Thursday, May 16, 2013

Venus in Gemini--Witty Repartee & Sassy Romantic Comedy

Perhaps those medieval troubadours courting unobtainable ladies with poetry had their Venus and Mars in Gemini...

I grew up with Venus in Gemini and my natal Mars also falls under the sign of the Twins. And since Venus now travels through Gemini I feel an urge to write about it.  Actually watching Kenneth Branagh's version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing sparked my interest in Venus in Gemini because the banter between Beatrix played by Emma Thompson and Benedikt played by Branagh acts as an example of Venus in Gemini. Of course, we need to view natal charts holistically, but when Venus falls into Gemini in a man's chart, he seeks an intelligent woman who can engage in witty repartee, who can hold her own in a debate (without getting too dramatic), and who can detach from emotions by not taking anything personally.

Communication is key and a man with his Venus in Gemini isn't going to feel comfortable with a woman who sulks and refuses to communicate. The silent treatment is a turnoff.  Consequently, if you get a couple where both people have Venus and or Mars in Gemini, the talking never stops. They probably even babble in their sleep.  I have been accused of that, lol.

Let me give you another example of a fiction character with Venus in Gemini which is the character Kate, played by Meg Ryan in the comedy French Kiss.  She's intelligent, sassy, and extremely direct with Luc, played by Kevin Kline, who probably has his Venus in Sagittarius, you know putting up with the awkward foreigner with a vengeance for his people, French people.  Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy also come to mind.

Venus in Gemini thrives on language, words, double-meanings, word puzzles, untangling grammar, writing, verbal communication, public speaking, and radio production.  These people love to hear their voice on the airwaves or they just love hearing themselves speak and if there is Sagittarius planets in the chart or if Jupiter aspects Venus, then these folks desire to speak in foreign tongues, which they excel at. They enjoy listening to songs in other languages, watching movies with subtitles and watching documentaries with forums and audience dialogue following the presentation.  They show up at community meetings to share their opinions and they will sign on for public speaking opportunities.

Venus in Gemini women are turned on by hands, arms, and fingers.  I once dated a Gemini man and I fell in love with his forearms and hands.  Crazy, I know, whoever heard of a hand fetish?  The strong silent type turn off Venus in Gemini women and they will show men who grunt instead of speak in eloquent words, the door.  Well-written poetry spoken turn these women on and so do good radio voices, though Venus still discriminates whether the woman feels the man is physically attractive or not.  Both men and women with Venus in Gemini desire variety and prefer to get involved with a partners who has many interests, especially shared interests.

All this assessment and analysis reminded me of both William Shakespeare and Jane Austen so I went over to the Lois Rodden's to look at the charts of these two prolific authors.  Now, I recently heard that Shakespeare hired ghost writers for his plays, but if this is the correct chart for Shakespeare (the chart isn't validated), then this is a chart of a gifted author.

Jane Austen's chart surprised me because I thought for sure her Venus or Mars would fall into Gemini or Sagittarius, when instead her Venus falls in Scorpio (women and transformation, women with a vengeance?) and her Mars in Capricorn.  However, Austen's Sun is in Sagittarius (born December 16, 1775, 11:45 p.m. Stevenston, England), her rising sign is in Virgo so her chart ruler is Mercury, which falls in the Mercury/Gemini Third House.  Oddly, Austen has no planets in the 6th, 7th or 8th or 10th houses, but her 4th house of home, mother, country, is loaded with the Sagittarius Sun with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn (both considered strong male planets).  Austen also sees herself as creative, even secretly creative with Neptune on the ASC and also the Moon in the First House.  She's refined with Saturn in Libra falling in the second house and just kissing her Libra Moon that falls in the First House.

Jane Austen's chart: 

This is probably why Austen's gaze at protocol of her society especially in the realm of relationships, marriage and inheritance appears in all of her novels.  Her Venus in Scorpio however, causes her to look at the dark side too in the form of treatment of women and injustice.  However, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn hardly questions the status quo in domestic matters, but philosophically, we see a contradiction with Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini falling in Sagittarius' 9th House of mind expansion, religion, higher education, travel, and foreigners.  While Austen never married she did at one point fall in love with a man of the cloth (religion) which would fall under the 9th house.

Let's now take a look at William Shakespeare's chart and pretend that this is his real birth data, since this chart is under question on the Lois Rodden site.

William Shakespeare
May 3, 1564, 8:30 a.m.
Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Right away, we see Mercury in Aries in the 10th House of Career and Public Image.  The Taurus Sun lands in the 11th House of networks, friends, colleagues and communities (the Shakespeare company of actors and artisans) along with Neptune (and centuries later, Shakespeare's plays ended up on the silver screen or in cinema).  Uranus is in Sagittarius in the 5th house of performing arts and Shakespeare's plays were innovative and rebellious as well as, appealing to people of both genders and all economic classes.  Shakespeare wasn't a snob.

The Moon is the ruler of his chart which falls in the 4th House in Libra, and Venus (ruled by Libra and the Taurus Sun) falls in Gemini.  Voila!  Mars falls in Cancer and so on.

William Shakespeare:

While it's not always the case, professional writers usually have a strong Mercury in their chart, and my guess is that the Mercury is in an angular house, but not always.  I have Mercury in my 7th House and I'm a professional writer and I write a lot about spiritual topics with Neptune near my 10th house and conjuncting my MC in my 11th House when using an Equal House system, which I use these days, otherwise I have Neptune in  my 10th.  Someone who identifies themselves as a writer or communicator could have Mercury in the 1st House or Gemini or Virgo Rising so that Mercury is the Ruler of the chart.

Now, back to Venus in Gemini, I believe that this is a native that relies and thrives on wit and the power of words. In relationships, this Venus needs variety as I mentioned earlier and intellectual challenges.  She or he possesses quick wit and a man with this placement might use words even poetry to win a woman or man over, depending on his sexual preference.  If he is gay, then he will still feel attracted to witty women, even catty witty women even if this is a platonic attraction or he might feel enamored with witty celebrity women and read women authors who specialize in high-brow comedy.  Either sex could find themselves writing romantic comedies or acting out these roles on stage or on the screen.  Banter is everything to these folks and words are the magic elixir.These folks have the gift of gab and if you need a good conversation partner look no further than men and women with Venus and Mars in Gemini.

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  1. Thanks for this Patricia. With Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Gemini, it should be an interesting month for me!

    In the form of Astrological Psychology I work with, there ia an Age Point - a Life Clock. As we get to 72 we return to the time we were born first time round and in theory, enter a new cycle. So here I am about to start all over again this month!

    The world has changed out of all recognition since my earliest memories in 1944 and I pray that humanity will indeed take the evolutionary leap that it has reached. Thanks for your post!

  2. What a lovely opportunity to experience rebirth and renewal with the Age Point you mention. And here's wishing you happy Jupiter Returns to your Sun, Venus and Jupiter.

    Ah, humanity...sometimes I feel hopeful when I witness a person or community moving further towards enlightenment, yet, at other times, I feel that I had better heal my own frustration with humanity and focus on my personal path, which I hope includes shifting into a higher dimension. This earth experience is beautiful at times and at other times, gloomy and cruel. Well, at least we experience a variety of situations...