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Whole Astrology Gift Guide by Zodiac Sign

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Do you have an Aries wife or Cancer child and you don't know what to give them for the holidays? Are you confused about the right food choices for each Zodiac Sign? Well, I'll do my best to provide you with a gift-giving list with each sign in mind.

Aries--Even adult Aries have a strong inner child and a sense of adventure. When it comes to Fire Signs, you might want to head over to your nearest REI or outdoor gear outfitter. Reds and warm colors work best for these folks, especially if they have red hair. As far as music, Aries prefers music that is robust and fiery. For instance if they enjoy classical music, then go with the Romantic composers. They also enjoy super spicy foods such as Thai and Mexican food. If you have a gourmet on your hands (it's possible since man chefs have Aries Sun), then supply them with spices and peppers in a gift basket. Don't forget to add a state-of-the-art knife.

For Aries children, gift them with adventure or magical novels. Drums, guitars, and sports gear also provide favorite gifts for Aries children.

Taurus--Engage the senses of the Taurus adult or child. Give gourmet food or make dinner for them and include potatoes and sauces. Give essential oils, massage oils, silky material, soft blankets, plush toys, gardening equipment, seeds, a bread maker, baking equipment, and artwork. House plants, folk art, ethnic jewelry, and a energy healing session are also excellent options. These folks prefer heavier and sweeter food choices.

Gemini--Give books, newspaper or other media subscriptions, board games, computer games, cameras, high tech devices, and clothing or backpacks with plenty of pockets. These folks love trivia and clothing in shades of blue. Buy them a bus ticket for short-distance travel and don't forget to include a journal so they can write down their observations. If it's brainy, they'll love it.

Cancer--I used to swear that I'm not a real Cancerian because I never saw myself as a homebody, but boy was I wrong. These folks are sentimental homebodies and if you give gifts that center around the home, especially the kitchen you can't go wrong. Include images of crabs, shells, and other sea imagery. These folks love cameras and photography, photo albums, frames, computer programs to work with photographs and don't forget to include a holiday card. Other options are baked goods or creamy foods. They appreciate kitchen gadgets and stylish aprons.

Leo--These folks love jewelry, especially gold jewelry, sunglasses (not cheap ones), clothing in the colors of the sun (orange, yellow, amber, gold), biographies of Hollywood celebrities, stylish hats, and anything that helps them stand out. Buy them a collection of Broadway tunes, or a ticket to a prestigious theatrical production coming to town. Buy them DVDs of their favorite movies or engage their imagination with art supplies or a musical instrument. Think thespian. Think spotlight. When it comes to food, don't scrimp. After all, you serving food to a king or queen, at least in their minds.

Virgo--Buy them clothing in gray, brown, or dark blue--the more somber, the better. Make sure that you're house is clean when you invite the Virgos for a holiday celebration. Ask if they have any food allergies or food intolerance ahead of time so that they don't end up with an upset stomach or a rash. Instead of buying them things, donate to a charity on their behalf or buy them time at a spiritual retreat center. They also enjoy self-help and spiritual books.

Libra--Buy these folks time at a spa, or mineral makeup. Buy them a year's worth of haircuts or clothing in lighter tones. Other gifts that would go well are silk scarfs, dishware, glassware, cookbooks, a stylish apron for hosting parties, items for the home especially if they are interior decorating or a ticket to a natural location where they can regroup. Take these folks to a concert or charity event and don't forget to enter their name in the silent auction.

Scorpio--Buy these folks anything that is deeply metaphysical. Many of them are into WICCA and the occult or a good mystery novel. Clothing in black, red, white or silver does the trick as do self-help books or a session with a past life regression therapist. They also enjoy books on psychology or by Joseph Campbell since they enjoy stories about transformation. Scorpio children enjoy books about insects, snakes, mysteries, and witch tales.

Sagittarius--Anything that brings laughter or allows them to travel abroad goes well with Sagittarius. Sporting and recreational equipment also goes well as does a sturdy backpack and new hiking boots. If you're going to gift a Sagittarius with a novel, non-fiction book, or movie, try something that combines adventure, with travel, and taking risks. Political humor, satires, or religious text also provides exceptional gifts for these folks.

Capricorn--Okay, so it's not all about making money for Capricorns, but books on finances and business hits the spot for some Capricorns. Others like self-help books, oracle cards, gardening equipment, seeds, a massage, plane or train tickets, cameras, computers (if they also have planets in Aquarius), dark clothing, books on religion, as well as, hiking boots and backpacks.

Aquarius--It's a bit of a challenge to buy a gift for a futuristic friend, colleague, or family member and the Aquarius' tastes is usually far out. Buy them a gift certificate for a tattoo parlor if that's their thing or a trendy and hip barber, or books on quantum physics or far out metaphysics. Since Aquarius rules architecture and astrology, get them books or movies on those topics. And if all that fails, donate to their favorite humanitarian cause in their name. As far as food goes, I have no idea what these folks eat. They enjoy experimental and electronic music or folk songs once sung by activists.

Pisces--I don't know any Pisces person who doesn't love shoes or could take better care of their feet. Give a gift that has anything to do with the feet or has Neptune themes attached to it. A beach vacation, a trip to a spa near the water, an aquarium (don't forget to buy the fish to go in it), a fish bowl, paintings or photographs of the sea, favorite music or movies provide wonderful gifts for the fish. Give them something sentimental from the heart or a self-help book (hint, hint). They love stories about saints and people who overcame the odds. Like Cancerians, Piscesans, root for the underdog. They also love anything to do with photography, cinema, music, or dance.

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