Monday, January 18, 2016

Zany Aquarius New Moon

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
After watching Astrologer Kelley Rosano's YouTube video for the Aquarius New Moon this February in which she gave a glowing preview for Cancerians, I had to take a look at the New Moon chart. Oh, and it's not only looking good for Cancerians, I think all the Zodiac Sun Signs, with a few caveats for Taurus and Leo will be absolutely loving this wacky moon and the transits that accompany it. It's definitely time to break free from any ruts and reclaim your personal power.

Scorpio Sun, Moon and Ascendant are going to enjoy Mars in Scorpio despite that square to the sun and moon in Aquarius. And those of you born with Natal Neptune in Scorpio will feel that Mars-Neptune conjunction coming up as the perfect time to delve into cinema, music, dance, choreography, photography and spiritual practices. You'll have the drive to fuel your dreams. The only caveat is that you could gravitate towards violence or aggression in the performing arts such as watching violent shows or listening to aggressive music. But understand that every time you do this you contribute to morphogenetic fields that promote violence. The Universe doesn't distinguish between reality and fantasy, only the energy present which creates morphogenetic fields. So keep it clean, Neptune in Scorpio and Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Ascendant folks.

Those of you born when Pluto transited through Scorpio (1984-95) are also going to feel that Mars conjunction to your Natal Pluto if it's around 15 to 25 degrees. The Aquarius New Moon is at 19 degrees so the Aquarius Sun and Moon squares your Natal Pluto during this transit. Perhaps you engage in quirky sex with a connection to your psychological baggage. It could bring healing now. And speaking of kinky sex and weird experiences, those of you with an Aquarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant from 15 to 25 degree or 19 degrees exact, will experience Mars in Scorpio squaring your sun, moon or Ascendant. If sex doesn't do it for you, some other taboo will capture your fancy or maybe you just feel more passionate than usual.

Leo and Taurus could feel this as a passionate time too, but Leo won't get the ego strokes he or she wants since Aquarius focuses on the bigger picture--the one that's far off and in the future and Mars in Scorpio could drown Leo's light when it broods or turns an eye towards darker topics. Taurus, you'll make the best of this New Moon by going with the flow, something an Earth Sign doesn't enjoy hearing. But this could be an electrifying time if you do manage to go with the flow and accept who and what comes to you now.

Capricorn and Virgos experience an excellent time for their business or promotions at work because Venus, Mercury and Pluto form a triple conjunction in Capricorn and form a sextile with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Get your hands on some paint or clay and create art. Garden, or design a new landscape or build something whether that's a business or a tiny house. Launch that project just prior to this new moon, but here's the clincher, after the moon conjucts the sun in Aquarius it goes void-of-course and doesn't enter the next sign Pisces for another 18 hours. Well, there's wacky Aquarius for you. Personally, I would just envision the project and set an intention then launch the project or business in April, after the eclipse season in March.

However, both Aquarius and a void-of-course moon bring the unexpected. If you have definite plans and ideals for a project and don't want to entertain the unexpected or sudden breakthroughs, then wait until the Aries New Moon on April 7 (sorry, the Pisces New Moon in March is a Solar Eclipse moon which isn't a good time to launch anything).

Sagittarius and Aries benefit from the trine between Uranus and Saturn with the Aquarius Moon and Sun forming a lovely sextile to planets in Uranus and Sagittarius between 15 and 25 degrees. Break up old structure and build new structure now. The type of structure depends on the houses where you have Aquarius, Sagittarius and Aries on the cusps.

Pisces and Cancer mainly benefit from Mars in Scorpio which heats up the romantic sector of your lives or if not romance, then you have more passion and drive at this time to pursue spiritual healing or work in the arts. You're going to feel more intuitive, more creative, imaginative, and passionate. Make sure you use this energy for positive pursuits don't entertain paranoid thoughts or stalk people who aren't interested in you romantically. This sounds like a no-brainer, but with Mars in Scorpio obsession with another is a possibility. If you find that someone else is stalking you, get legal help and protect yourself. Pisces especially you must set boundaries and say "no" like you mean it.

Gemini and Libra benefit from having the sun and moon in their brother Air Sign, Aquarius. For you this is a mental time and engaging mind-to-mind with another now is a real turn-on.  You'll also benefit from the Fire Trine between Uranus and Saturn, even though Saturn in Sagittarius opposes planets in Gemini between 9 and 20 degree range.

So here's the technical rundown on the transits. Around the New Moon (moon and sun at 19 degrees Aquarius), Mars at 18 degrees Scorpio squares the sun and moon, sextiles Venus/Mercury/Pluto, trines Chiron in Pisces 19 degrees and conjuncts the asteroid Juno (marriage and home). So Mars in Scorpio alone shapes reality with all this traffic. We want to go real deep at this time either in intimate relationships or our personal psychology or perhaps we become passionate over finances.

Mars in Scorpio also sextiles Jupiter and North Node in Virgo. So some of us are going to get real serious about our work and use this drive to perfect our projects and organize our businesses. We could also use this time to visit our medical doctors and get an annual physical or do a detoxing cleanse for our colons and liver. With David Bowie's death from liver cancer in the news, we will hear about cancer prevention and other liver diseases. We are reminded to take better care of our livers and clean up lifestyles that wreck the health of our organs.

The asteroid Vesta conjuncts Uranus which squares Pluto, forms an inconjunct with Jupiter and the North Node and sextiles the Aquarius Sun and Moon. We're looking for radical ways to serve humanity or the planet. But this could play out (at least it has for me) in that we question the grassroots activist approach to making changes on the planet. With all the information we have on multiple realities, shifting reality, the power of aligning with visions through metaphysical practices, it would be simpler to use our imaginations to shape the reality we would like to witness in the world, align with that reality, and then go and enjoy ourselves. Now, how's that for a radical approach? Sorry but placards and peace marches aren't going to cut it any longer. You Aquarius folks know that and you Pisces folks would rather just sing, "Give Peace a Chance" rather than attend another rally.

Oddly, as I'm writing this post, I'm thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I have a Dream speech. He was a Capricorn with a Pisces Moon capable of entertaining some powerful visions and building new structure from his dreams. What are your dreams telling you? What are your passions? You can be an artist and change the world, you could design greeting cards or bake cakes and change the world. You could run a dog daycare and change the world. It doesn't matter your profession, just align with your Higher Purpose and then bravely march forward. You just never know--the wackier the dream, the better says the Aquarius New Moon.

Watch the extended version video of this forecast on YouTube

This Aquarius New Moon is all tangled up in transits. If you want to personalize it and find out what this New Moon has for you, sign up for a personal reading through the contact form on the left hand side. Please read the service page first. Let's shape a new reality together.

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