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We Can Be Heroes Pt 2--Exploration of David Bowie's Diagnosis & Death Transits

I admit that my head spins as I research the transits surrounding David Bowie's liver cancer diagnosis (18 months earlier which brings us to July 2014 with no exact date) and his death on January 10, 2016. 2015 would have been a watershed year for Bowie with transiting Pluto and Uranus hitting his 12th House and Uranus squaring his Natal Sun and Mars. 

Also the new and full moons for July 2014 as well as, the Capricorn New Moon at 19 degrees on January 9, 2016, one day prior to Bowie's death. Since a new moon represents a new cycle, death for Bowie is just the beginning of a cosmic experience--one beyond the stars.

So let's take a look at the transits for July 2014. I apologize that I don't have my planet transit guides and ephemeris for 2014 or 2015 since they are in storage. But in July of 2014, we experienced a Capricorn Full Moon at 20 degrees (conjuncts Bowie's Capricorn sun/Mars) with Cancer sun in opposition and a T-Cross with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Then on July 26 we experienced the Leo New Moon at 3 degrees conjunct Bowie's Natal Moon (and opposed his Ascendant) and part of a Triple Conjunct that included Natal Pluto and Saturn in Bowie's 7th House. This would signify the beginning of a new cycle that would ultimately bring transformation to partnerships in marriage and business--as well as, leaving a lasting legacy behind in the arts, which Bowie would do 18 months later.

From what I read in articles written about his post liver cancer diagnosis, Bowie worked hard on many fronts while keeping a brave face throughout the course of his disease and ultimate death. With that moon transit to Pluto/Saturn/Natal Moon, Bowie transformed his death and dying experience into art and we can accredit his Capricorn Sun and Mars, as well as, Mercury to his tireless efforts in completing several projects, including an album released on his birthday, January 8, 2016. I'm not left with the impression that Bowie fought death like a warrior or played the role of a martyr. The impression I have is of surrender and completion--not surprising since his Natal Sun fell in his 12th House of dissolution and ascension. Where does the Starman goeth?

Other major transits in July 2014 include, Pluto retrograde from 12 to 11 degrees squaring Bowie's Natal Neptune (Ruler of the 12th House) in Libra. Saturn in Scorpio going Direct in Bowie's 9th House on July 21 and Uranus in Aries going RX the following day in Bowie's 2nd House of talents, personal resources, and values.  Incidentally, Saturn formed an inconjunct with Uranus exact. Neptune at 7 degrees Pisces RX was intercepted in Bowie's 1st House which can also create a veil of secrecy--something was hidden from the public and we now know that was a cancer diagnosis and others sworn to secrecy about the diagnosis.

Most important, Jupiter transited from Cancer to Leo in July 2014 which again landed in Bowie's 7th House (would have been a more clear transit related to disease if it had fallen in the 6th House, but Jupiter spent time in Bowie's 6th House when it transited in Cancer). Jupiter conjuncted Bowie's Natal Moon at the end of July at exactly 3 degrees Leo. Then it would transit over Bowie's Natal Saturn (sun ruler) and Pluto later that summer. Looking at articles I saw that September 2014 was a watershed month for Bowie, with activities, appearances, and I believe recognition in the form of awards.

Let's take a brief look at Bowie's Natal Sun/Mars at 17/16 degrees and Uranus transits for 2015. Pluto came within one degree of Bowie's Mars at the end of 2015 when it was at 15 degrees Capricorn and two degrees from Bowie's Natal Sun. It transited to Bowie's Natal Mercury in 2011 which would have brought deeper communication, even the exploration of death and taboo topics such as sexuality. Uranus squared Bowie's Mars March 31 to April 16 and then squared his Natal Sun exact from April 17 until May 4. Then again retrograde from October 25 until November 23 and squared Mars exact from 24 of November through December and into January 2016. I mention Uranus not only because of the square to Bowie's Sun/Mars, but because Uranus is Chart Ruler. And weren't we all shocked to have heard about the death of David Bowie?

Finally, let's take a look at the chart for day of death. I don't have a time of death to work with so I'm going general here.

My friend and astrology colleague Jane Ritson told me to look at the Jupiter transit since this transit signifies death in an expansion into greater consciousness as we slip to the other side of the veil. Since we see Bowie as an adventurer and cosmonaut, it seems appropriate to look for the Jupiter transit in the death chart.

Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo lands in the 8th house, naturally ruled by Pluto, the Lord of Death and its forming a trine with the Capricorn New Moon transiting over Bowie's Natal Mars/Sun in the 12th House. Incidentally, both the 8th and 12th House carry themes of death and transformation, but the 12th House gives a softness or a fog to death whereas the 8th House shows us the harsh realities as we go from ashes to ashes, to mention also the title of one of Bowie's songs (Scary Monsters).

Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius transit in Bowie's 10th House of public image and career. We find ourselves looking over the legacy of his career in the arts, not just music, but in all his endeavors, including his business endeavors. We also watch his metamorphosis over the course of time while looking at how his body transformed through his various ages and stages, and now in the stages of death. I also want to mention that Jupiter and Sagittarius rule the liver and with Jupiter transiting in the sign of health would we be looking at liver health. Saturn was in Scorpio (Scorpio rules genetics?) when the cancer was discovered and then in Sagittarius as the disease of the liver progressed leading to death. But death is beautiful and death is art with Venus conjunct Saturn at the time of death--an adventure with Sagittarius involved. And what's more adventurous than leaving the physical body behind? Really it's just a shedding of old skin metaphorically speaking.

When I heard about Bowie's death, the first place I looked was at the Pluto and Mercury RX transits happening in his 12th House. On January 10 (a day after the Capricorn New Moon with its Cardinal T-Cross), the sun, moon, Mercury and Pluto all came within range of Bowie's Natal Mars/Sun. You would expect a violent death with Natal Mars involved and in a way cancer is aggressive and even violent as it eats away at the physical or corporal body. Death gave its final blow, but the message was more nostalgic and even surreal than anything else with Mercury RX at 29 degrees Capricorn--the end of physical reality when appearing in the 12th House.

We would have receive hidden messages about Bowie's upcoming death when Mercury direct crossed over Bowie's Natal Mercury, Mars, and then Sun which was on December 16 for Mercury, 21 for Mars and 22 for the sun. And no doubt this nostalgia we are experiencing in regard to the musical icon's death as it relates to our own life will continue during the Mercury RX and until Mercury transits into Aquarius in which the nostalgia gives way to futuristic music or the future of music without icons like Bowie or those future musicians influenced by Bowie--no doubt a new generation of musicians will pick up the gauntlet. Capricorn individuals leave a legacy that was crafted over time and with much effort. Remember that Saturn rules structure.

While I find this topic fascinating, my hands hurt from typing and my wrists burn from using this keyboard so I'm stopping here. Feel free to leave comments and your own observations. David Bowie had a profound impact on my early adult life, but I admit over time I had forgotten about him or he moved to the background of my life. I did catch him in concert in the late 1980s with his band, Tin Machine when he performed at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. This was a time when Saturn, Neptune and Uranus were all in Capricorn. (The other Capricorn act I saw at that time was The Bangles, who have also left a lasting impression on pop music).

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach for artists and entrepreneurs and a former arts journalist. I was also a professional musician from 1987 to 1996 in Seattle.

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