Monday, May 2, 2016

Gemini Sun--Both Sides Now (May 20 - June 20, 2016)

I don't know Joni Mitchell's Sun Sign, but her classic, "Both Sides Now" gives reference to Gemini Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. Similar to Libra and Pisces, Gemini walks a tight rope between extremes. Gemini can go either way, up or down; right or left. Sometimes Gemini even plays the role of devil's advocate because they're curious about the reactions of others. Gemini sees both sides.

Words such as handy or ambidextrous describe a Gemini Sun or Ascendant person. They are crafty as in keeping busy with their hands. They have exceptional eye-hand coordination and I have an image of a tennis player or drummer with forearms to die for. I dated Geminis in my twenties and I mostly remember their sexy hands. Geminis also gravitate towards words themselves, or writing or speaking so they can hear the deliciousness of words. Wordplay belongs in the Gemini realm and some of the best wordsmiths are Gemini, including Bob Dylan. But this Air Sign does not lace words with sentimentality like their Water Sign brothers and sisters.

The Sign of the Twins, often Geminis are born in a set, as in twins or they have a brother or sister that resembles them so closely that you would mistake them for twins. Sometimes Geminis have first and surnames that begin with the same letter such as Marilyn Monroe (even though she was born with a different name it was the double "M" that gave her power). And speaking of famous Geminis you couldn't get more variety than Judy Garland, Prince, Cindy Lauper, J.F. Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Jonny Depp, Natalie Portman, the Olsen twins, Nick Drake, and Miles Davis.

Positive attributes of the Twins include, playfulness, good communication skills, handy, writing and penmanship, champions at debate, spelling bee winners, scientific, analytical, whimsical, magical, objective, intelligence and ability to multitask and pay attention to details. In fact, Gemini as well as, Virgo are your most detail-oriented Zodiac Signs. They also have an affinity with birds, kites, and airplanes. Gemini is ruled by the wind, especially winds of change, and they adapt well to new situations by following their curiosity about their new place or situation. They decorate their home in brighter colors and require lots of air and light. Living in a basement apartment would kill the spirit of a Gemini person (so don't do it, Gemini).

The downside of Gemini is that they flip the switch between happy and gloomy moods, they tend to pick apart other people and situations, they are often faithless in relationships (their eyes wander due to their curiosity), they seem too detached to Water Signs, and too flighty to Earth Signs, and they come off as know-it-all types which irritate others trying to have a conversation with them.

Health-wise, Gemini suffers from allergies, sinus infections, and issues with their lungs. If they don't eat healthy and boost their immunity they catch seasonal colds and flu; ditto if they don't keep stress and negativity under wraps. They fall prey to addictions that involve the hands such as smoking and finding healthy outlets for their hands is crucial (such as crafting or making things). Speaking of hands, if they don't stay flexible, they could suffer from arthritis to the hands, fingers, and arms. Injuries to the fingers, arms and hands could also occur when Gemini rushes around or loses touch with their physical bodies. Spending too much time in front of a computer screen leads to nervous exhaustion so get outdoors.

Since Gemini is represented by the Air element they require freedom and room to roam with ideas, concepts, and short-distance travel suits them best. Although if they travel to a foreign country, they learn new languages with ease that other people envy. I know one Gemini woman who easily picks up new languages and even when she uses a word out of context, it's a form of amusement. Many Geminis have a fabulous sense of humor. Similar to Joni Mitchell's song, Gemini has a choice of where to place his or her focus--choose the lighter option.

Careers for Gemini include, Carpentry, writing, public speaking, radio show hosting, working with numbers such as accounting or mathematics, science (especially jobs that are out in the field), marketing and sales, and jobs that require attention to detail. Most Geminis prefer working in lively and not cloistered environments. However, if other planets in the chart challenge the Gemini Sun or Moon, the Gemini Native is less gregarious and more likely to don a hermit cape. By in large though Gemini is a social sign who enjoys spreading ideas. If you meet a Gemini hermit, look to see if the Gemini Sun falls in the 12th House.

Since the spotlight shines on Mutable Signs in 2016, what can we expect for Gemini? Well, any Gemini that complains of boredom now is missing the point of the Mutable transits. We haven't experienced this degree of social, economic, and global changes since Pluto was in Sagittarius and Uranus was in Pisces. With Saturn in Gemini's polar opposite Sign, Sagittarius, travel or travel restrictions play a role for Geminis in 2016 and throughout 2017. And with Neptune in Pisces until 2025, Gemini takes a closer look at beliefs and ideologies. Are they really worth going to war? Do you say you desire world peace then go argue with your neighbor?

Gemini finds him or herself trying out new spiritual practices. But Gemini, you must embody those practices and not just talk them to death. Reading self-help books is one thing and actually doing the lessons is another. Do you practice what you teach others? If you coach others for a living, do you embody integrity in your coaching? Do you find that other people ignore you because you enjoy hearing your own voice too much? Remember that listening is a form of communication and learning has as much value as teaching. Gemini, with Jupiter, Neptune, the North Node and Chiron squaring you and Saturn the constrictor, opposing you, it's not just time to open your mind, but also to heal your heart. Stop rationalizing your pain and feel it. Then set it free like a bird from a cage. Uranus in Aries will assist you in freeing yourself and accepting changes coming to you now.

The most challenging time of year is around your birthday in late May and early June when the Gemini Sun and Venus lock into a Grand Mutable Square with Saturn, Jupiter, N Node, and Neptune. When the asteroid Chiron squares your Sun (Moon or Ascendant), it's time to go back to your childhood and feel the wounds so you can set them free. Stop rationalizing why you don't have to forgive the people who harmed you. Stop hanging onto this old baggage and then life will seem lighter and you notice your mood lifts too and suddenly you bring fun back into your life. Go fly a kite. Ride a horse in full gallop, hop a plane, or write your memoir.

For more astrological transits affecting Gemini Sun, watch my Saturn-Neptune Square video series on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. Some Geminis will have the exact Saturn Neptune Square in their Solar Return chart for 2016 and those of you born during the last week of May and beginning of June will have the Grand Mutable Square in your chart. Sign up for a personal reading to get tips on how navigate these challenging transits.

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