Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hold Your Horses--When the Sun Transits in Sagittarius

Oh, Sagittarius, I almost forgot to write a post for you. Could it be that Saturn in your sign limited my sight of the satyr or could it be that everything is exaggerated when the sun transits in your sign? And yet, Sagittarius faces challenges these days with Neptune, Chiron, North Node and Jupiter (your ruling planet) squaring and opposing you. What's up with that?

But first, let's take a look at the sign of Sagittarius and individuals with this sign. I once had a Sagittarius boyfriend who saw me as an exotic foreigner. The relationship worked well when he was corresponding a few states away from me. However, after we moved in together the whole situation unraveled. Linda Goodman once wrote about relationships between Cancer and Sagittarius in her book, Love Signs (which some of you will remember because it was a popular book back in its day), and she didn't predict long-term partnerships for this odd coupling. Really, who would think of putting horses and crabs together except in the situation of the horseshoe crab?

And most of the Sag people I have known disappeared as quickly as they appeared in my life. Many Sag people end up in bands and the traveling suits them, especially traveling abroad. Others worked in the communications field or for a non-profit that matched their idealism (and I have never known a Sagittarius who didn't blow a horn for a idealistic pursuit or philosophy). But with Sagittarius you had better be riding the same horse, or you will probably end up in battle over who's opinions posing as facts are correct.

On the other hand, these freedom-seekers bring a breath of fresh air to the room. They wax on about their many adventures and often drop humor into the equation. They enjoy satire and off-the-wall comedy such as Monty Python. If you toss in a foreign accent or neigh like a horse, you might just garner a friend for life, but through correspondence as he or she jet-sets around the globe sending you short dispatches or a postcard from an exotic place.

I once met a Sagittarius grad student and teacher who lived in the same apartment building. He was always off to somewhere and rode his bike most places. One day he asked me my sun sign and I told him it was Cancer and he laughed at me and said, "I'm sorry." So I asked him what he meant by that and he said that Cancers were too clingy and dare I say it, "boring." Well, maybe that's because water sign people (though mysterious to some folks) are what they are and don't exaggerate about themselves the way Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter does.

In addition, unless you're on the same political or religious page don't engage in a conversation on these topics with a Sagittarius or the horse will trod upon you. Now, some signs such as Leo or Aries can handle the banter, but Water Signs could end up in tears because they are subjective signs that take other people's comments too personally. The thing about Sagittarius is even if they do argue with you they don't take it personally. They actually can walk away and forget about it, unless they have Mercury, moon, or their Ascendant in Scorpio, and then it's another story.

I've never known anyone with a personal planet in Sagittarius that doesn't enjoy travel and travels as often as finances will allow. I would bet that those laptop entrepreneur guys that appear on YouTube have prominent Sagittarius in their charts as do travel guides, flight attendants, commercial pilots, travel journalist and diplomats (although that falls under Libra too).

Health concerns for Sagittarius include sports and recreation injuries, contagious diseases they pick up during their travels (watch out for hepatitis because Sagittarius rules the liver), liver diseases, and weight issues especially around the thighs and buttocks (and this includes Sagittarius Rising, prominent Jupiter in the chart, and Sagittarius moon). Sagittarius is prone to addictions too, mainly to gambling, drinking and food. Sagittarius once shared its ruling planet Jupiter with Pisces (prior to the discovery of Neptune).

Areas Sagittarius has work include curbing over exaggeration, insensitive or sarcastic remarks that hurt others, insensitivity in general since they're not in touch with their feelings and emotions (leave that to the Water Signs), pie-in-the-sky idealism, hyperbole, lack of integrity in some cases (think used car salesman that sells you a lemon), forcing religion on others, stubbornly promoting their political beliefs and pomposity. They can blow hot air which turns other people off and in that case are difficult to trust.

On the other hand, these guys and gals know how to have fun and get others to lighten up. They make excellent motivational coaches because they spout enthusiasm and encouragement for others. They have a raucous sense of humor, but not one that Virgo would likely enjoy. And sometimes we need a kick in the butt especially if we are too ingrained in political correctness and self-righteousness. Sagittarius people (or those with personal planets in Sagittarius) are blunt too and shoot from the hip like a cowboy on steroids. In fact, along with Taurus they are the cowboys or at least represent remnants of nomadic cultures or the Wild West obsession with horses.

But dearest Sagittarius, the planets are tossing you some hard balls at the moment. First, your planet, Jupiter and the North Node (transiting in fussy Virgo), tell you to stop spouting idealism and put your money where your mouth is or put some action behind your words. Prove that your philosophies hold water because Virgo has grown frustrated with your broken promises or you taking up too much space with ideas that don't go anywhere. Virgo tells you to polish your philanthropist side because you are the most generous of the Sun Signs and with all the money you make at your various endeavors, if you donate a portion of that to a cause that matches your philosophies, you can make the world a better place. The North Node in Virgo challenges you to serve in some way, even if its giving shelter to abandoned horses or protected the last mustangs in the American deserts who are doing their own battle with the US Government.

If that's not enough, Saturn has rolled into your sign, more like steamrolled and suddenly you must practice realism (what's that?). Now you're forced to put some real action behind your ideas and delve deeper into your religious practice. Coupled with Neptune and Chiron squaring your sun, your identity goes through an overhaul and life seems more surreal and humorous. What the blank is going on? You might poke fun at all the changes happening on the planet, but deep down, you're ready to launch into the next planetary adventure, even if you haven't yet come up with the right spiritual description for it.

In 2016, expect big changes to come your way Sagittarius. You could relocate to another country or be forced to head back to your home country due to immigration laws. You could either travel to another country only to find unrest or you could battle with unrest in your home country as you grapple with fundamentalist religious folks. You might join your Aquarius colleagues and fight for justice or you might decide to obtain a higher degree but find that the funding isn't there thanks to Saturn transiting in your sign. 2016 marks a getting back to the grindstone year for you. You might just have to reinvent the wheel which is the best metaphor that comes to mind.

But please don't lose your sense of humor and know that Saturn will move out of your sign mid-2017. And it's certainly not as rough as when Pluto transited in your sign from 1995 to 2008. In fact, if you made it through that crunchy time intact, then don't mind Saturn sobering you up a bit.

Famous people with prominent Sagittarius: Patti Smith (Sag AC), Kurt Vonnegut, Walt Disney, Kenneth Branagh, John F. Kerry, Joe DiMaggio, David Letterman, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Bragg, Michael Scott (The Waterboys), Oprah Winfrey (Sag Moon), and Andrew Wyeth.

Professions for Sagittarius include: Media (talk show host), comedy, improv acting, music, writing, radio, travel writing, travel photography, sports, philanthropy, politics, religion, and commercial pilots.

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