Monday, June 9, 2014

Retreat, Read & Retread (June's Planetary Energies)

Many of you have already figured out that the June energies are asking us to retreat from everyday life.  We are asked to review past events, regroup and reassess while taking time to read spiritual or self-help books.  Time to dig through that pile of wish list books, visit a library or better yet, a spiritual retreat center.

With Neptune, Saturn and Mercury in Retrograde we feel like procrastinating and we might even beat ourselves up and call ourselves lazy.  But that's not what's going on.  The planets ask us to delve more deeply into our newborn selves and to take this month to ask hard questions.  Why are we pursuing certain goals and dreams? Are those even our dreams or someone else' such as a parent, friend, spouse or authority figure?

Many people focus on manifesting fame, wealth  or at least recognition in their communities.  And by focusing on those trappings, they lose sense of themselves and their connection to the Divine or Source or God (whatever you want to call it).  And while I'm not going to wax religion here (I'm not religious), if we pursue outer trappings instead of seeking happiness within or foster the close relationships in our lives, we lose the thread and end up lost in a labyrinth.

And having walked several labyrinths, I can tell you that the only way out is to trust our instincts, and take one slow step at a time.  So why not use this retrograde period (several planets moving backwards) to find our true path in life. Of course, for any of you who feel fulfilled and content, you're on top of your game. But those of you who manifested your dreams and still feel empty, now is the time to regroup and reconnect with a higher source.  This is not a time to escape with alcohol or street drugs. This is not a time to go shopping and lose yourself in a shopping mall while maxing your credit cards nor is this a time to gamble, especially because none of us are thinking clearly with both Neptune and Mercury retrograde and taking responsibility is also challenging when Saturn is retrograde.  Pluto is also retrograde and Chiron turns retrograde later in the month.  It's up to us to find some discipline but not in physical work but in daily meditation.

With the Sun in Gemini many of us think we have all the answers.  We might even smugly tell others in some way or the other that we have the answers.  The truth is we don't and the misinformation we are doling out like candy these days will lead to missteps and more calamity on the planet.  Face it, us humans have really done a number on the planet and we don't know how to fix or clean up the damage so we do even more damage.  We are sailing on a ship of fools and no one wants to admit it.  Gemini and Mercury represent tricksters who think they know it all or the smarty pants in all of us.

So before we point the finger at a public figure who has messed up or been caught with his or her hands in the candy jar, look in the mirror.  Everything we witness outside of us has roots in our subconscious mind.  We are all collectively creating the reality of chaos that surrounds us.  And it seems on some days that there are too many of us involved in writing the dramatic script that lacks a plot, truthful characters, and the believability factor. And yet, we get sucked into the drama while not recognizing it as illusions fabricated by our collective minds.

With Neptune and Mercury in retrograde, let's take some time to ponder those heavy thoughts.  How are each of us contributing to the mayhem on the planet? Are we using low-frequency words, entertaining low-vibrational thoughts and treating others with disrespect? How do we treat ourselves? Believe it, that matters too.  What's our self-talk like? Do we put ourselves down? When we put ourselves down, we put everyone else down too.  Playing small serves no one and self-betrayal comes back to haunt us.  Gemini is about the thinking process and now is a time to reassess how we use the power of thought and collectively how this power of thought shapes the world that we witness everyday.

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