Friday, June 13, 2014

Provocative Astrology & Sage Wisdom

In ancient time, astrologers and sages were rolled into one.  Astrologers played the role of reporter too by letting the aristocrats know what fate awaited them.  So in this regard, here is a sage astrologer Kelley Rosano as she strikes out with the sword of truth.  Go girl!

The message with the Sagittarius Moon revolves around speaking our truth, but even better, living our truth.  For me, the awakening came when I decided to pursue the path of happiness. If it doesn't make me happy, then I'm tossing it out.

I don't know Kelley's Sun Sign, but I'm guessing she's an Aries with some planets in Taurus.  She's definitely a warrior.

The video was removed from YouTube or from the embedding feature. Look up "Kelley Rosano, Sagittarius Full Moon" to pull up the video.

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