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Unblocking Zodiac Sign Fears

I wasn't planning on writing a new Whole Astrology blog post today, but then the concept of fears that unblock progress for each of the Zodiac Signs popped into my head. Since unblocking fears leads to manifesting lives we truly desire, I decided to share this information with you now.

I began working with Archangel Chamuel recently since I was called on to do this work and this archangel represents unconditional love for ourselves and others. The angel approaches us gently and has offered the following insights and affirmations for healing fears corresponding with each Zodiac Sign, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Some of you don't even know you have these underlying fears so for you, discovering the belief that's holding you back and clearing it, quickens your spiritual awakening. So shall we get started?

Aries--You're afraid of not being able to impress others. This causes you to talk too loud, boasts about your achievements, namedrop, and crowd other people out with your need for attention and respect. The trouble is you can't demand or manipulate people into respecting you.

The solution is to do the work you came to this planet to do for the sake of doing the work. It's ironic that when you don't make a grab for attention, people notice you and reward you for your fine work.

Affirmation: I am enough just as I am. I am safe in the world and others notice me.

Taurus--You're afraid that if you don't secure a foothold in the world and stand your ground that the winds of change will blow you off course. You also fear that you will lose all the material possessions you acquired which prevents you from changing course when necessary. You're like the person who would rather grab all their belongings and pull them out of a house during a fire, rather than save his or her physical body.

Solution: Think of the river that flows into the ocean and takes only what's necessary for the journey, but safely arrives at a vast existence. Stop hanging on to material items or ideas with a expired due date. Allow the Universe to come in and fill the vacuum.

Affirmation: I now let go and go with the flow. Ease and grace is the name of my game.

Gemini--You're afraid that someone else' will dim your mind or that someone won't realize your brilliant mind and label you a slow-learner or nitwit. You have this obsession with being the smartest person in the room and you'll fight like mad to keep that honor, only this approach alienates you from all the people you feel are less intelligent than you.

Solution: Allow others to give their input and realize that we all have something to add to the conversation. You can learn from others if you open your mind. Learning is a two-way street and we all have something to learn from everyone. Even the village fool possesses some wisdom.

Affirmation: I freely give and take with others. I am free to express my wisdom and others share their wisdom with me too. I am open to learning new ideas and concepts.

Cancer--You fear abandonment, especially abandonment of the mother. This causes you to cling to anyone who nurtures you male or female, which just leads to a catch-22 situation of getting abandoned or you fear taking any risks such as moving to a location far away from your mother even if you're offered a job opportunity of a lifetime.

Solution: Hold your mother and your loved ones in your heart and allow them to come and go like the tide. Learn how to mother yourself by having a good paying profession, your own home, and having gentle-loving people in your life. Adopt an animal to mother if you don't have children and if you do have children, teach them how to nurture and fend for themselves so that they can make it on their own in the world.

Affirmation: I am always held in the bosom of an unconditionally-loving Mother-Father God. I am safe and all is well in the world. I am safe where ever I go. I am free to mother myself. I love and approve of myself.

Leo--You're either afraid of no public recognition at all for your creative pursuits. You wear flashy clothing, try to impress others through lavish courtship well-beyond your financial means (burn holes in your wallet) or you create drama off stage and storm out of the room for your grand exit, thus losing your off-stage audience. Or you're so focused on yourself that you don't allow anyone to appreciate you because you fail to appreciate them.

Solution: Open your heart to others and share the generosity of your spirit. Teach others how to create joy through creative pursuits or engaging in the performing arts. Stage a play for children or work with children in some way teaching them how to shine like little suns. The more you give of your creative spirit, the more joy returns to you and people notice your radiant light. When you focus on others, you give generously to the world. Remember the words of Saint Francis of Assisi, "It is in giving that we receive."

Affirmation: When I step out of the arena of myself and appreciate others, love and admiration return back to me. (Borrowing this one from Louise Hay), "I am beautiful and everybody loves me." Beauty begins in the heart and when I love the world, it loves me back.

Virgo--You're afraid that if you don't micromanage others or perfect their work and habits of others, then the world will crumble. So you criticize others or think you have to do everything yourself to get it right the first time. You judge others for not having the purity of intent, instead of checking in with your own intentions and then every muscle in your body forms knots and you have this sudden urge to go into a room alone and slam the door-thus shutting out others who you find incompetent. But really, you criticize yourself even more harshly and suffer with the not good enough syndrome.

Solution: Before running off and joining a cloistered community, take a deep breath and learn meditation even if you start with a 5-minute meditation per day. Take a yoga class and get those kinks out of your muscles and or go for a walk and get some fresh air in your lungs. Allow others to learn from their mistakes rather than micromanage people. When hiring an employee, use discernment so that you hire the most competent one. Apologize when you make mistakes or miss your mark, then try again. Rome wasn't built in a day, or even a year. We're all works-in-progress so forgive yourself and forgive others, then move on. Stop beating yourself up.

Affirmation: I am good enough just as I am. They are good enough just as they are. I am a work-in-progress growing more perfect each day. I am safe and all is well. It is safe for me to make mistakes.

Libra--You're afraid you'll end up alone and that no one will love you. You're afraid that when the proverbial ark arrives, that you'll not have a partner and get left behind when the flood comes.

Solution: Host parties and invite people in your community that you truly respect. If you're single, get out and mingle. Flirt for fun and keep it light. Smile at others and express sincerity when engaging with others. Refrain from doing things just so others like you and don't fake friendship. Meet people on the level of the mind through common interests and if you have passive-aggressive tendencies work with a therapist to heal them.

