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Whole Astrology--Cancer New Moon (Nuture Now)

The information coming up on June 23, 2017 (2 degrees Cancer) reminds us to nurture ourselves. By this point in our journey, our nerves are frayed and our hearts feel raw. If we choose to spend more time with children and see the world through their gaze we reconnect and integrate our inner children. The other energy that appears with this moon has to do with how we nourish our bodies.

Are we drinking enough fluids? Are we eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are we feeding others and forgetting about ourselves? A nursing mother knows that in order for her infant to get the nutrition he or she needs, the mother must eat healthily, refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and drinking enough purified water.

Now, some of you are starting new families. You are giving birth to new life. Others are giving birth through creative projects, new businesses, and new spiritual pursuits. But ultimately this is a time to give birth to our authentic selves. This is a time to heal all mother issues and listen to those inner voices that chastise and criticize us so that we can uproot them gently. When we did not have healthy relationships with our birth mothers, we carry a huge burden of unfinished business.

We walk around feeling unworthy and we wonder why people don't recognize our greatness. Well, we don't even recognize it until we heal those mother issues. Cancer rules the mother and how we nurture ourselves.

This new moon conjuncts my North Node in Cancer and opposes my Capricorn AC. My family is comprised mostly of Cancer and Capricorn people, with the exception of my nephew who has an Aries Sun. And I have been doing the healing work around family--the love and tenderness I did not receive as a child and then the dangerous people I attracted into my life because of that need. So I understand what it feels like to walk around with a gaping hole and trying to fill it with toxic people and situations. I also know that I'm not a victim and neither are you. We always have the choice to heal those wounds and if we pray for healing, the healers appear by magic or miracles.

The Cancer New Moon also asks us to pay attention to breasts and stomach health since Cancer rules these areas of the body. Talk to those parts of your body and ask what pain, tension, grief, and stronger emotions are you carrying in that part of your body. Sit with the emotions and feel them as well as, communicate with those parts of your body. This leads you to original wounding and liberation from those wounds. Some people go on a vision quest to do this type of work. Others go on a spiritual or health retreat. But even a good hike in the mountains or a forest without electronic devices to distract you will bring healing to these wounds. It's time out for us. Cancer is an introvert Water Sign of the Cardinal quality. Use the tenacity of this sign to uproot the stuff that is holding you back from expressing love in the world.

 As you can see from this moon chart, the transits are riddled with T-Crosses (Mutable and Cardinal). However, these are wide orbs so it depends on what's happening in your Natal Chart as to how you experience the tension in this chart. Chiron (the wounded healer) squares Saturn (RX) and both planets form an out-of-sign Mutable T-Cross with Mercury/Sun/Moon. Again, this is wide and it's out-of-sign, however, aren't we seeing attacks on women and femininity in the world that lead us back to our childhood wounds with our mothers?

And didn't our mothers suffer at the hand of patriarchy? And our maternal and paternal lineages have suffered greatly bringing us to our current neurosis and false beliefs. Chiron in Pisces reminds us that there are spiritual solutions that bring us healing. Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us to stop exaggerating our spiritual abilities, but also not to give our loyalty to big religion and hyper-exaggerated claims. In this transit, Mercury, the moon, and the sun stand for the Divine Feminine and integrating the Divine Feminine into our core identity whether we are male or female. Mercury rules how we communicate this connection.

Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto form a Cardinal T-Cross. And I've spoken enough about Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars on this blog that I don't have to go into it again here. What I will say is that this is powerful and bombastic energy. It is even a dangerous combination that will ignite more violence in the world especially for people who are battling for justice. I see youth (Mars) and women (Jupiter in Libra) going to battle with the established order (Pluto). And this soup thickens as the moon, sun, and Mercury transit to around 12 degrees later in June.

That final week of June presents some type of showdown. But I think that peace will ultimately reign. It's damn hard to nurture ourselves and others when we deal with Plutocrats (tyrannical leaders). But if we see the truth that we are overshadowing the power of love with our wounds, then when each of us heals our wounds we usher in peace.

Obviously, there are also flowing aspects in this moon chart. The Cancer moon trines Neptune and Chiron throughout the course of the moon transit. And the moon and sun sextile Venus in Taurus which bodes well for farming and nourishing ourselves with food. I think these transits provide softer energies for us to work with. We can focus on the love and peace that already exist in the world. To do that we must retreat from mainstream media even social media. Get outdoors and spend time with children or animals. They remind us to live in the moment and experience delight.

