Monday, February 29, 2016

Personalizing Astrology Transits (Outer Planets & Chiron)

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I wonder some times if I came into this life with my particular transits so that I could learn about astrology firsthand. I doubt there has ever been a dull moment in my adult life due to the configurations in my birth chart and planetary transits. It seems to me that I've never had a moment's rest given that six of my planets are in Mutable Signs, two in Cardinal, and two in Fixed all ranging from 4 to 22 degrees in my chart.

However, since 2008, when Pluto in Capricorn crashed through my South/North Nodes, deposited itself on my Capricorn AC, and then opposed my Sun/Mercury (2008-2012), I've witnessed the destruction of the structures I built in my life. Granted, those structures were mostly built from fear (not that Pluto helped me relax either). Perhaps Uranus, when it transited into Aries in 2011 did me a favor, except that I find that I battle with the two-headed monster of security verses freedom. This hasn't been the first time I've bounced from temporary home to temporary home, but it has been more challenging doing this in my fifties than when I was in my twenties and thirties. There aren't many shared homes available for people over forty-five, making me wish I could time travel back to my youth.

In 2012, when Neptune rolled into Pisces, this planet immediately set up home in my Mutable T-Cross. So now I had to keep my eye out for Cardinal and Mutable transits to my chart. I'm the kind of person who can roll with the punches and I realized I had a lot of childhood issues to still heal (wish they would just go away, already), but there have been days when I have curled up in fetal position and sobbed--rallying against my favorite planet, Neptune. Add that I've never experienced an eclipse where I didn't come unhinged emotionally since my Sun is ruled by Cancer (moon).

So why am I sharing all of this? I think it's because I relate to the clients coming my way who are also grappling with the Cardinal and Mutable transits which really are about shifting energy on the planet. It's obvious to me that everyone living through the Cardinal Transits especially are on the front line of change. I will refrain from using the phrase, holding the space, but essentially we are anchoring light through our bodies. Since our bodies are heavy in density, when this light comes through it brings up everything that isn't light. It's a detoxing process of darker energies that have become too comfortable for us. So when this old energy comes up and forces us to change our lives, we throw spiritual tantrums. We prefer the familiar suffering to the unknown emptiness. And some of the information about higher dimensions falls into the false hope category because I've lived through a string of disappointment and letdown my entire life.

Some spiritualists say that we came to the planet at this time with this mission in mind. I don't know if I believe this theory or not. I find myself questioning many spiritual teachers and teachings that I once took for granted. I find myself rebelling against their dogma. Yes, even new age teachers stuff dogma down my throat and feed my head with what I'm beginning to believe is pure nonsense. More and more I would rather tune into my own inner wisdom and stop listening to everyone else. But this leaves me in a quandary because aren't I here to teach too? And I guess the only wisdom I can teach is to tell people to tune into their own wisdom. And what is the real mission for all those "teachers" on YouTube, some of which I find are smug know-it-all's or fear-mongers posing as light workers.

See, this is where Neptune in Pisces leaves me standing. I work with what others have taught me while rebelling at the same time. Is this how Carl Jung felt when he rebelled against his teacher Sigmund Freud? I started channeling so I could bypass all the information from astrology text that I once memorized like a dutiful daughter of metaphysics. Is this what Neptune in Pisces is really about--dissolving old teachings and emptying ourselves out so that the real God can enter?

I'm curious to how Neptune in Pisces is affecting you. Please leave your experiences with Neptune in the comment section below. Think of this as research even if it's nebulous. With Neptune completing its tour of my Mutable T-Cross (2017), I can't balance a checkbook or plan my next career step without an aide de camp. It's lonely on the fringes of transcendence, but that's Neptune for you. I guess the alternative is to sit back and watch the illusions playing like movies on the big screen.

I'll leave you with this Neptune question. What is Your Truth? You don't have to tell me, but tell your truth to yourself. It might surprise you.

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