Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Transits for 2nd Week of June--Astrological Congestion on the Super Highway

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, Boston, 1989

I woke up last night with pin and needle sensations in the entire left side of my body, I wondered what the heck was going on?  Why did I feel like someone had plugged half of my body into an electrical outlet?

First, I panicked.  Then I prayed to my Spirit Guides and Angels. Then I thought about looking up the day's and the week's transits.  Oddly, looking at my planetary guide calmed me down, but also surprised me.  Have we always had this many transits in a single week?  And does the hand of God play a role? And finally how are astrologers supposed to keep track of all the planetary configurations and transits? This is full-time work and frankly, it's a rare occurrence when someone signs up for an astrology reading so I'm hardly making a living as an astrologer and I don't have full-time to give to this profession.

The image that comes into my mind is Lily Tomlin playing the role of the gossipy phone switchboard operator.  But the planetary congestion we currently experience not only has the switchboard lighting up, but all the circuits are full so we can't get through.  We have much to communicate, but are unable to connect with others to get our message out.

Beginning last week when the Sun was at 15 degrees Gemini (around June 6th) we experience an exact sextile between the Sun and Uranus in Aries.  This transit continues into this week bringing us shocking information.  People use words to provoke thoughts and some innovative and pioneering ideas surface during this short period that ends on June 21st.  Meanwhile, Mars opposes Uranus with both planets squaring Pluto.  The opposition between Mars and Uranus is exact from the 22nd to 25th, but we're still feeling the tension between Libra and Aries now.  I believe this aspect teaches us how to act assertive instead of playing the role of the passive-aggressive martyr.  Mars squares Pluto exact from the 16th to the 18th, but we're already feeling that tension now.

Hastings, England, 1991 photo by Patricia Herlevi
In fact, I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to write letters to the senators that represent me and ask them a litany of whys.  Why are we allowing corporations to poison our earth, water, food, and air? Why are we burning fossil fuels irresponsibly when we're told there is a limited supply and concerns about climate change? Why are airplanes spraying us with heavy metals everyday? Why are we allowing corporations (big pharma) to poison us?  And I'm not sure if I'll even get real answers or if I will be given more platitudes and rationalizations.  These are the kinds of concerns we could expect with Mars representing the everyday person verses Pluto representing big government and corporations.  And if Pluto in Capricorn is supposed to bring transformation to these old dinosaur structures, then why haven't I witnessed any real changes?

On the other hand, I could focus on the pleasant flowing aspects happening now which there are many.  They include, a Jupiter trine to Chiron, Venus sextile Jupiter, Venus trine Pluto, a Full Moon in Sagittarius at the end of the week, Jupiter sextile Juno in Taurus, Jupiter trine Saturn in water signs and Mercury sextile Pallas in Virgo.  We also have transits slowing us down if not outright placing stop signs on our paths.  These include, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury retrograde, Vesta inconjunct Chiron, Juno inconjunct Vesta, and Venus inconjunct Mars.We also started out the month with a yod with Venus in Taurus, Mars in Libra and Neptune in Pisces which stretches out into the 2nd week of June.  Could there be a standoff in personal relationships due to delusional thinking? Are we being real when relating to others or projecting our fantasies on to our partners and friends?

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings us hope as does Venus' short transit in her own sign Taurus as well as, the Mercury in Cancer wide trine with Neptune in Pisces.  On one hand, we want to write our political leaders and demand better treatment of the earth, the resources and humanity, but on the other hand, we want to retreat and lick our wounds or go deeper spiritually.  We definitely know what's not working and we're ready to invent, pioneer, and innovate new solutions to age old problems so we can all get to the next step in our collective evolution.  And as I suggested in previous posts, now is not a time of action, but a time of stepping back and viewing the whole picture.  It's not a time to talk to the air but a time to engage in real dialogue which isn't easy to do with Mercury retrograde.  We find ourselves repeating ourselves or we feel that no one hears what we are saying.

And yet, with Saturn and Neptune retrograde (Saturn goes direct in July), we also feel like we don't have the stamina to move forward and we prefer to sleep in and entertain the messages in our nightly dreams.  Which isn't such a bad idea considering many inventions derived from the dream state! The three lessons I see in all of this still have to do with owning our shadows (collective and individual), developing self-love, and reaching the conclusion that the concept of separation is an illusion.  I believe that the planets teach us these lessons, but we first must toss out all our distractions and listen with intent and purpose.

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