Monday, June 2, 2014

Sun in Gemini and Mercury RX--Crisscross Communication

Twins by Patricia Herlevi

Sun in Gemini until June 21
Mercury Retrograde June 7-30
Mercury in Cancer June 1-16
Mercury in Gemini June 16- July13

Normally when the Sun transits in the Air Sign Gemini, people seem more chatty and communication flows.  However, starting June 7th, Mercury goes retrograde in the Sign of Cancer then backtracks into Gemini, Mercury's sign.

Our focus is on telecommunication corporations, lack of service, internet laws, internet access, cell phones, landlines and the media.  In our personal lives, we experience frustration in communication wires getting crossed in personal and professional relationships.  Phone or e-mail messages get lost, voice mail malfunctions, planes, trains and buses experience delays depending on the speed of our personal frequency.  Those people vibrating closer to the fear frequency will experience the most dastardly communication malfunctions while people vibrating at higher frequencies, will turn off their computers and phones then take a vacation from everyday stress.

On the other hand, long-awaiting messages and mail will show up.  Delays from previous communication will finally end and travel when it is about returning to a place lived at or visited previously will go smoothly.  Old friends show up for us to heal connections and let them go, or to reunite under new circumstances.  Past loves could come up in the mind or physical reality for release as well.  Remember the saying, "Set your love free and it will return back to you"?  It's liberation time.  Surrender your thoughts and thought forms to a higher consciousness.  And though it is a real challenge with Gemini energy to let go, surrender anyway.  Surrender that you don't know everything. Surrender that you don't have the solution to solve a world problem.  Surrender that you're not always right and it's okay.  Surrender your thoughts so that you can feel the emotions in other parts of your body.

Gemini, a dualistic sign focuses on the mental and learning process.  It also has playful energy and loves to work with the hands. Gemini flirts with words or by showing off his or her many interests to anyone who has an ear to listen.  But listening and hearing aren't the same thing and sometimes we get lost in Gemini tangents or avoid the Gemini shadow which is a dark and cranky mood.  Some Gemini's because they are too mental end up with mental illnesses and yes, I've known a few Geminis suffering from mental breakdowns or conditions. Some of them diagnose themselves with ADHD or whatever mental condition is trending in the media at the moment.  I don't get that, but then I deal more with emotions then mental processes.

We know Mercury as the communication planet, but this planet has another identity--that of the trickster.  When dealing with Mercury we experience the androgynous part of ourselves or the Mercurial spirit that's up to his or her old tricks.  So then it is it any wonder that the only time a planet causes havoc when it retrogrades is with Mercury? Pluto or Saturn retrograde doesn't cause computers to breakdown or internet service to slow down or mail to get lost.  I once received a package of CDs from US post that had been run over by a mail truck when Mercury was retrograde.  I found tire tracks on the torn package and all the jewel boxes were shattered, as you would imagine.

In June 1991 when Mercury was retrograde I flew to Chicago to catch a flight to London, England.  The Chicago flight was delayed because the mechanics changed the brakes on the plane.  We sat on the plane for over an hour while this process took place then when I arrived in London an hour or two later then expected, my relatives chastised me for making them wait.  Looking back, that was actually funny.  I also was looking for a restroom in the airport and didn't know that WC meant water closet or toilets.  I passed by tons of those and kept asking for the bathroom or loo. Mercury was having a ball with me.

However, this June, I'm asking each of you to remember to breathe.  Schedule less activities in your day and expect delays and breakdowns of the mechanical nature, but also with communication.  Have patience since this will all pass by quickly (Mercury is quick silver). The most frustrating is the week before the retrograde (1st week of June) and the week after Mercury goes direct (first week of July).  Communicate clearly and ask people to repeat what you just said so you know they're on the same page.  Return phone calls and don't leave people waiting and wondering.  And if you haven't received a response for e-mail or voice mails you left, contact those people again.  Chances are your voice mail or e-mails ended up in the wrong place. And last, but not least, have a sense of humor.

Now, would be a good time to work with your hands whether that's playing a musical instrument or building or making art objects, furniture, clothing, etc...If you feel extra nervous or irritated, get out and go for a walk. Journal instead of talking someone's ear off on the phone or texting someone to death.  Don't talk just to hear your lovely voice and decide what point you wish to get across before approaching your conversation partner.  Go see a talky movie or watch one on a DVD (not over the internet which will keep crashing or take too long to download anything).

But mostly, breathe, breathe and breathe. And clear your throat chakra with toning or voice work.

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