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One Last Uranus-Pluto Play for Cardinals--January 2016 Forecast

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The good news is that none of the Cardinal Signs beyond 15 degrees in their respective signs will experience an exact Uranus-Pluto square or the bombastic Cardinal eclipses from past years. However, January seems like a crunchy month for Cardinal Signs and here's why.

Mercury turns retrograde one degree Aquarius on January 5 and returns to Capricorn where it continues its backward transit until it reaches 15 degrees on January 25. So this especially brings a time-out experience for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. Meanwhile, the Capricorn planet, Saturn pulls up into a wide square with Chiron which has many of us questioning our religious and spiritual beliefs or feeling like we lack the education to move forward in life. However, Pluto in Capricorn forms a sextile with Chiron throughout the month offering us an opportunity for rebirth and new growth. And Jupiter retrogrades in Virgo trining with Pluto for most of the month.

This tells me that transformation and big life changes are on for both Mutable and Cardinal Sign suns, moons, and Rising Signs. While we won't see an exact square with Uranus and Pluto, they do move into a one degree orb of each other with a pile up of faster moving planets in Capricorn. This gives Pluto (who is currently transiting direct) much more power and gravity. Remember that Pluto has two faces. The first one is of oppressive authority figures and the second one brings transformation through a death and rebirth process. Many of you Cardinals (if not all of you) with your sun, Ascendant, moon or North Node in a Cardinal Sign between 0 and 14 degrees know the losses and life reversals I'm talking about.

On January 9, we experience the Capricorn New Moon at 19 degrees. The moon teams up with Pluto and some astrologers are pulling in Mercury at 29 degrees Capricorn (I'm not) and squares Uranus. What this suggests is that the moon brings up emotions, mainly fear around security issues and children. Do we feel safe? Do we have a place to call home? What are the grassroots warriors doing about the homelessness situation in the US and abroad? Are we getting enough to eat? Look in your chart where Uranus and Pluto transit. Are either of the planets in your house of health, house of work, or house of home and family? This is where the drama plays out.

Mercury in Capricorn retrograde asks us to review our life situation thus far. Are we working at the right career for us? What structures are we building or dismantling in our lives? What message are we sending out to the world about commitment, responsibility and career goals? We will look at messaging around fathering or healing father issues, especially with the trine with Jupiter in Virgo and sextile with Chiron in Pisces. What spiritual solutions might we apply to healing those issues?

Venus conjuncts Saturn starting on the 5th with a 5 degree orb and then she tightens the conjunction to exact on the day of the Capricorn New Moon so this also brings up father and authority issues. It could also bring up issues around religion and women's roles within religious institutions or academic institutions or women lawyers and judges. Might we elect more women judges at this time? Certainly, this transit has us looking at women's rights and women in leadership positions. Hilary Clinton could see a boon to her presidential candidacy, especially if she shares a common ideology with the masses.

By the 17th, Venus squares Jupiter in Virgo and the North Node. Now we're looking at the rights of women in subservient positions or the way women take on leadership roles. We could hear from women from nations that are ruled by Virgo or Sagittarius such as Finland which is ruled by Sagittarius and this country is also kinder to women than most nations. Another interesting Venus transit occurs at the beginning of January when Venus squares Neptune and here we're caught up in the glamorous side of women--possibly something to do with body image, eating disorders, and women sitting on pedestals for public consumption. But are we seeing a clear picture?

If we want to venture into the realm of asteroids (which do color the rays of the planets through aspects), Pallas joins up with Pluto in Capricorn during the first week of January. This brings feminine wisdom to the equation and women also take on a more masculine role as thinkers and planners since Pallas is represented by the Greek goddess Athena which later became the Roman goddess Pallas. It contains the energy of the wise woman who will go to battle for justice. And here she's also squaring Uranus in Aries (very interesting). We're looking more at battles of the intellect.

Vesta (who contains the energies of the Vestal Virgins) hooks up with Uranus in Aries towards the end of the month. To give you an idea of what this suggests, the Vestal Virgins were from the Patrician or aristocratic ancient Greek families. They served as communal virgin-priestesses that kept the communal fires burning and performed rituals to keep their city healthy and harmonious. They served from around age 13 to 30 or so when they could finally marry and have a family. If a vestal virgin messed up in her duties she was severely punished.

This brings up the idea of service. How are each of us serving our family, our community and the greater planet? With Vesta in Aries, we might take up a cause or two at this time to bring justice to the common person. One issue in the US is finding affordable homes for millions of people who are either on the street, in a shelter or in transitional housing situations. We can't keep the home fires burning if we don't have a home.

When the sun moves into Aquarius on January 20, we notice things lightening up. Now, we're engaged with futuristic solutions such as new technology for solar and wind power, unusual forms of transportation, space travel and quirky  diets based on pseudo science. Iconoclastic people make the news headlines and we're all feeling a bit rebellious or teaming up with grassroots mentality. Suddenly, US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems practical to people who had not considered him before and socialism loses it's dirty word status in the United States. We want solutions to problems and we want those now.

Finally, let's look at the Leo Full Moon which is at 4 degrees on January 23. The moon has a wide square with Juno and Mars then later forms trines with Saturn, Venus, and Uranus. We could even bring in a Grand Fire Trine (though a wide one) for this full moon, and lasso in Vesta in Aries. I actually see this moon as flowing and we feel invigorated, creative, and sparkling in the areas of our charts ruled by Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. The wide square with Mars and Juno could have us dealing with our own pent up anger (now coming out) or the pent up anger or frustration of others, especially children. But get everyone involved in creative projects where they express themselves and we curb most of this anger or find a healthy outlet for it. Here's hoping.

So the good news for Cardinals is that the toughest transits are behind us. Those of you with your main planets around 15 degrees to 16 degrees will feel the Uranus-Pluto square and the Capricorn New Moon the most intensely. Fortunately, Uranus is going to pull far ahead and out of a square with Pluto in months and years ahead. Those of you with your sun, moon, or Ascendant at later degrees (after 20 degrees especially) will still experience transformation, but without the horrendous losses those of us with our moon, sun or Ascendant in earlier degrees experienced. In other words, you won't feel slammed by the planets, but you still experience liberation from self-repression as you make necessary life changes.

For the rest of you, the planetary energies of January ask us to sit back and reassess situations in our life and on the planet before moving forward. Mercury is retrograde for three weeks and this gives us plenty of time to return to the drawing board, re-think, edit, and re-work situations and projects. It's not a good time to launch anything new, sign contracts, or buy computers, cars, or homes. But if you must, read the fine print more than one time and get legal counsel. Otherwise, wait until after January 25 to launch or move forward.

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