Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Whole Astrology--Pisces & Transformation from Victim to Wise Sage

Pisces, I'm writing this post especially for you. However, we all have Pisces somewhere in our Natal Charts and that's where you will find transformation occurring in your life. 

Also, look at the cusps in your charts with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. And look at planets transiting in your 9th and 12th houses. And finally, look at the place in your chart that is between 26 and 29 degrees Sagittarius because that is the Galactic Center for you.

Lately, I've been noticing more Pisces coaches and healers appearing on YouTube. They are not the old brand of Pisces riddled with addictions or struggling with balancing their emotions. They are not the old brand of martyrs and victims. No, these folks come across authentically as wise sages. They have chosen to take their past suffering and experiences and transform those experiences into gold. They have become the alchemists of the Zodiac Wheel as the Age of Pisces concludes and the Age of Aquarius begins.

Now, we wonder why is this happening? First, Pisces has had over 2,500 years to grow in the Pisces energy. Second, the oldest souls (who come to the Earth as Pisces Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people), have the hardest lessons to master. They are born into families with narcissistic, abusive, or addicted parents. They have had to deal with prisons, hospitals, ruthless religious organizations, cults, molestation, childhood abuse, rape, addiction, codependency, and mentally ill people. They mistook all of this as their fault and their wounds left them ripe for more abuse, mainly from sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists.

Think of that ripe peach on the ground sending out a fragrance that attracts flies, worms, and rats. That is what Pisces people have endured for 2,500 years. Now, they have the keys to liberate themselves from prison of their own making and prisons of other people's making. Pisces, with the help of the Wounded Healer, Chiron, and Neptune in their sign have reached the finish line. They are done with those lessons and now they play the role of the Wise Sage instead of the victim-martyr or saint. Pisces strips away those old masks and shows up authentically now, just when we need these folks most. I am the Neptune Girl so this is my tribe.

Other factors to look for are the North Node in Virgo which completes its transit today since the North Node transits into Leo tomorrow (May 10, also the day of the Scorpio Full Moon). And Saturn in Sagittarius transiting into the Galactic Center starting in March and then again in late November and December of this year plays a role as it reminds Pisces (and Sagittarius people) about the truth--that we are all Divine Beings and that we were created from stardust. When Jupiter transited in Virgo in 2015-16, Jupiter caused all of us to expand our consciousness into what really matters--is it the big house and designer car or the love that we have for each other. Remember, Pisces knows the difference between illusions of the material world and the God force of the Universe. Get real, Pisces tells us.

If you want to see examples of this new brand of Pisces, head to YouTube and check out the following life coaches: Lisa A. Romano, Meredith Miller, Berry Jones, and Ralph Smart, for starters. These folks embody the healed and integrated Pisces. I'm guessing that all four of them were wounded by narcissists except I'm not sure about Berry Jones' story. Pisces are magnets for abusive people with self-entitlement issues. Pisces people once suffered from feeling invisible to others and then they realized that there are times when invisibility served them.

However, none of the folks I mentioned suffer from invisibility now if the number of YouTube subscribers tells the story. All of those folks are popular and magnetic. They are the kind of wise teachers you want to sit down with and sip green tea or vegan smoothies in the case of Ralph Smart who is the typical Pisces who loves animals, nature, and veganism.

So if any of you reading this are lashing out at the old brand of Pisces, you are lashing out at ghosts. This Pisces doesn't exist any longer. They have moved on--each and everyone. And you too have moved on from the old ways in the area of your chart where Pisces is on the cusp or where you have Natal Planets in Pisces. What is your Pisces story? How has Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (and Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo) affected you? Where have you transformed from a victim into a sage?

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