Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Astrology Downloads--Venus in Sagittarius Cleanse Liver

marshes are the liver of the earth, photo by Patricia Herlevi
It seems like I'm waking up with spiritual downloads every other morning now. This morning I received urgent spiritual messages for people with Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini to take care of their liver health. I also received messages for people with Mars in Sagittarius and Gemini (this does include me), to do a liver cleanse and make necessary lifestyle changes now.

The reason for this is when Saturn transits in Sagittarius (until December 2017), it conjuncts Venus and Mars in Sagittarius, opposes Venus and Mars in Gemini, and squares Venus and Mars in Virgo and Pisces. So people with Mars or Venus in Virgo or Pisces, listen up as well. So clean up habits such as eating excessive fried foods, animal fats, recreational drug use and alcohol consumption because these activities are harming your liver now. We are also exposed to air pollution, impure water, and tainted food, as well as, exposure to chemically-laced house cleaning and personal hygiene products which end up in the liver.

The first thing to do is begin changing these habits now. Incidentally, by changing these habits you speed up your ascension process too. Second thing to do is to visit your doctor and ask if you can switch from prescription drugs to alternative natural products and practices, such as changing your diet. Also ask your health practitioner for guidance on cleansing the liver and colon (crucial now).

Now for some of you not too familiar with astrology, you wonder what the Saturn transit in Sagittarius has to do with a liver cleanse, right? Sagittarius and Jupiter rule the liver and the liver is the main organ that detoxifies the body, but it can't do its job when it's filled with fatty foods, toxins from the air, water, and lifestyle choices. When the liver is overwhelmed, the other organs try to make up for the imbalance and they too create disease in the body. So in essence a problem with the lungs could be connected to an imbalanced liver as I learned during the years I sought acupuncture treatment for my lungs and migraines.

Saturn restricts, constricts and this does include youth and vitality. So if you're using your liver as a dumping ground, not paying attention to your health and then Saturn comes along, expect illness to occur because it usually does, especially with older folks who haven't cleansed their livers. In other words, Saturn asks us to take responsibility for our health and take a disciplined approach to taking care of our bodies.

Jupiter (which rules the liver) is transiting in Virgo until September 2016. Virgo is a sign that scrutinizes and discerns. It also rules the daily environment (such as cleaning up chemicals out of the daily work and living environments) and it rules overall health. Here it points to liver health. And the death of David Bowie from liver cancer does have a universal message because of its timing with the current planetary transits (Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter/North Node in Virgo).

Now, for those of you with your Mars in either Gemini or Sagittarius, you'll know that your liver is unhealthy when you stuff your anger into this organ. And how do you know you're stuffing or repressing anger? People come into your life and push your buttons to get you to feel anger or they lash out at you with aggression and or violence. You notice and encounter more people with anger management issues. This could refer to an inflamed liver and my Guides are showing me a multitude of inflamed livers on the planet--it's an epidemic right now.

Symptoms: Hepatitis or liver cancer in extreme cases, cirrhosis of the liver for people who have an alcohol or drug problem. Milder symptoms include, loss of control over emotions leading to outbursts of anger, anger management issues, head aches (tension and migraine), nausea, tenderness or pain around the liver, swelling in abdominal area, or jaundice. If you have any of those symptoms, obviously see a medical doctor. And it's not a bad idea to get the liver tested anyway even if you don't have any symptoms but have your Mars or Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini. And I would take care of this before late May when several planets transit into Gemini.

So the overall message here is to take a good look at your Natal Charts and see which personal planets you have in Mutable Signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces). Then take a good look at your daily lifestyle. Could you cut back on alcohol and recreational drug use (if not cut it out entirely)? Could you eat healthier (fresh fruits and vegetables as well as, vegetable fiber)? What are you doing for exercise? Sweating and getting the heart rate up cleanses the body. If you do make lifestyle changes now, do them in increments with medical supervision because if your liver is full of toxins you don't want to release it all at one time.

In fact, I did that one spring before visiting England for three months. I ended up with yellow skin, yellow stools, acne that wouldn't go away and the worst allergies of my lifetime. So before doing the cleanse, change your diet by cutting out alcohol, caffeine, fatty and fried foods. And yes, you will experience withdrawals. Then ask your doctor for liver cleansing guidance. You might have to seek out a natural doctor for this since conventional doctors just dump more prescription drugs into your liver, as if that helps matters.

So this ends my health-related download. And by the way, I'm included here since I have both Venus and Mars in Gemini, which means that as Saturn transits closer to my Venus at 22 Gemini, I too have to watch my diet. I have experienced pain in my liver or at least warning signs during the past months and I have a relatively healthy lifestyle, though it could use some improvement.

As the Earth ascends into higher dimensions, our bodies endure changes of frequency. Some of us will acclimate to those higher frequencies while others will choose to leave the planet at this time or in the near future. But it's like Esther Hicks and her channeled Abraham say, "You can't get there from there." If we wish to ascend, we must cleanse our bodies and clean up our lifestyles of lower density practices. You can find plenty of videos and blog articles on spiritual ascension so I'll leave it up to those writers and teachers to share their information with you.

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