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July 2014 Forecast--Dragons of Luxury & Abundance Loose Upon the World

The image I see for July 2014 is a bowling ball gaining momentum, lining up and hitting its target.  The other image I see revolves around fire breathing dragons coming out of their caves and sleeping in the grass among sparkling jewels.  

For most people, July represents the proverbial ship carrying treasures arriving at the port.

In July, Mercury gains momentum in the forward direction where it transits over the shadow of the retrograde until the 18th after Mercury arrives in Cancer.  Venus rolls into Cancer on the 19th, giving us Mercury conjunct Venus (wide orb of 6 degrees) in the nurturing Water Sign that also heralds the launch into summer.  Mars finally moves out of Libra into Scorpio on July 27, Jupiter transits into Leo on the 17th (July 17 - 20 is an active time), then Saturn goes Direct on the 20th and Uranus goes retrograde two days later.  Anyone who has felt stuck or stagnant for the past few months gets a push forward now, with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn calling the shots once again.

By the month's end all the outer planets and Chiron retrograde causing us to do inner transformational work on a planetary or generational level.  We review any progress we made during the periods when the planets moved forward so with Neptune, we revisit our dream life and our dreams we desire to manifest into the physical reality.  We reassess whether we still believe in these dreams as we stand in the wake of transformation and consciousness shifts.  Many people will find that they buried their old dreams in favor of new ones based on their new perceptions.  Those of you who pursued material dreams, might opt out of them now and pursue spiritual paths.  And those of you exclusively on a spiritual path for the past months or years, reenter the mundane material world to test out new tools and skills.

When Uranus goes retrograde we reassess the parts of our lives where we feel inventive or futuristic.  We scrutinize those products or services we created in the past months on all levels.  Are these inventions marketable or are they actually effective or just pipe dreams?  We reflect on where humanity is heading and our roles in this new society we are creating.  We reassess activist and grass root campaigns and their effectiveness.  Less people will feel like donating to causes during this time as they question their motives and own plans.  People will even question the motives of activist organizations finding their messages heavy-handed during the next 6 months.  Uranus goes direct on December 21st around the Solstice.

When Pluto retrogrades we delve even deeper into the realm of the collective consciousness and our subconscious. What's lurking in there? We face our shadows, but we do this privately and are less likely to share our experiences online or offline.  Pluto retrograde forces us to go underground and observe the world from a distance.  We could see the glass as half empty and the world as completely mad.  Be careful not to fall into pessimism during this time.  Pluto goes direct on September 22nd around the Equinox.

So now, let's take a quick look at the personal planets along with Jupiter and Saturn because we're going to feel a lot of changes entering our lives now in every area.  My Spirit Guides tell me that the speed of events picks up momentum now and dreams we never thought possible manifest so quickly that we could lose our footing if we're not careful.  After Mercury goes Direct on June 30, it spends 12 days in Gemini and then transits into nurturing Cancer.  Meanwhile, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter transit in Cancer, with Jupiter heading into Leo on the 19th.  With this many planets in Cancer, it's a good idea to read about the Zodiac Sign of Cancer to get an idea of how we will communicate with, love, and nurture others during this time.

Please revisit

The biggest news is that Mars moves out of Libra (where it has transited for 7 months), into Scorpio.  We will feel that we have more energy now to pursue our dreams, but we must not act rash or impulsive or we could scare our dreams away.  While Libra gives us a sense of balance and diplomacy, Scorpio feels pushy. However, when Mars falls in its traditional sign (Scorpio), we grow more passionate about our dreams and life just feels sexier.  Just watch out for vengeful feelings or coming on too strong towards the more sensitive types.  Ironically, Scorpios are a sensitive type.  For most of us, this change of signs for Mars will put wind under our sails that propel our projects forward, especially if we have done the work behind the scenes since last Fall (December 2013) when Mars moved into Libra.

The next big news story revolves around Jupiter changing signs as the benevolent planet moves into sunny Leo where it transits for the next 12 months. Cancerians say good bye to their 12 months of good fortune and Leos get ready to receive a bounty for the next year.  Of course, look for any planets in your chart that fall in Leo, even progressed planets as those areas of your life receive a boost in the right direction. For instance, I don't have any planets in Leo, except for my progressed Sun which falls in my 8th House of other people's resources.  But I will have to wait around 10 months to see any results since my progressed Sun is at 27 degrees Leo.  However, my Solar Return Moon falls in the early degrees of Leo so it will be interesting for me to see how that plays out.

With Jupiter in Leo we can expect to see more enthusiasm but also posturing in the world.  We work harder to keep our egos in check, but we can also experience greater self-love and practice generosity with others.  We will focus on the theatrical stage more and Broadway plays will reap rewards during this Jupiter transit. The media focuses on royalties and celebrities and more people pay attention to movie award ceremonies or flock to the cinema or other performances.  In fact, even regional theaters can see a boost in ticket sales.  The book publishing industry spends most of their efforts on celebrity authors, though celebrity biographies could actually bomb and not do as well as predicted.  The public will feel that there's too much hot air with the biographies.  The main caution here is that Jupiter only remains in Leo for a year which means that when Jupiter transits into Virgo the summer of 2015 many balloons will bust and many dreams based on superficiality run out of steam.  It's like discovering that the Wizard behind the curtain is just an everyday man with a bag of tricks that he doesn't even trust.

Also in the astrological news for July, Saturn moves Direct which keeps Jupiter energies in check.  Saturn reminds us that all dreams require structure and realism.  Saturn comes as the dream tester and part of those tests come as challenges, trials and tribulations.  Oh yeah, so you want this dream to manifest but will you put in the effort? When things get tough, will you give up too soon? Will you rely upon the wisdom you have gained so far or give your power away to authority?  Saturn reminds us to act as our own authority, especially if we are above a certain age, at least 28.  Saturn in Scorpio moving direct for the next several months (changes signs this December) asks us to go deep to find and then launch our dreams into the world.  Remember these three words: Discipline, Responsibility and Accountability.

Finally, Uranus goes retrograde on July 23rd with a 5 degree orb square with Pluto also retrograde and an on-going inconjunct with Saturn.  Expect less surprises, but more time to reflect on sudden events that occurred when Uranus was moving forward.  It is not time to lick wounds over losses, but to clean up the debris from those losses and take this time to build a solid foundation.  With Uranus in a weaker position and Saturn moving direct we have a better chance of setting our transformed lives in motion.  It's as if Uranus takes a summer holiday and we disembark from the roller coaster.  Even more adventurous types take a rest.

Because we have so many planets changing signs and directions in July, those of you with personal planets in Cancer, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius (Jupiter), Scorpio and Libra would benefit from having your transits read by a professional astrologer or intuitive coach. Anyone with Natal Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio, Sun, Mercury, Venus in Cancer, or Mars in Libra or Scorpio also benefit from a transit reading for the next six months.

Since I have written a long post on the planetary shifts for July, I will cover actual aspects in upcoming posts.  Happy sailing in July!

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