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Right Activities for the Zodiac Moons

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I already spoke about moon sensitive people. However, everyone benefits from the moon transits as the orb makes its way around the Zodiac Wheel every 28 days. For instance, each moon brings out a different aspect of our life or our personality. Remember that we have all the Zodiac Signs somewhere in our Natal Chart and the moon activates them in turn.

Aries New Moon--Start a new project or relationship. If you have wanted to ask a certain person out on a date, now is the time to do so and acting chivalry. Plant a seed, metaphorically or literally and watch it grow as the moon transits through the Zodiac.

Aries Full Moon--You've been patient with your project or relationship and now it's reached a culmination point as you are poised for the next cycle. Time to celebrate your good fortune. Wearing red gives you a sense of power now. Go out and do something athletic or at least adventurous--not a time for sitting on your butt with all this Mars energy.

Taurus New Moon--Work with medicinal herbs, flower essences, and aromatherapy for healing purposes or to set a mood for the next moon cycle. Set an intention for prosperity to enter your life and then make plans towards manifesting that intention. Get a massage or body work. Take a yoga class. Plant a garden. Get your hair cut (if you want it to grow out slowly such as a shorter hairstyle or with bangs).

Taurus Full Moon--Go hiking or attend a gathering with gourmet food grown from a home garden. Spend time in the hammock and read a favorite book with sensual details. Engage all your senses and stop and smell the roses. This is a slow and lazy full moon where we retreat alone or with loved ones. it's not a good time for active sports or athletics unless they involve stamina and strength such as weight lifting or wrestling.

Gemini New Moon--Start a complicated jigsaw puzzle or engage in word games. Begin the writing of  book or write shorter pieces such as magazine or newspaper articles. Host a radio show if you're inclined, give a public speech about a new project. Go out and mingle with intellectuals and don't be surprised if you end up in a lively debate. Take good care of overworked hands, arms and lungs.

Gemini Full Moon--This is a good moon for hosting a public event where you're the speaker, a book signing, the culmination of a political campaign, teaching, playing word games with children, flying a kite, attending a lecture, or just hanging out with mindful people. Refrain from gossip which only harms others and then eventually comes back to fly in your face. If you feel a case of nerves, go for a long walk or ride a bicycle. Get out and breath fresh air. Ward off any viruses starting at this time.

Cancer New Moon--Begin a program of self-care by watching your diet and eating habits. Take care of your breasts and stomach by treating yourself gently and honoring your sensitivities. Intuition is heightened so follow those hunches (which seem illogical especially). Set intentions for self-care and nurturing others. Set intention to do your part to end world hunger and spend time with a beloved child or pet. Ask for nurturing from others but let them know your exact needs.

Cancer Full Moon--Go sailing if you're not afraid of water or take a ferry to an island. Spend the day near a large body of water or take a warm bath in Celtic or Dead Sea salts. Picture an amber or white light showering over you and cleansing your body of psychic debris. Read or watch a favorite romance. Massage your upper body and spend time daydreaming or envisioning your dream life. Eat a healthy meal and break bread with family.

Leo New Moon--Now's the time to practice a heart-healthy routine and take good care of your upper spine. Enroll in a drama class or engage in something creative that involves working with colors such as painting, coloring or color therapy. Buy a new pair of sunglasses or gold jewelry (even fake gold or anything that sparkles), wear a tiera or crown for the day. Go see a play and get inspired to do something artistic or play with children while engaging your imagination.

Leo Full Moon--Wear a favorite piece of jewelry and get out in mingle. Go to the opera, theater, or a lively dinner party where everyone feels like a guest of honor. Attend a wedding or awards banquet or just wear a lot of gold, yellow, and orange while doing something fun that entertains your inner child. This is not a good moon for getting work done, but a great moon for having fun so don't fight the current and do something you enjoy (and don't say that you enjoy your work, even if you do).

Virgo New Moon--Start an organizing project such as organizing your closet, kitchen, or bedroom. Balance your budget or open a book keeping program for your home business. Start a health routine such as diet and exercise or start a music diary in which you record your thoughts and emotions when exposed to certain music. Begin editing or proofreading a manuscript and spend time alone contemplating what you want to do next with your life and who you want to spend your life with? Read self-help books and refrain from criticizing others (which we all want to do with this new moon).

Virgo Full Moon--If you're experiencing digestive problems use the cycle between the Virgo Full Moon and the Pisces or Aries New Moon to do a detox program. Get medical help and work with a nutritionist or at least read up on nutrition online or in books. Experiment with diet and exercise routines and clean your work space, including clearing the air quality. Spend time alone meditating. We're all feeling touchy now so refrain from criticizing others--thus spending time alone.

Libra New Moon--Begin divorce or other legal procedures now (though I would think that the Libra Full Moon offers a better cycle since it begins the waning moon cycle). Make wedding or other celebration plans. Get your hair cut or styles, go to a salon and beautify yourself and your home. Buy a new outfit that shouts class and elegance. Refrain from gossip and get your life back in balance, whatever that entails for you. This is a good moon for lawyers planning their next case. Good time for signing legal contracts.

