Friday, June 13, 2014

Neptune Types Part 2--Girls and Boys Wearing Space Boots

You dreamy, mystical Neptuneittes (just coined the word) welcome to the land of space boots and mystical visions.  Unlike your Virgo polarity, you don't pay much attention to details and people often diagnose you with ADD or ADHD, if they want to sound more technical.  But what's really going on in your section of the Zodiac Wheel?

If you have Pisces Rising, Sun or Moon or Neptune on the MC (top of the chart), then you qualify as a Neptune type. If you have a stellium of planets in Pisces or in the 12th House you also qualify as a Neptune type and often times you feel out of sync with the world.  The drummer marching to a different beat isn't Aquarius, but Pisces, except you're not marching, you're floating.

It's not true that Pisces can't hold down a job or that many of them end up in the breadline or the detox facility because they don't cope well with modern living.  Well, I've actually known both types of Pisces, the kind who flourish at their careers, successfully raise a family, and bring healing to their communities and the other kind who lose their footing and have trouble getting back up.  But this doesn't imply that Pisces deserves to be viewed as wishy-washy, alcoholic, and a victim-martyr, even though they've carried this reputation around for centuries.  The 12th House ruled by Neptune and Pisces was called the "House of Undoing" for centuries, but now we label it the house of transcendence or "leave me alone while I claim my spiritual inheritance."

Pisces are natural caretakers and they're sponge-like hearts and minds absorb other people's dramas and traumas, leaving Pisces tipping back the bottle of booze or pill-popping.  But it doesn't have to be this way if Pisces learns to set boundaries and use their discriminatory skills of their Virgo polarity, meaning they discriminate a toxic and a healthy situation.  Pisces' greatest lesson is to stop fixing others or thinking they came to the planet to rescue others (dogs, cats or people).  They project their own weaknesses and suffering on to others then roll up the sleeves of their red cross nurse outfits.

The best drama for Pisces appears on the stage underneath a spotlight.  Most Pisces are gifted in the fine and performing arts.  Pisces rules dance, cinema, photography and music.  I would bet it also rules figure skating and the romantic couple dance figure skating with those shimmery costumes and nifty choreography that leaves us gasping like fish out of water. Which brings me to the aquamarine side of Pisces, these folks love to be on, in or under the water. Combine the sea, conservation and photography, and we just described the Pisces heaven.

Use that famous compassion for intuitive coaching, psychic work, energy healing, music therapy, bedside music (for hospices and hospitals), animal communication or arts therapy.  When a Pisces empowers themselves they inspire others to do the same.  They must remember to retreat now and again, especially to a spiritual retreat center near the ocean or a lake.  They find balance in yoga, mediation, Tai Chi and other relaxing movement practices.  Sound healing is a good practice for them too and Pisces often have beautiful singing voices with healing tones.

From 2011 until 2025, Neptune transits in Pisces so this gives us double the spaciness, double the vision, double the compassion, and double the addictions and escapism.  Also we keep hearing that the end of the Pisces Age awaits us and some astrologers act like we have already entered the Aquarius Age while some experts tell us that we won't enter the Aquarius Age for another 100 to 200 years, so don't listen to the song by the Fifth Dimension ("Age of Aquarius") for your cues, even if Jupiter lines up with Mars (which it does all the time) and in the past year it lined up with Mars in a Grand Cardinal Square!

So my dear Pisces-Neptune types, we must stay sober because we have much work to do in the area of spiritual awakening (which isn't the same as waking up with a hangover the next morning after spending time with liquid spirits) and your compassion is required.  However, you must also learn to set boundaries and stick with them. You require to love your soul as the teacher Sonia Choquette says on her radio shows.  The true lesson for you is that through self-love you love everyone.  Isn't that what you've been getting at all along with Unity Consciousness? That's your big trip, Unity Consciousness but you must practice what you preach or no one will hear you.

Let's end with a song for Pisces and we could even call this your theme song.  I won't keep you long because your mermaids and dolphins await your Neptune space boy or girl presence.  Remember this, life gives back to you what you give to the world, but the world will only consider you if you consider yourself.  You matter a lot.

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