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Virgo Full Moon (February 22, 2016)-- Getting Sober about Fate

A Virgo Full Moon usually suggests a sober transit in which we feel the urge to get organized, take care of our health, and clean up our daily environment as well as, routine. Virgo represents how we serve the world, usually through our profession, but also through volunteer work. 

But on February 22, 2016, the Full Moon transits in the same sign as Jupiter and the North Node either having us staring at the world with critical eyes or rolling up our sleeves and accepting our roles as servants for the Greater Good.

As we swim through several Mutable Sign transits including Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres, as well as the moon and sun, we're looking at big changes and movement occurring. And this movement leads us to healing on an individual and global level. Neptune and Chiron asks us to experience compassion in our hearts through the choices we make while the Virgo Full Moon, Jupiter and the North Node asks us to come up with practical solutions. Also dig up the roots of our addictions and heal ourselves now.

Even though Saturn transits in Sagittarius we still must set boundaries with others, but not through relying on dogma or idealism. If someone requires help then help him or her and not just offer platitudes, which as far I know have never helped anyone. The Virgo Full Moon asks us to go beyond the superficial and dig beneath the surface after all Mars is still transiting strong in Scorpio which asks us to use our energy to dig deep within our unconscious to root out those patterns and beliefs that keep us stuck. Mars is beginning to separate from its trine with Chiron in Pisces and remember Chiron reminds us that those experiences that don't kill us make us stronger if we can forgive the past and accept what we can't change. I'm personally in the process of doing this work so I'm not just breathing hot air here.

And speaking of Chiron, this asteroid is still in orb with Pluto (sextile) which also bolsters the urge to get underneath our compulsive habits and need to sabotage our best efforts. While this brings up personal healing for mostly people with prominent planets and the Ascendant in Water or Earth Signs, everyone can benefit from clearing out old beliefs from the mind. And the planets are giving us the support to do that. Meanwhile, with Neptune strong and powerful in its own sign until 2025, pay attention to your dreams as they have clues that lead to healing and success. Personally, I love working with dreams and dream symbols (but then I have strong Neptune in my Natal Chart). Pick up a dream symbol dictionary or a book on interpreting dreams.

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Saturn in Sagittarius is still locked into a Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries so some of us, especially those of you with dominant Fire in your Natal Charts are looking for adventures or have passion and drive to make a real difference in the world if you don't get caught up in yours or other people's ego games. Remember the Virgo Full Moon asks us to serve with a humble heart since Virgo rules humility and purity of intention.

Meanwhile, Ceres, which represents motherhood (especially mothers of daughters), the female lineage, and agriculture conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. So now we're looking at agriculture as a form of nurturing and we will focus upon how we can nurture the earth better rather than dousing it in petrochemicals. And speaking of petroleum, Neptune rules fossil fuels (especially the liquid variety) as well as air pollution. We'll also be looking at pollution in the ocean and how we can meet human needs without destroying our blue planet. I also think that sound healing and energy healing modalities play a role in cleaning up the earth and ocean. Perhaps we'll look to whales for solutions as they are also ruled by Neptune. Take a look at the work of the late Masaru Emoto, for example.

And yes, we'll come up with far out solutions now that are ingenious since Mercury conjuncts Venus in Aquarius (the future for earth is now) so scientists and researchers among our best innovative thinkers take center stage. And for Aquarius, this is a time for you to land in the spotlight too. What do you wish to communicate about the earth and what you value now? Venus-ruled Taurus brings permaculture and traditional (ancient farming methods) into the equation or just plants a victory garden after they have torn out their lawns and freaked out their neighborhood association. Scorpio brings drive and passion to the solutions (think Prince Charles of Wales), and Leo brings in creative solutions for children that says that cleaning up the earth can be fun too. We're all important. We all count, not just celebrities.

What's she doing here? photo by Patricia Herlevi
But let's get back to the Virgo Full Moon at 3 degrees. It comes with a Mutable T-Cross that pulls in Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces. Now, some astrologers aren't going to work with Chiron, and that's fine. But having gone through my Chiron Return, I'm not leaving out this important asteroid which brings evolution to individuals through deep personal healing. So the tension with this T-Square (and then the moon later transiting into it), has our idealism squaring off with taking action with our service and the deeper collective and individual wounds that keep us from acting. So we could see a lot of people pontificating about what they think is wrong with the world and expecting other people or the government to take actions meanwhile, these pontificating folks do nothing except act self-righteous. See what I mean? We all have to be part of the solution because we all share the same planet. No passing the buck, boys or girls.

Virgos however might want to at least take a nap since they're nerves are frayed by the culmination of this Full Moon in their Sign. Pisces, you feel like no one is listening to your spiritual messages, but it's not the message, but your overwrought emotions brought on by the full moon in your opposite sign. Gemini and Sagittarius don't fall into the trap of all talk and no action. You certainly have enough experience and wisdom under your caps to join the Aquarius types in activating solutions. Find another time to write the book or if it's time publish the book with solutions now and get on Ted Talks.

Libras and Aries, you have the Uranus square with Pluto (one degree orb) to contend with so strive for balance in the areas of your lives where you have Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer in your Natal Charts. Cancers, you're feeling emotional with this Full Moon, but at the same time find yourself coming up with practical solutions and implementing them behind the scenes in your sweet humble way. Capricorn, you're in a position of leadership but remember to collaborate with the team players or at least community leaders in your region. Don't be like the football player who hogs the ball and the glory, but realize that we're all climbing the mountain with you and sometimes you have to stop and give a leg up to the person right behind you. Now, is a good time to act as a mentor or hire an intern who respects your work. What can you do to make the world a better place? That's the question the Virgo Full Moon asks each of us now.

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