Libra Full Moon--Finalize a divorce or other legality. Sign contracts, get your hair cut if you want it to grow back quickly, buy makeup, clothing, or home interior decorating items. Good moon for completing design projects or making presentations. Host a dinner party with academics and people in the arts. Go to a romantic comedy movie or one of those French films where the characters philosophize about love, sex, and class. Read a good book, buy a pair of new eyeglasses or accessories, especially made from the finest materials This is also a good moon for buying wedding gifts.

Scorpio New Moon--Take care of your lower intestines, genitals, and colon health problems which will culminate by the Scorpio Full Moon if not addressed. Good time for diagnosing an illness or dealing with wills, funeral arrangements or sex and marriage counseling. Start sessions with a therapists or energy healer that clears ancestral DNA emotional patterns. Read Joseph Campbell's books or other self-help books that address the shadow side and taboo topics such as death. Teach your teens or (tweens) about safe sex and also practice safe sex yourself. This is a fertile new moon so if you're not looking to get pregnant, use birth control.

Scorpio Full Moon--Dress up as your shadow side and attend a masquerade or costume party (even though this moon takes place in the spring). You'll find that health improves if you practiced a health routine for the past six months. Deal with darker topics and read self-help books. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is a good time for engaging in shamanism or getting a soul retrieval from a shaman (not your friend pretending to be a shaman because they read a book on it). Visit a qualified psychic or intuitive coach. Good time for divination practices and also healing with herbs.

Sagittarius New Moon--This is a good time to enroll in a higher education class or in the very least attend a lecture or watch Ted Talks on YouTube. If you attend a party expect to engage in lively debates with foreigners or professors or religious people. Watch out for stepping on other people's ideological toes or expect a passionate outburst which everyone will soon forget. Have fun, watch comedy, and laugh your head off. Refrain from over drinking or over eating unless you want to experience consequences during the Capricorn Moon.

Sagittarius Full Moon--A good time for graduating from a higher education setting or getting certified. Long-distance travel goes well unless Mercury or Jupiter are RX. Engage with foreigners, people from other religions or spiritual ideologies. Attend a party with diverse people or give to a philanthropy organization. Fundraisers go well as do political debates provided the contenders have thick skin. No crybabies please.

Capricorn New Moon--This moon bodes well for starting a business or setting financial goals including a plan to get out of debt. Open a new bank account and or restructure your daily routine (along with planet transits in Virgo). Buy a new business suit or office furnishing. Use this moon to create new structure somewhere in your life. Take good care of bones and teeth and add minerals to your dietary routine. Don't forget to smile since this moon makes us all too serious and dour.

Capricorn Full Moon--Attend a business-related conference. Give a presentation for a local or national professional association. Job interviews go well as do signing contracts for a new job provided Saturn, Mars, and Mercury are transiting direct. Make sure your diet is solid and that you're not suffering from exhaustion. If you are, then see a doctor. Take good care of your bones and teeth. Watch out for injuries to your knees, back, or teeth especially if Mars square Saturn or the Capricorn Moon or if Uranus does (people with planets or the AC in Capricorn heed this warning). If you have the Capricorn on the cusp of your 10th House or a Natal Capricorn Moon expect a promotion or public recognition for your professional work during this full moon.

Aquarius New Moon--Join a group or if you're already in a group attend a meeting. Wear something shocking or daring and stir up the pot. Get your haired dyed an unusual or unnatural color or get a tattoo (which you're stuck with for good), pierce your ears, or just say something provocative and see where sparks fly. Listen to unique or unusual music or Mozart. Wear Doc Martens to work if you work in a conservative environment or dress up in a suit if you don't. Stir up the pot. Pick a favorite cause and donate time or money. Go fly a kite.

Aquarius Full Moon--Since this moon takes place in July most likely, visit a nudist beach, or attend a gathering for people different than you. Get your hair dyed an unusual color even if just a streak. Go to the zoo and dance and sing to the animals. March down the street playing a drum (if you won't get arrested), go to a party dressed like Mozart or Cleopatra, especially if no one is expected costumes. In other words do something fun and shocking, but doesn't harm someone else. Join a favorite cause. And take care of your ankles since injuries to ankles is a possibility especially if there is a hard angle to Mars, Saturn, or Uranus.

Pisces New Moon--Go swimming (if you're not afraid of water) or take a boat somewhere. Spend time daydreaming or reading self--help books with meditations in them. Listen to guided meditations or your favorite ethereal music. Lie in bed after you wake up practicing visualization. Drink lots of purified water and hang out near a body of water or fish tanks. Dance, sing, or practice yoga. This is a good moon for connecting to the Divine but also a delusional moon that can swamp us. Refrain from drugs and alcohol since they could lead to addictions with this new moon. Take a nap. Take care of your feet since injuries can occur during this new moon if you're not watching where you're going and none of us are.

Pisces Full Moon--This is a wonderful moon for manifesting our desires. Create movies in your mind for what you would like to experience and then feel your way into those experiences. Give a photography showing or dance recital or movie screening during this full moon. Go to church or spiritual workshop or meditation group. You might rather meditate alone or practice yoga outdoors preferably near water. Buy a fish or aquarium. Go hug a tree, a dog, or a child. Refrain from drinking or drugging and definitely don't drive under the influence of any substance. Take a walk in the fog. Take a nap. This is not a good moon for staring a relationship or business. It's the dreamer's moon.

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