Thursday, June 5, 2014

Deep Breathing Required---Mercury Stationary RX & Other Tense Transits

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Some of you felt like a wrecking ball crashed your party and the restful days of May hardly sufficed as giving you time to heal past events.I'm picking up chaotic energy and not just because Mercury is preparing for the backward dance.  Back in April, we experienced intense transits mainly with the two eclipses and the Cardinal Grand Cross as well as, the T-Crosses as we moved into the Grand Square.

May felt restful to some of us, those mainly who put in the efforts towards self-love, claiming shadows/projections and soul integration.  But not everyone on the planet has chosen these paths of mastership and some are hardly prepared to step on these paths at all.  So we have witnessed murder and mayhem literally on the planet.  We have witnessed corporations placing strangle holds on the everyday person and this seems to grow worse with each passing day.  We have witnessed insanity in the name of commerce, healthcare, food distribution and the surreal in every industry on the planet.  No crumb has been left untouched.  And in April, all of this blank hit the proverbial fan in such a way that no one could ignore the elephant sitting in the coffee table any longer.

So then along came May, all and all a pleasant month for some of us, but some tension still buzzed in the background and grew louder as May moved into June.  In June we started out with Saturn and Pluto RX, Mercury slowing down to go RX and day after Mercury goes RX, Neptune joins the backwards dance.  So not only do the majority of us feel dazed and confused (both Neptune and Mercury can do this to us), some of us are still healing wounds and losses from April.  Many people are still on the defensive or questioning why the world is the way it is because honestly much of what we hear in the news does not make sense.  It's like humanity has lost the little common sense it had left!

photo by Patricia Herlevi
So as Mercury and Neptune go retrograde, consider meditation as a daily respite and time to connect with the Divine.  Admit it, we don't have the answers, but the Divine does.  Humility, compassion and tolerance are called for now and in large doses.  The message of forgiveness also comes up and some of us have more to forgive than others.  Since we're talking about planets in retrograde (4 this month + Chiron later in June), it is time to return to our past and dig out all that stuff to release and forgive.  We all know that forgiveness doesn't equal letting someone off the hook.  But it does imply that we let ourselves off the hook and that we no longer wish to carry people and circumstances around like a ball and chain.  Picture that image and you'll see what I mean.

Saturn RX gives us time to reassess the responsibilities in our lives, including work, family, and leadership roles.  Mercury RX asks us to go back and revise how we communicate, edit old text, clean out old e-mails from accounts or close e-mail accounts entirely if you have several. It's a time to simplify all forms of communication and in Cancer, it also means reading food labels carefully since ingredients might have changed or a product you have been eating all along has allergens or GMO ingredients that you didn't notice until now.  Mercury in Cancer RX also has to do with how we relate to our mothers and how we communicate mothering towards ourselves and others.  When Mercury transits into Gemini, we look at how the media communicates and we'll do our own research and find factual errors.  Or we might find several conflicting news stories about the same event.

With Neptune RX, it's time to reexamine our spiritual yearnings and even our spiritual practices of the past.  Would we like to return to dream interpretation, working with totem animals, rejoin a religious or spiritual group or revisit past lives? All of these scenarios are possible when Neptune is RX in its own sign Pisces.  It's also time to examine our views on death, imprisonment, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and the dissolution of matter. For those of you suffering from addictions, now is a good time to reach out for help and detox from destructive or self-sabotaging habits.  Add Chiron RX to the mix and we clear away roots of our suffering from childhood, knowing that we can never fully heal a Chiron wound, but we can make peace with it.  Accept what we cannot change and find inner peace is the message here.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Pluto RX gives us a respite from the two bad boy planets Uranus and Pluto butting heads and scheming against each other.  However, that doesn't mean we don't work behind the scenes in building new sustainable structures in every area of our lives and throughout the planet.  Now, is the time to also clean up messes behind the scenes, make apologies or amends and practice the arts of regeneration and transmutation.  Have you ever worked with Archangel Zadkiel's Violet Flame? Now, there's a powerful transmutation.

Anyway, I ask you to play with the themes in this post and do your own brainstorming and pulling threads together.  If you require rest and rejuvenation then find the time to do that in June.  Don't push against the retrograde planets since these will cause you even more stress.  Now, is not the time to launch new projects or businesses because that is like building a city on an active volcano.  I know as we moved away from Mars RX, we're all rearing to go in a new direction, including me, but this isn't the time.  Wait until July after Mercury goes direct or when Saturn moves direct on July 20 and Mars transits into Scorpio on July 27.  I realize that this is a long wait for some of you, if not most of you.  However, now is the time to get everything in order, do research, edit material, and complete old projects so that you can make room for new energy.

Mostly, now is a time to prepare the ground for spiritual growth and in the months ahead we have plenty of opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  Humanity has the opportunity to mature to the next level, but first let's get our ducks in order.

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