Monday, February 22, 2016

Libra Lunar Eclipse--Balancing Act (March 23, 2016)

We'll experience the last Lunar Eclipse in the Libra-Aries cycle on March 23, 2016, at least until the North Node moves into Aries, several years from now. However, this cycle ends on a powerful note with plenty of planetary congestion--imagine LA traffic.

I set the chart for Seattle or Standard Pacific Time. As you can see from this chart, a cluster of planets falls in the Second House, leading off with Neptune on the cusp in Pisces, followed by Venus, Ceres, Chiron in Pisces and then Mercury, Sun, and Uranus in Aries. The square with Uranus and Pluto is still present but widening the gap, and then Jupiter and the North Node gets entangled with Saturn in Sagittarius and Ceres conjunct Chiron in the form of a Mutable T-Square (we had better get used to them). And Venus and Neptune square Mars (Divine Feminine verses the old guard).

Meanwhile, Mars in Sagittarius and Sun/Mercury in Aries offer a Fire Trine (Mars sextiles the Moon in Libra); as does Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries so we're fired up with all this Mars energy, which is the overall theme of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. I feel that Cardinal Signs are going to feel this push in whatever area of the chart Aries and Libra rule (look on the cusps). Also look up Capricorn on the cusp.

We stand at another crossroads and we can tell two tales. The first one (the one I prefer) is about dissolving the status quo and healing ourselves so that we drop any masks and walk the road of our authentic selves. The other road revolves around wounded egos and everyone trying to grab his or her piece of the pie. The weaker or shadow side of Libra focuses on one-upping others through gossip, passive-aggression, or with violence. Even though Libra has a reputation for diplomacy and peacemaking, I have found that Libras have just as much of a warrior in them as Aries, except Aries is more upfront about its warrior energy.

A weak Libra person hides anger and resentment behind charm, which at times reminds me of those southern belles of old times--sugary sweet and lethal at the same time. This Lunar Eclipse brings out both sides of Libra and with so many planets in Pisces, forgiveness holds the key to healing during this transit. Libra Moon people are especially vulnerable to using charm to get their way at this time. Find out what's really going on with your emotions and look for a spiritual source to satisfy your needs rather than looking to another person to fulfill your needs (which won't go well at this time).

The Venus conjunction with Neptune squaring Mars highlights the above scenarios. When Venus attaches to Neptune we experience glamour and glitz, which if we're smart realize it's all illusion, but if we're young and impressionable (man or woman), we believe the hype which leads to all sorts of distortions such as media-induced eating disorders. We forget about the magic of photography and Photo Shop, as well as, illusions created by fashion and make up artists. Women fall into the trap of trying to fit an image of a fantasy girl so that they can attract young men (Mars). And even in this day, the post feminist age, women still fall prey to the fashion industry, as do some men who expect their girlfriend to resemble a supermodel (which is an illusion in itself).

We also experience heightened narcissism or it's all about me mentality. People are more interested in the outer package rather than the contents of the heart. But on the other hand, Neptune also rules faith, compassion, understanding the the transcendence brought about through the performing arts such as dance, photography. music, and cinema. This Venus-Neptune Duet also causes us to reflect on the Divine Feminine and goddess cultures. We might place women on pedestals and call them "holy" or worship young women such as they do in India (Hinduism) where young girls are sanctified divas and expected to live in temples (where devotees come to worship them). This also reminds me of the Vestal Virgins of ancient Greece. And Jupiter in Virgo locked into a T-Cross with Chiron/Ceres and Saturn further emphasizes this theme. Imagine taking the blame when something goes awry with crops or the environment or the economy.

Since the eclipse sun and moon fall in Cardinal Signs (Aries and Libra), the most affected signs are Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn in the 0 to 5 degree range and 17 to 19 degrees. Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini experience the Mutable T-Cross. First they heal deeper wounds and then share their wisdom through writing or other forms of communication. Fixed Signs, (Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio) can sit out this eclipse unless you have an abundance of planets (or your moon) in a Cardinal or Mutable Sign. On one hand, you don't want to move with the flow, but on the other hand, we might turn to you to provide our anchor as big change rips at us, like hurricane winds. These winds continue to blow throughout 2016.

Having said all that, the world desperately requires change and transformation now. We must tell a new story that includes all of us. We must lay down our swords except the swords of truth and integrity. We must create an equal playing field that is fair to everyone despite their gender. And since this Libra Lunar Eclipse ends the Libra-Aries eclipse cycle, we also reflect on other eclipses within the cycle as well as, changes caused by the Uranus Pluto Square. Change in this case comes on quickly and is once again, irreversible. If you must, grieve the loss, then take heart as we move into the unknown, which despite its void, is more promising than any thing that came before it.


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  1. Im taking notes and I feel it! Im a libra moon. 2 degrees in my 11th. I have a libra stellium(uranus pluto moon) and now the eclipse coming. ....oh. Leo sun/mh and Scorpio riser at the critical 8th degree!

  2. The Libra Moon in the 11th House has to do with diplomacy and balance within groups, especially grassroots groups.

    Do you have your Libra Stellium in the 10th or 11th House?

    How is the Mars transit working out in your First House?