Saturday, January 2, 2016

Climbing Higher--Capricorn New Moon on January 9, 2016

Happy New Year! The first new moon for 2016 lands in Capricorn on January 9. All the planets and asteroids in the chart start with Jupiter in Virgo and end with Uranus in Aries. This to me reflects on an active period. However...

At this time Mercury at 29 degrees Capricorn and Jupiter at 23 Virgo are retrograde which has us flying back to the drawing board to reassess any plans we launched around this time. Now both planets are retrograde in Earth Signs and are trining each other and Mercury and Jupiter both represent the restless Mutable Signs. Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo. Top it off with the fact that it's going to be a Mutable Signs ruled year, then we're looking at some backward movement here-but movement nonetheless.

But getting back to our Cardinal Signs with the sun, moon, Mercury and Pluto (and the asteroid Pallas) in Capricorn and that energy squaring off with Uranus in warrior Aries.

I pick up a smugness on the part of authority figures who are involved in a one-way communication, but the general populace isn't buying any of the words. We've heard it all before and we're quite aware of actions taken in the past that haven't exactly satisfied us with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde. Students yawn as their academic advisers and professors wax on about old theories, finding it a bit old fashion and religious leaders do too much backpedaling when in fact, new information that melds science and religion with metaphysics continues to out date the old dogma. And having Saturn in Sagittarius just adds fuel to this fire.

On the other hand, with all these lights in Capricorn, including Pallas, we can still glean wisdom from the past, even the ancient past. And in fact, archaeological digs turn up some exciting finds at this time that reveal that the ancients weren't exactly nitwits and many of those age-old practices could usher in a time of newer technology during our times. Remember Capricorn is about the earth and civilizations and with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter also retrograde in an Earth Sign, we have much to recover from the past that could prove useful now. Uranus in Aries brings sudden revelations in this regard at this time.

The other aspect that I like in this chart is that the North Node and Jupiter form an exact conjunction at 23 degrees Virgo so anything that happens during this time is fated. We look to the past to recreate the future, whatever that means. Individually, you can look at where Virgo, Capricorn, and Aries fall in your chart and those are the areas that you will look to the past to rebuild or recreate. And chances are in general that we're looking at business practices, banking, marketing techniques, short-distance communication, long-distance travel and the service industry. We'll also be focusing on charities, non-profits and organizations with a service mentality of serving the Greater Good.

Since Ceres in Aquarius forms an inconjunct with Jupiter and the North Node, we might be looking at the food industry in particular or the farming industry. How might we apply our harvests to feeding those stuck in desperate poverty. What new technologies lead to better and more fair food distribution without succumbing to the illusion of GMO foods (which are pure poison in my book)? I imagine with Ceres in Aquarius that we're looking a futuristic or grassroots solutions. We could engage in some intriguing yet detached conversations around these issues.

Venus weds to Saturn in Sagittarius so now we have the love of travel and foreigners but still we encounter restrictions with immigration and overseas travel. Older adventurous men attract younger women or you get the older corporate leader with a supermodel hanging on his arm with this aspect. Meanwhile, Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces so this adds to the glamorous illusion--don't try this at home folks. Or maybe we find ourselves enamored with the entertainment industry or the celebrity du jour--most likely a foreign woman or one who speaks several languages and jet sets.

For us regular folks, younger women could find themselves attracted to father figures or their boss, but be weary of any miscommunication or duality in the workplace with Mercury RX in Capricorn which rules business among other things. On the plus side we could heal our concept of ageism and stop running our lives with time-space reality. With Neptune in Pisces in the shadows, we're still moving through a wobbly period where some of us slip in and out of time or space out.

Another thing to watch out for is when Mercury conjuncts Pluto exact (which it will do twice during January 15 and January 24-28) because now people are using communication as a weapon. We hear manipulative language as certain people try to control the masses with psychological brainwashing. We could experience darker dreams during this time that drag psychological issues to the surface, which for some of us is healing. It's also a time when people share their fears and paranoid thoughts, even if we don't want to hear this information. It's definitely a time where people come from a place of fear or if they're wise, a place of transformation. When Mercury RX hooks up with Pluto we examine darkness from the past and when Mercury is stationary direct around the 25-28, we project our fears from the past into the future--watch out for this tendency.

The Capricorn New Moon isn't the easiest new moon but it does leave us some wriggling room, especially for people used to Cardinal energies.  Mutable Sign people feel restless though with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde, but returning to the past, recent or otherwise, brings us solutions at this time. However, release any regrets of things you did or didn't do in the past. If you knew then what you know now, you would have handled life circumstances differently, but you didn't have the same awareness. Let yourself off the hook and that alone frees you up for new beginnings to occur in the areas of your life ruled by Capricorn (look for Capricorn in your Natal Chart).

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