Affirmation: I am intelligent and engaging and everybody loves me. I live my life in balance spending equal time alone and with loving friends and partners.

Scorpio--You're afraid of death or that others will die and leave you alone. You're also afraid of betrayal from others and self-sabotage which is betraying yourself. You're afraid of insensitive people who stab you in the back or betray your intimacy in some way. This causes you to hold suspicions or jealous thoughts of others. At your worst, you live a life of paranoia, not trusting anyone you meet and working from a defensive position with you holding the proverbial knife.

Solution: Use discernment and hone your intuitive gifts which would clue you in on the people you can trust and then surround yourself with people who place integrity first on their list of values. Hang out with more solid types such as Capricorn and Taurus or Virgo people. When you engage with a potential new partner, go slow in the relationship and feel out the waters before deep sea diving with them. Also do your research and find out if your potential mate is already engaged elsewhere such as married, find out if they have a criminal record, and make sure that they have been tested for venereal diseases before jumping into bed with them. Know when to reign in your passion and when to express it and look for creative outlets to channel your passion.

Affirmation: I can trust my intuition. I use discernment and I attract trustworthy people. I go with the ebb and flow of life. I welcome transformation and I reclaim my power now. I am in charge of my destiny and I wield my power wisely.

Sagittarius--You're afraid of your loss of freedom and you fear confinement to a location, person, or idea. You fear imprisonment and you fear a suffocating marriage with a clingy or nagging partner.

Solution: Acknowledge your shadow side which requires some stability even if that stability comes in the form of a mobile home you drive around the continent or a storage unit where you store your belongings. This way you don't project that stability onto a more clinging type person who requires you to stick around so that he or she feels more secure. Look for occupations that you can fulfill the duties on the road or through international travel or if you're a university professor find a position that allows you to spend time at universities overseas or allows you to travel for field work. Travel or engaging with ideas or foreigners must be part of your daily life.

Affirmation: I am free to roam the world. I am free to explore other worlds and ideas; I have my feet in both worlds.

Capricorn--You're afraid you will fail at leadership and let others down. You're afraid that you'll lose all that you worked for and end up on the street penniless. You're also afraid that others will rebel against your authority causing an uprising.

Solution: Know that every leader has a backup crew and support team. No one rises to the top on their own and no one falls from the top alone. Make sure that you recognize the work of others on your behalf and express appreciation and respect for your supporters. Also realize that the old-style of leadership (from the top down) has ended as we move into the Aquarius Age with everyone playing an equal role in building and sustaining communities. Respect others and they will respect you.

Affirmation: I acknowledge my support team. When I appreciate others, they appreciate me back. It is okay for me to lean on others and in so doing, I gain respect. I respect myself and I am safe to rest my head.

Aquarius--You're afraid that you will lose your edge and conform thus living a life of boredom and monotony. You're afraid that others don't acknowledge your brilliant mind. You're afraid of not fitting in and rejection, but if you fit in, then you lose the game. You're afraid of being too different and others labeling you a freak. You're afraid of conformity or others copying your every move. You're afraid of losing your individuality. And you're afraid of losing your freedom to express yourself.

Solution: Acknowledge that you follow the beat of a different drummer and it takes awhile for the crowd to catch up. Focus upon the solutions you bring to the world, especially with technology or in the realm of human rights. When you focus on what you're doing and stop worrying about what others are doing, you live out your destiny. You most likely won't win any popularity contests, but that's not the point of an Aquarius path. You're here to innovate even if your innovations are only acknowledge a generation after your death. Keep your eyes on the prize and don't waver. Focus on the work and not future accolades, which might not arrive during your lifetime.

Affirmation: I bring brilliant solutions to the world. I can trust my insights and ideas. I am free to be me and express myself. Life loves me back.

Pisces--You're afraid of disappearing or becoming invisible. Alternately you're also afraid of receiving too much attention or losing your freedom because others need you too much. You fear not being able to merge with another so you find someone who "needs you" and you enter a co-dependent relationship. You fear confinement so you find escape routes through drugs, alcohol, food or other addictions. Sometimes you do this to slow down the process of ascension because you fear you are losing yourself. You also fear you don't know enough so you search hungrily for spiritual gurus which leaves you feeling lost. You fear that when the proverbial spaceship shows up it will rip you away from your loved ones and dump you off in a space station at the far end of the cosmos.

Solution: Realize that your fear comes from reaching the endpoint of the Zodiac journey which began in Aries and ends in Pisces. Realize that you are a wise teacher and all your life experiences (good and bad) transform you into your own spiritual guru and that you can lead others along their path, but you must allow them the space and freedom to learn their stuff--don't try to learn their lessons for them. Finally, let go and let God because it's really what you desire--your connection with All That Is. Congratulations Pisces for your completion of the Zodiac journey.

Affirmations: I am comfortable living in my own skin. I am comfortable with my relationship with God and All That Is. I am safe and I am free. I am safe expanding beyond my boundaries. I merge with the god inside me and the god in others. All is well.

I started losing followers after I posted this article. I realize that most of us don't want to look at the shadow sides or fears of our Zodiac Sun Signs, however, anyone interested in awakening consciousness needs to heal these natural impulses by recognizing them. I'm in no way putting down any of the Sun Signs and I assure you that I am also working with my own shadows since astrologers are not outside of the energies or rays of the planets in their own charts. 

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