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North Node Transits into Leo--May 10, 2017

I think that the big news for May is the North Node moving into Leo, the Sign of the Lion. For those of you unfamiliar with the North Node, this is a destiny marker in astrology charts. The North and South Nodes determine where we experience the Solar and Lunar Eclipses. And the North Node changes signs every 18 months which translates to a year and a half.

When the North Node was in Libra and the South Node was in Aries, we learned the lessons of balance, justice, and diplomacy while focusing upon relationships with self and with others. Then when the North Node transited into Virgo (the Node transits in counter clockwise direction), we focused on service versus our personal healing.

Now, with the North Node transiting into Leo on May 10 and the South Node transiting into Aquarius, our focus is on expressing ourselves as individuals versus joining a tribe or community. For those of you who focus too much on self, your challenge is to expand yourself into your society or community. What groups can you join or what groups can you lead?

For those of us who are focused too much on community and who have volunteered ourselves until our bones feel like they made it through a grinder, it's time to focus on self-expression. This is because nodes focus on polarities. And when we focus on polarities we cast shadows and projections on to others because we fail to integrate all of our attributes into our personality. It isn't a bad idea to read Debbie Ford's books on the shadow effect.

Now, I envision activist types magnifying evil in others who aren't in agreement with their morals and values. And while I understand where the activist heart comes from, we must be extremely careful not to add more evil into the world through our harsh judgments and scathing views of others. This is when an Aquarius energy turns into a Leo energy. And I've seen this with Aquarius people who are so determined that everyone see life their way and they believe that everyone else is acting in a selfish manner as the Aquarius person is the one acting like a tyrant. If you catch yourself doing this, stop and re-frame your thoughts and feelings from a place of love.

If you are in the opposite camp and express Leo energy that others find as selfish, start brainstorming how you can contribute your skills and experiences to your community even if you received no compensation. I know, that's a hard one for you, Leo. It's true we enjoy your sunny nature. However, we can only handle so much drama off stage. And speaking of stages, we will all find ourselves on a stage or soap box during the next 18 months or year and a half. You might read this post a year and a half from now and see if that was the case for you.

We all need to get familiar with Leo and Aquarius energies since the eclipses will now take place in these signs. Look in the area of your charts where you have Leo and Aquarius on the cusps. If you have a Leo or Aquarius Ascendant, then you have those signs on your First and Seventh Houses and the themes I mentioned above will play out more heavily for you. In fact, your focus will be on self versus the other.

Look for physical and emotional problems with the heart, brain, and circulatory system. Look for ways to heal or tame the ego since it's going to rear its head. While we won't be looking at unconditional love like we did with the Virgo-Pisces axis, we will be looking at how we express generosity or greed in the world. A Leo or Aquarius love is much different in tone and color than the Pisces-Virgo unconditional love which reflects on sacrifice and service.

In addition, we are going to focus more on the Fixed Signs later this year with Jupiter moving into the Fixed Sign Scorpio for a year. Instead of having the North Node and Jupiter in the same sign as we did with Virgo in 2015-16, we will now experience a square with Jupiter and the North Node. We could in fact fight against what we feel is destiny or fate for us because the North Node represents fate. And it is like Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with an uncomfortable fate cloaked in black clothing knocking at our front door. How will we respond to fate when it leads us to an unknowable future? Remember that the North Node always asks us to walk into the void. It's the place we feel most uncomfortable especially if we were born with our North Node in Leo.

So how best to work with this new nodal activity? Focus on healing your first three chakras by wearing warmer colors (red, orange, and yellow). We will most likely do this unconsciously. Spend time in nature grounding yourself so you create strong roots and a foundation. Learn to say no to activists who asks you to take up causes not dear to your heart. We strike a balance between authenticity and serving the Greater Good. Don't allow others to manipulate you with guilt and shame. And speak your truth even if you ended up roaring. Set strong boundaries and say no to off-stage drama.

There will be days where we feel like we showed up at Central Casting in Hollywood. Or if you are familiar with Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" you might compare hedonistic behaviors you witness with the characters and scenarios of that classic Italian movie. The danger of any planet or node transiting in Fixed Signs is that we become lazy, greedy, and hedonistic. And we must stay away from thinking that activists only care about the Greater Good. Remember that every Leo possesses Aquarius qualities and the other way around.

However, if you are someone who mainly focuses on self-interests, get involved with a cause. And if you are someone who tires yourself out bouncing from one cause to the next, take some time for self-care. Nodes ask us to create balance in the areas of our lives they represent. Am I happy about the North Node moving into Leo? No, I'm not since I'm mostly represented by compassionate water signs. However, despite that, we are all affected by the nodes and the cycles of eclipses. I suppose we are all kings and queens of our lives but that does not mean that it's our turn to spin drama. Let's keep our heads and hearts in balance.

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