Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mars in Scorpio--Curb the Violence

While other astrologers view Mars in Scorpio, especially when Mars retrogrades from April 17 (when the sun is in Aries) to June 28, as malefic or problematic, I view it as a time to clean up violent tendencies and addictions from our lives. I'm suggesting taking a good look at your movie-watching, television-watching, news-gazing habits along with music-listening and language experiences during the 2016 Mars transits.

Take on an observer role and if you follow the Law of Attraction or similar spiritual practices, stay mindful of how you contribute to the experiences in your life by the frequencies you expose yourself to. This isn't as easy as it sounds. Most of us gravitate towards what we consider to be the societal norm or we give into peer pressure so we can fit in. So if the peers gather at the water cooler on Monday and discuss their favorite police or detective shows or the latest blow-em-up movie blockbuster, then they are engaging in low frequencies that can only attract matching frequencies--if not right away, then eventually. The frequencies can even show up as a car accident or falling down stairs, or encountering hostile people.

As the planet's frequencies increase to a higher vibration, Gaia sheds off any toxins which include violent human behavior. Yes, violence is found in the natural world too, but that's not senseless violence. You'll never see animals killing each other for sport or entertainment. The type of violence I'm talking about which derives from books, news media, movies, music, and television shows, derives from industries that choose to keep us stuck on an adrenaline high and mucking around in fearful and paranoid thoughts. If someone is truly interested in supporting world peace, then engaging in this type of entertainment will only lead to violence happening with real people in real time, even if it occurs halfway around the world and we think that has nothing to do with us. It does and what we consider entertainment (read mindless entertainment), contributes to the suffering of others.

So when Mars transits in Scorpio, we make the best of the experience by delving into our subconscious minds. What demons come up for us? What wounds require healing? What anger do we require expressing through a healthy outlet? We can still engage in stories that focus on the hero's journey which is answering a call to quest (in this case dealing with our inner darkness caused by emotional or physical wounding), then taking our own journey into this Dark Night of the Soul, making peace with what lurks in the depths and then finding newfound strength and courage to heal ourselves and in doing that, also the planet.

When Mars retrogrades in Scorpio, we return to not only our childhood, but some of us return to past lives. Now, the trick with that is not to get caught up in the stories of those lives which is just ego genuflecting or boasting. The point of returning to past lives is to heal them and clear the energy to shift consciousness and not get caught up in the trappings of ego. It doesn't matter if you were Cleopatra or a French peasant during the French Revolution. It doesn't matter if you died when you were two or eighty-two in that lifetime. This isn't about collecting stories to share with friends, but an avenue to get intimate with your soul and it's journey through lifetimes. Scorpio energy takes us to those deep places.

Another area which I'll touch on briefly is that with Mars in Scorpio we will look at Plutonian themes such as death, sex, money, taxes, government, financial institutions, lineages, and even those things we consider pests in our lives that seemingly crawl up to us from the underworld. We could wax philosophies about these topics with our psychotherapists and try different types of therapies guaranteed to plumb the depths of our body, mind, and souls. That would be the right approach sans the philosophies.

Since Mars remains in Scorpio for almost 4 months while doing some exchanges with Sagittarius, the topics I mentioned require visiting in 2016. Now, if we ignore the stirrings in our souls then that's when we encounter violent or aggressive people who challenge us to our core. So I advise becoming proactive instead of reactive which would only make the transits more painful. Below I'm including the Mars transits for 2016.

Mars moves into Scorpio on January 3
Transits into Sagittarius on March 5
Turns RX on April 17 in Sagittarius 
Moves back into Scorpio on May 28
Turns direct in Scorpio on June 29
Moves back into Sagittarius on August 3
Transits into Capricorn on September 28
Transits into Aquarius on November 9 (short stay in Aquarius)
Transits into Pisces on December 20

Mars transit is slower during the first several months and picks up speed during its second transit in Sagittarius. This tells me that the degrees Mars transits during the first half of the year hold significance in the form of lessons we must glean at that time. For those of you with strong Aries or Scorpio energies in your chart, pay close attention to life events and lessons that come up during that time. Other people challenged by Mars in Scorpio and Sagittarius are Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. Water Signs experience a double-edge sword. On one hand, Mars in Scorpio trines or conjuncts the Water Sign planets, but on the other hand, this Mars energy is double in intensity so practicing self-care at this time is crucial. People aren't going to act rational and emotions run high.

Activities that calm the storm are: Meditation, long walks or hikes in nature, jogging or physical exercise of some kind, especially when Mars transits in Sagittarius, long warm baths to cleanse unwanted toxins on all levels, gardening, journaling,therapy, sound healing, playing in a band or singing in a choir, music or art therapy, and psychoanalysis. Sex could heal us now too but only with the right partner who we can trust. Also I suggest finding gentle and soft-spoken people to hang out with during the Mars RX transits. This is not a time to hang out with warrior types.

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