So now, let's look at the breakdown of energy for each of the Zodiac Signs:

Aries: You are feeling resentment towards your mother. And part of this, if not all of this, revolves around childhood wounds. Therapy helps as does spending time with children. Go fly a kite on a beach. Go horseback riding with your family. Better yet, visit a pony farm and watch children experience the joy of riding ponies. This is the image in my mind that comes up for Aries. If you are an Aries child, then ride a pony or fly a kite. Climb a tree to get a different perspective of the world.

Taurus: You examine your relationship with food. You tend to eat heavier foods and now the Universe is telling you to change your diet for the next few months. Eat lighter foods and dip into a vegan diet. Try it out. This may or may not work for you. Also, get your hands dirty with some serious gardening. If you don't have a garden, then join a community garden. It's time to work with your green thumbs. Get out in the woods too and search for the Green Man.

Gemini: With all the Mutable energies in this chart, your nerves feel frazzled. It's time to head to a retreat. Unplug for at least a week. If you are a writer or an artist, then apply for writing retreats. I think you will benefit from spending time away from the fray. Turn off the computer and TV. The best communication you can do now is with your Soul.

Cancer: Have you been neglecting your health to take care of others? Perhaps, you are a young mother or a mother of young children. Or you are playing the role of caretaker for an aging relative. Either way, you look frayed around the edges. Pay attention to your diet, especially if you are experiencing issues with your stomach. Spending time with children goes well now as long as, you nourish yourself first and get appropriate rest. Drink water and not wine now.

Leo: With the North Node now in your sign, people and situations you encounter feel fated. You need to get your mind off how you come across to others as they reflect back to you through projections. Life isn't a movie even if it currently feels like an illusion. Become mindful of your feelings, beliefs, and life experiences. You co-create your reality with God so make sure God figures somewhere in your big picture. Remember that 2017 is a year that can bring you huge spiritual growth but you have to show up and do the work.

Virgo: You're another sign that requires some rest and relaxation. For you, I recommend a yoga retreat. I recommend getting off the phone, away from the computer and to burn your endless to-do lists. Meditate and practice yoga without the need for perfection. You are where you are and that is good enough.

Libra: With Jupiter still in your sign until October, take advantage of seeking justice now. Restore balance in all areas of your life. Some of you are planning weddings in June and this goes well if you make peace your priority with family members. It's time to show up as the powerful Cardinal Sign that you are by asserting yourself while also acting mindfully to the feelings of others. Yes, Libra I know you don't deal with the currency of emotions but even you feel deeply.

Scorpio: You're ready for some deep diving into dark and taboo parts of your soul. You are poised to learn about the truth of your ancestors and to finally forgive the mistakes of your lineages. You also realize that forgiveness brings release from carrying heavy burdens. It feels good to toss off that backpack filled with rocks and broken shards of other people's souls. Time to soar Scorpio and not hang out on the desert floor in search of the waters of life. The oasis is in your heart. And it's called forgiveness.

Sagittarius: Climb the mountain. I see you gaining a higher perspective by climbing mountains or taking a ride in an old fashion airplane. You transform into metaphorical eagles and take the higher view. You are feeling spiritual epiphanies on a daily basis. You are on board with your ascension and no-one is going to stop you this time. You touch the hem of God's robe. (Also work with gemstones now).

Capricorn: You bring grace to the world now through your hard-earned wisdom. Gaining this wisdom for you was a slow and laborious process. You are now learning the shortcuts which you share with others. You are also learning that life is not about suffering even if suffering helps us gain wisdom. You came here to teach the art of making joy and not about hanging on crosses waiting for the resurrection.

Aquarius: You are another teacher in the group with the Cancer New Moon. You teach us about new technologies that bring us closer to the co-creation process with God. You give lectures in hopes of waking the rest of us up to the new age. And even to you, this new age feels like old news. You're tired of waiting for us to catch up with you, but please refrain from snubbing us.

Pisces: You're another sign that gives too much of yourself to others. Cancer is the other sign. Now, is the time to set strong boundaries. This is most challenging to Pisces who only knows how to merge with others. But if you want to send toxic people packing, you must set boundaries. Find out where you start and stop. Then fill yourself up with things you love. Write a gratitude list every day for starters.

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