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Climb Every Mountain--Capricorn Sun

Someone with a Capricorn Ascendant seems fated to write about the Capricorn Sun which ushers in the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere). Capricorn is one of the signs that has garnered a bad rap, mainly because Capricorn Sun natives are seen as too sober, too ambitious, and too realistic. They're the ones most likely to tell a Pisces or Sagittarius person to lift themselves up by their own bootstrap. 

With Capricorn, and the ruling planet Saturn, we hear the myth of the self-made man or woman. In the French movie, The Green Ray by Eric Rohmer, we meet the character Delphine, a Capricorn who suffers from a broken heart and faces the challenge of taking a solo vacation or as the French say it, holiday. A colleague reads her horoscope which says something about the character thinking that she has to go it alone. Capricorn shows up as the rugged individual, the executive who climbed his or her way to the top and not without collateral damage. But Capricorn is also the public servant, perhaps a Christian pastor such as Martin Luther King, Jr. who champions the underdog.

I've met people who feel that Capricorn lacks a sense of humor, but this isn't the case. It's just that the Capricorn sense of humor is either goofy or super dry on the rocks. Capricorns possess a self-effacing sense of humor such as Diane Keaton and the characters she plays or Julia Louise-Dreyfus and her Seinfeld character Elaine, who is a solid embodiment of the Capricorn woman. In fact, you will find many comedic actors with a Capricorn Sun, not to mention musicians that include, David Bowie, and Michael Stipe (R.E.M.). Believe it or not, the fanciful Italian film director Federico Fellini was also a Capricorn married to a Pisces actress.

On the dark side, Capricorns can come off as aloof and cold or overbearing and manipulative as they climb their way up the ladder of success. Capricorn parents could fall into the trap of overworking and not spending enough time in the home with family. Out of all the 12 Zodiac Signs, Capricorn is the most career-driven which is hammered across with the 10th House traditionally representing the breadwinner, career, and public image. And Saturn brings in a life of hard knocks, late-bloomers, delayed satisfaction, and a need for patience. Capricorn also has a weakness for falling into depression or come across as gloomy because they see the glass as half-empty. They also tend to wear a lot of black, though a less sexy black than the garb of Scorpio individuals.

On the lighter side, Capricorns are dependable, loyal, practical, and stable (if they don't have a lot of water or air elements in their charts). Many of them have exceptional business and leadership skills and they enjoy launching projects and businesses (though follow-through might lack due to the Cardinal quality of the sign). As Capricorns age they look younger and are often greeted with, "You don't look 50," (or whatever their age is). They develop wisdom from their challenges and from that wisdom make awesome life coaches and motivational speakers, especially if they have a Sagittarius Moon or Ascendant or prominent Jupiter or Sun in their chart. Capricorn's recipe for success is hard work and patience, then waiting for the right moment to ascend.

The reason so many of us have become familiar with Capricorn is that Pluto has a long transit in this sign and has squared Uranus in Aries since 2011. When Pluto arrived in Capricorn we saw an economic crisis revolving around banks, mortgage companies, and the stock market (2008) which led to a painful recession which affected mainly people with planets in early degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra. I'm not a mundane astrologer but planets in Capricorn or Cancer have had a significant effect on the economy. For instance, the Great Depression happened when Pluto transited in Cancer. My parents were born in that era and both have Cardinal Suns. (BTW, Saturn will enter his own sign in 2017).

So Capricorn, what can we expect for you in 2016? I'm thinking that you'll finally get some breathing space with the North Node having ended its stay in Libra last November and Uranus finally moving ahead after March so we don't see those exact or tight squares with Pluto any longer. However, Jupiter moves into Libra in September and will challenge Pluto in Capricorn, even if it's a Jupiter transit. What this suggests is that you'll face the challenge of finding greater balance in your lives. And we have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23 to stay alert.

The year starts of crunchy for Capricorns with Mercury in Capricorn turning retrograde on January 5 and turning direct again on the 25th. When any planet transits in Capricorn it visits the dark underworld of Pluto also transiting in this sign. This means that new or full moons in Capricorn or Cancer have a powerful effect, especially when they oppose or conjunct Pluto and then square Uranus in Aries. However, Capricorns with their sun, moon or ascendant after 15 or 16 degrees won't experience the tighter squares with Uranus that other Capricorns have done. If you want to hear some horror stories involving Pluto just ask the Capricorns with their sun, moon, or Ascendant between 0 and 15 degrees.

Usually, I give a list of careers for Capricorn, but this sign has a wide range to choose from. I've known Capricorns involved with religion, spirituality, fine and performing arts, the medicine field, bodywork, yoga (they excel at this), athletics, business leaders, community leaders, and civil rights activists. There isn't any field this sign won't conquer. But a career climb is usually slow and steady thanks to Saturn's influence.

Famous Capricorns include, Cary Grant, David Bowie, Julia Louise-Dreyfus, Federico Fellini, Martin Luther King, Jr. Richard Nixon, Marlene Dietrich, Michael Stipe, and Diane Keaton, to name a handful. 

Last, but not least I want to give a shout out to the folks born between 1988-90 when Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune transited in Capricorn, sometimes as a Triple Conjunction. Some of these folks have up to 6 planets in Capricorn depending on the time of year they were born. If we require a solid example of Capricorn energy, this group embodies it and are approaching their first Saturn Return, which will be interesting as Astrologer Donna Cunningham has described it. Check out her writings on this group because she has carefully researched it.

Here's wishing you a happy birthday, Solstice, and New Year, Capricorn. And I would love to give you a personal reading since each Capricorn is unique. Sign up on the contact form on this blog, but read the services tabs first. Get to know yourself through a Natal Chart or Solar Return reading.

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