Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Singleton Venus Memoir--Reflection of an Unaspected Retrograde Venus in the Sixth House

photography by Patricia Herlevi
Venus usually represents charm, diplomacy, romance and enjoying abundance.  She represents beauty, sexuality and sensuality, but a Singleton Venus transiting retrograde offers a new twist to an old story. I'll share my Venus story here knowing that many women relate to it.

Unaspected retrograde Venus affecting me in the following ways:

In my early childhood to adolescence I was a tomboy.  I played with dolls and other girl toys, but I also climbed trees, rode horses, played kickball and baseball with the neighborhood children.  I loved spending time outdoors though spring hay fever put a damper on that.  Venus in the 6th House which rules health and in my case respiratory health (Venus in Gemini) kept me indoors.  Doing housework worsened my allergies and I suffered from asthma too.  When I was ten, a boy pushed me off a table in art class, causing me to fracture my wrist (Gemini).

Photography by Patricia Herlevi
As a teen, I fantasized about dating boys I had crushes on, but I was too thin and shy to attract their attention.  They dated the Aphrodite types anyway.  I escaped into writing poetry, music, and eventually photography.  In my senior year of high school, I was a journalist and photographer for the school paper. Before I entered my senior year, I met a young woman at work (a tulip bulb factory) who was engaged to get married.  I told her about my situation with boys and she predicted that I would finally meet a partner in college, though that did not happen.  I encountered men who were attracted to me, but I didn't feel any attraction for them.  I took on an Artemis archetype by this point giving off an air of independence. I thought I would serve the world in some way (Venus in the 6th).  I took several art classes in college and fell in love with photography, but wanted to become a rock star.

In my 20s and 30s, I had several short-term boyfriends, but I didn't feel mature enough to make a commitment nor did they.  I read about shamanism, medicine women, and delved deeper into goddess archetypes, especially Artemis.  I entertained the idea of healing the world in some way, but I didn't know how.  I had an interest in cinema and music so I pursued journalistic endeavors in this area thinking I could serve the world in this way or through writing screenplays.  I dabbled in astrology.

Photography by Patricia Herlevi
Turning 50 this week and when I look back at my 40s, I notice that this began my journey to self-love.  I'm now able to look back at my past through the lens of an unaspected retrograde Venus.  I use photography, music, writing and astrology to heal others.  I feel inspired to play the role of an intuitive coach for artists because of my background in the arts.  Most of my spiritual teachers have been women and my deepest friendships are with women.  I believe that I have finally integrated Venus into my life.  I notice the importance of beauty in my life and of sensual experiences as I re-enter my body and spend less time in mind.  I prioritize healthy food and spending time in nature with my camera as my closest companion.  I also developed the gift of animal communication and I hope to take this gift further down a path.

My goal with this post isn't to brag out my accomplishments, but to share my Venus experience with others going through similar experiences.  Many of us have singleton planets in our charts and these planets provide life lessons for us to master.  It reminds me of students who take extra credits in high school or college.  And all our experiences lead us to wisdom for our souls.  By the time we reach midlife and if we do the work, singleton planets and yods provide blessings.  They add color to our uniqueness and in that way they act as gifts.

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