Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Astrology Downloads--Uranus in Aries = Brain Science Discoveries

While brain science has been around for a while now, it has reached the masses during the Uranus in Aries transit (which ends in 2019). We have experienced breakthroughs using new technology such as brain imaging which has played a huge role in music consciousness as well as, in preventing brain diseases.

And since Uranus/Aquarius is the opposite of Sun/Leo in the Zodiac, scientists have also discovered the electromagnetic energy of the heart and how it's more powerful than the brain's electromagnetic field, as seen in Gregg Braden's videos (of his workshops).

In case you're wondering what Aries has to do with it, this Zodiac Sign rules the head, and Uranus rules the brain and our intellectual propensity. Uranus rules technology and unexpected breakthroughs. Many of the brain science discoveries have proved shocking and books about the brain such as books by Bruce Lipton have led to new therapies that clear away clutter in our subconscious minds which lead to liberation (Aquarius/Uranus).

Here's a video by Bruce Lipton:

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