Monday, February 22, 2016

Pisces Solar Eclipse (March 8, 2016)--1, 2, 3...All Together Now

March 2016 starts off on a murky note with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces landing on the 8th. And with all this Mutable power charging up the new moon chart, expect change. Better to go with the flow than to fight the currents and with this irreversible change (like one door closing and locking behind us), best to keep our eyes on the prize that glimmers on the horizon.

Besides the moon and sun floating in the surreal Pisces, Neptune, Ceres, Chiron and the South Node also swim in the confusion. Saturn and Mars transit in Sagittarius, and the North Node and Jupiter transit in Virgo. Well, that's more Mutable energy than usual, and come May when personal planets sail into Gemini, we visit a Mutable Grand Square so perhaps this Pisces Solar Eclipse (new moon) foreshadows the May transits (as well as, the Saturn Neptune squares coming up this summer).

Pisces Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are most affected by this Solar Eclipse and Virgo falls in second place experiencing the oppositions from several planets and asteroids. Could you be gleaning spiritual lessons from the ancient plan and swimming through intangibles? Perhaps you experience spiritual epiphanies or breakdowns caused by addiction that forced you to face wounds that require healing now.

Speaking of Pisces, those of us with our Chiron in Pisces from 18 to 25 degrees experience Chiron Returns this year. However, those of us with our Chiron at 18 to 19 degrees complete our return by the end of March. However, if you're like me and have Chiron at 18 and 19 degrees, the Solar Eclipse is going to ask us if we have gleaned our lessons.

If we take a look at the Pisces Solar Eclipse chart set for Seattle and Standard Pacific Time, we notice a cluster of planets starting with Venus in Aquarius and then a whopping Stellium pulling in Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, moon, sun and Chiron. This powerful Pisces energy which wants to dissolve what it touches, opposes Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and squares Saturn in Sagittarius and then this chart also pulls in Mars but this planet is only dipping its toes into Sagittarius at one degree. Still, it's Mars and as far as personal planets go, Mars kicks up red dust in the Sign of the Centaur.

Meanwhile, as this is going on, Uranus squares Pluto with a one degree orb, but at least Pluto has that trine with Jupiter/North Node and the sextile with the Pisces Stellium. I look at this chart and I see flashes of Fellini in my mind's eye. Life isn't going to make sense from a mundane state of mind and we're going to feel like we just landed in the Land of Oz, sans the tornado. People with heavy Mutable Signs in their charts (born in the 1960s or 1990s--2008) are going to experience the dissolution of the area of your life where you have Pisces on the cusps.

I'm going to repeat an image I used in a video from the past summer transits (I think it was the Solar Eclipse in Virgo) when I describe walking through a door and the door locking behind us and then we only have the option of walking through the next door. Chapters complete themselves; entire books end now and we find ourselves grappling with new life circumstances, which again depends on where the Pisces transits occur in your chart. Remember Pisces is the endpoint. So the question is where we heading next?

Cardinal Signs, we still have the Uranus and Pluto square bringing the wrecking ball type transformation to your lives. And I would ask you all to become proactive now. What are you dreaming about? And why aren't you pursuing those dreams? If you're trying to play it safe or do the practical thing, then here comes the wrecking ball to get you on your true path. And it's not easy and actually this is usually a painful passage which will take place now for those of you with 16 to 19 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. But you also have Jupiter and the North Node giving you a boost and Capricorn and Cancer at least benefit from the Pisces Stellium. Like I said earlier, now is the time to walk away from whatever isn't working for you and pursue your dreams, no matter how scary they appear.

I wouldn't be an astrologer now had Uranus not come crashing down my defenses in 2011 through 2012. And my Pluto transits relocated me to a new city. I have friends who got divorced or separated during these transits (especially people with their sun, moon, or ascendant in the 6 to 12 degree range). We had the double whammy of the exact Uranus Pluto Square and often during Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

However, I'm most concern with using this energy to awaken humanity to the love that grows inside us. It's time to put away our differences and see what we have in common. Otherwise, we're going to see aggression coming from intolerance and ignorance as in fundamentalist extremists around this eclipse. We could also witness the intensity of Climate Change since we aren't listening to Neptune's message about curbing our use of fossil fuels (which has increased and not decreased) and fracking to provide natural gas (nothing natural about it).

Meanwhile, Chiron is telling us to go back to those childhood wounds and deal with them now as adults. Some of us have pieces of ourselves frozen in the moment of traumatic events and it's time to work with qualified therapists to unfreeze these parts of us and ultimately set ourselves free. Stop telling the same stories and expecting different results. Get the healing you require and many insurances will pay for this therapy too.

Personally, I'm not looking forward the the Pisces Solar Eclipse and I don't know how to plaster a happy face on it. The message is healer heal thy self. We inspire others when we heal ourselves and this eclipse tells us to stop acting like victims and carry the sword of a warrior which is integrity and compassion for ourselves and others.

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