Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pisces--A Fish with Two Heads

by Patricia Herlevi
Spotlight on Pisces
Sign: The Fish
February 18 - March 20 
Planets: Jupiter and Neptune 
Rules: Feet and lymphatic system

I once read in Linda Goodman's "Love Signs" that there are two types of Pisces men--the hapless dreamer who drifts through life living in poverty and hope, and the hardworking kind with their feet more securely grounded in mundane reality.  I have met both kinds of Pisces men and I have met Pisces women who come across more like a bold Aries than a fish with a soft heart.  And I have known a lot of Pisces since my Pisces Moon/Saturn and strong Neptune in my chart acts as a magnet to the fish.  Consequently, I have known many Virgos on the polar opposite of Pisces.

True for some Pisces you could say they don't have a mean bone in their body.  These are the folks who will sacrifice themselves for you, for the ideal partner or on a bigger scale, the planet.  More than any sign Pisces has the urge to merge into Unity Consciousness or Oneness with all that is.  This is the most watery sign of the Water Signs since it is the only sign that actually swims in the sea and for humans, that represents the sea of consciousness. While Aries launches the signs in the Zodiac (technically a new year starts in March on the Spring Equinox according to the Zodiac wheel), Pisces ends the wheel with hopefully a transcendental experience or we come back and do the entire cycle again.

Pisces lacks defense of any kind.  The Cancer crab has a shell for protection and the Scorpion has a toxic stinger.  Sure there are poisonous fish who swim in the ocean and jelly fish could cause physical damage, but for the most part the Pisces fish lives on faith and trust as it explores its dreamy version of the world that usually comes straight out of a fantasy novel with a bit of romance tossed in.  This sign never grows beyond believing in magic and there's another part of them with a Peter Pan complex since facing adult reality doesn't appeal to the dreamer fish.

You'll find Pisces men and women at spiritual retreats, seminars or at spiritual bookstores.  They gravitate towards anything mystical, unexplainable, and of greater consciousness.  Similar to Sagittarius who they share the planet Jupiter, Pisces loves vastness and the freedom to wander in that vastness, only Pisces seems more cosmic than Sagittarius who seems more practical and philosophical in comparison.  On the other hand, as much as the fish love their freedom, they can also cling to a relationship that is long past its expiration date or fantasize for years about an unobtainable partner (if only I could save him).

When they don't have a structured spiritual practice they lose their footing and this is when Pisces falls into addiction of any kind.  They lose hope, they feel heartbroken, disappointed and it is easier to slip into denial or the illusions they feed themselves rather than face hard cold facts.  Perhaps they suffered abuse as a child and this shattered their ability to trust or they married a con artist and now feel disillusioned about relationships.  Pisces are so soft that cruel people take advantage of them.  Remember Federico Fellini's movie Nights of Cabiria when the plucky prostitute played by Guilietta Masina suffers another loss from a man who cheats her out of her fortune? That scene sums up the way a Pisces gives his or her heart away to a deceptive person.

Fortunately, children playing music (Pisces' loves) reignites the spirit of the prostitute and she realizes no matter how hard her life is, she recovers her faith.  Pisces love music, cinema, dance, glamor as well as, swimming, being near the ocean, and daydreaming.  If it flows, it floats Pisces boat.

Parts of the body ruled by Pisces include feet. The Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel, a Pisces, had a foot fetish which showed up in his movies.  Pisces women tend to have sensitive feet but they still wear high heels and other foot damaging shoes.  They also enjoy going out dancing and many Pisces girls take ballet classes and dream of joining a ballet company some day.  They might also dream of acting in movies or working in a creative field where they can lose themselves in their craft and merge with whatever.

If they don't find a career in the arts, they might go into alternative healing, teach yoga, meditation or work in the travel industry especially if that involves water. Pisces desire to heal the world and when they blend with their opposite sign Virgo, they find ways to serve as healers in the world.  They could become hypercritical or suffer from hypochondria given the Pisces/Virgo axis or they might not have a problem with germs and travel to developing nations to treat people suffering from epidemics.  Audrey Hepburn had a Pisces Moon and she became a spokesperson for UNICEF and even continued doing that work until her death from cancer.

I could go on all day about gentle Pisces, but instead here is a video of Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces Sun):

A video of Neptune:

And music by Nino Rota (movie soundtrack composer, most famous work with Fellini):

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