

Whenever Sagittarius comes up as a signature, my mind immediately gravitates towards travel, higher learning, and the legal system. I also think of all those faraway destinations where we travel by plane or boat across an ocean or two.

On June 9, not only do we experience the full moon's energy in the Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius, we also experience Jupiter going Direct after several months of its retrograde motion. Now, for any of you who are Sagittarius or who know Sagittarius people, you know that this sign is associated with expansiveness, enthusiasm, high spirits (often alcohol-induced), sarcasm, and exaggeration. Sagittarius also represents pie-in-the-sky idealism, seeing the glass half-full when the contents are dripping onto the floor, and freedom to roam. But are Jupiter moving Direct and the Sagittarius Full Moon indicators of good travel or good fortune (Sagittarius and Jupiter represent good fortune)?

Saturn is still in the Sign of the Satyr, however, Saturn is retrograde until August. Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter push forward. Pluto is retrograde and Neptune goes RX on June 15, only a few days after this full moon. I would say that it is a good time to travel and set ourselves free with a few caveats in mind playing out with the multiple Mutable T-Cross.

The Sagittarius Moon suffocates under the weight of the Saturn conjunction. Remember, that the moon represents emotions, how we nurture us and others and Saturn represents restrictions, limitations, fears, wisdom, karma, hard lessons, and authority figures.

So this means that we experience bans and restrictions with traveling to foreign countries, even adjacent countries such as the case with Canada and the US or Mexico and the US, but this could apply to any nation anywhere in the world. Sagittarius represents the world and the bigger picture.

If this moon/Saturn conjunction is not referring to actual travel, it is referring to freedom and civil rights that we take for granted. We could see censorship happening online and in the book publishing industry because Jupiter and Sagittarius rule the book publishing industry. Since Jupiter is in Libra, we are grappling with new laws in all areas that restrict our freedom. We see students rebelling around institutions of higher learning, including seminaries. We see battles playing out in the hierarchy of big religion. But we also see the wheels turning to bring good fortune to those folks who step outside of the Matrix and manifest their dreams. However, we must have gleaned the lessons presented by Saturn first.

The Gemini Sun conjunct Ceres (Persephone's mother/dwarf planet), opposes the moon/Saturn and squares Neptune in Pisces. Do we even know what we're talking about? Are we confusing wishful thinking with reality? And we question reality. Gemini wants to bring in logical thinking, and Neptune in Pisces runs for the escape route or surrounds us in a Neptune fog so thick we can't see the road in front of us. Tricksters, thieves, and deceptive people (with mental illnesses) come out of the woodwork. And if you meet someone who is too good to be true or if a situation feels like an illusion, make a run for it. In my opinion, anytime we have squares and oppositions with Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius, we must look for a realistic outlet in Virgo. We must scrutinize, especially what we read or hear in the media (it's hyperbole at this point).

Now, with all the troublesome transits set aside, what else do we have happening with this moon transit? Well, jolly Jupiter is in a good place and actually brings us clarity because Jupiter in Libra makes a trine to Mercury (which is a lower octave of Jupiter). And granted this is a wide trine, well out of the 5-degree orb I prefer to work with. However, I believe this transit is about speaking our personal truth and if we have an awareness of our personal truth, then we can navigate the energies of the T-Crosses.

Jupiter forms a sextile with the moon/Saturn which transit in Jupiter's Zodiac Sign, Sagittarius. So, if we can stay out of the mire of all the lies and distortions in the media and on social media, then we can find our higher mind and purpose. I think the people who do find clarity now and who refrain from judging others from different cultures, nations, and religions or ethnic backgrounds, travel offers enriching experiences and a tribal feeling with the Greater Whole.

Saturn/Moon form a flowing aspect with Uranus (Fire Trine) and this gives us energy. If we can direct this energy to benefit the greater good (such as pioneering new projects or joining with others in protecting our freedom), then we see positive changes occurring in the world. We could see new trends and breakthroughs that allow for greater freedom of expression on a world stage. So on one hand, we have big government and corporations curbing our liberties and on the other hand, we have new alternative movements that power the way to greater liberties. It's that Sagittarius theme of seeing the glass as half full or as half empty. Where we choose to focus creates our experiences more so than ever.

Neptune forms a sextile with Pluto. These are two of our most powerful planets and they are in flowing aspect. They both focus on mental and emotional health. Pluto delves into the deep subconscious where we harbor patterns, beliefs, shadows, and projections. Neptune rules deceptions, such as denial, addiction, and escapism. However, with the right therapies, we can heal these wounds and pave the way to greater freedom. It's challenging to manifest desires when we are riddled with emotional or mental disorders.

I think the answer is a new type of psychology that revolves around fine and performing arts and metaphysics. Programs such as the Artist's Way which is based on the Alcoholics Anonymous program would work wonders now for many folks. Yoga, meditation, journaling, and natural therapies bring healing to large numbers. We hear more about yoga and meditation taught in prisons, hospitals, and shelters. I recently wrote an article on a yoga instructor who teaches to women in shelters, prisons and other situations riddled with despair. And this is a growing movement.

So in getting back to my original question, is it a good time to travel? Yes and no. It depends on what side of the fence you're on. Are you in an expansive and curious frame of mind where you can embrace the Oneness of All That Is? Or are you projecting your shadows on others, living in fear, and believing in limitations? Are you spending time on social media blasting others with different views than your own or vilifying political leaders? It's your choice. But I will say this moon transit is karmic and we're talking instant karma.

We aren't any better than the people that we judge just based on the fact that we are judging them. Whatever we feel towards others, is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. This transit is about mastership and some people will head back to the drawing board while others will wear graduation caps and gowns. And to those folks who truly get the lesson here, congratulations and welcome aboard the peace train. Off to the Galactic Center we go.

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