Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are You Moon Sensitive?

I noticed some astrologers using the term "moon sensitive" recently to describe people most affected by the moon cycles and especially, eclipses, new and full moons. The most obvious group affected by the moon are people with a Cancer moon, sun or Ascendant.

However, people with a Water Sign moon (which trines, sextiles or conjuncts Cancer), several planets in Cancer or several planets in the Fourth House are also moon sensitive. A prominent moon in any sign in a chart, such as having the moon in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) or a heavily aspected moon are also moon sensitive. I would also include a moon in the 12th House or a Singleton moon (no planets aspect it) in this list. However, in the case of a 12th House or a Singleton moon, only other people notice that the native with these moons in their chart ebbs and flows emotionally with the moon. The person with this moon feels they have little access to the moon and over dramatize its effects.

Besides the descriptions I just listed, how do you know if you're moon sensitive? Your mood or personal interest change each time the moon changes signs. For instance, when the moon transits in Pisces, you have an urge to doing something around dance, photography, spirituality, or any of the other Pisces themed activities or perhaps you feel depressed around the Pisces Moon and then when the moon transits into Aries, your mood changes and you get out there and compete with other urban warriors and feel the need to come first or on top. And then with each consecutive moon, your desires and needs change to match the themes of that moon.

You strongly sense when the moon is void-of-course. Your brain fogs up, the plans you had prior to the void-of-course moon suddenly halt and you have a strong desire to take a long nap because everything feels off-kilter or that you're just muddling through.

Eclipses and full moons bring out your more dramatic emotions. You experience short tempers and irritations with others. You end up in a crying jag that lasts for hours. Some sudden event happens in your life that drives you to the edge (of your sanity). You wonder how you can cope and then the phase passes and life returns to normal, or almost normal.

Around the new moon you have a strong desire to start a new cycle by setting intentions. You always, no matter what phase or sign the moon transits, feel a powerful connection to the moon. You love reading lore about the moon, have an interest in witches and moon cycles, and if you're a woman you end up becoming the Alpha Woman in a household and all the other women get their menses around the same time as you, as they sync to your cycle. You adore gazing at the moon, love songs about the moon, and have a strong yin (calm and intuitive side) even if you're a man.

If you're a woman or a man, you desire having children and mothering them. Or you learn to mother yourself and even if you don't have children, you nurture plants, animals, relatives or friends. You tend to be more domestic than your contemporaries or your mind wanders off in daydreams or your life seems to be flowing like a river and you just ride along with it. Out of all the planets and orbs in the sky, the moon causes your eyes to mist and when you are in tune with it, you feel connected to the natural world. You are psychic and some of you suppress this ability because others around you don't approve of your abilities.

On the darker side, you have a strong attachment to your mother, that sometimes leaves you looking a bit helpless or infantile. Or you just have a strong connection to your mother or were mostly affected by how she disciplined you. In the case of child abuse from your mother, I urge that you find a qualified therapist to help you move through those traumas so that you can restore balance with the moon.

If this sounds like you, here are following tips to help you to ride the moon transits with ease and grace:

Avoid harsh situations and people

Take care of any addictions you might have

Avoid alcohol and overeating (especially comfort foods)

Practice extreme self-care including allowing free time to daydream and star gaze

Listen to soothing music before bedtime

Go with the flow

Hang out near a body of water

Keep a moon and planet transit guide handy so you can watch the moon cycles

Hang a photo or painting of the moon in your home

Learn moon lore (tales)

Take long warm baths (in Dead Sea salt or equivalent)

Be gentle and kind to yourself

I write this post from my own experiences as someone with a Cancer Sun conjunct Mercury in my 7th (angular) House. I have romanced the moon since my childhood, always fascinated by it. But it is only in recent years that I have acted gentle towards myself.

Protect your intuition and sensitivities by avoiding people who don't appreciate or respect you--I learned this lesson the hard way. And don't take it the hard way if anyone ever calls you a moonbeam or loony. Take it as a compliment. That will show them.

Does this song cause your eyes to mist?

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