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Inner Planets as Personal Assistants

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Have you ever thought of using the personal planets to assist you with mundane experiences? Normally, I focus on the outer planets and the transformation these planets launch in our lives and across the planet. As we follow the phases and signs of the moon to determine best times for activities, the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars also act as our personal assistants.


Let's begin with the moon since many day planners follow the sign and course of the moon as it transits through the Zodiac every 28 days. For instance, today with the Libra Moon, I had my hair cut. Libra represents beauty, fashion, and charm so I couldn't think of a better day to get my hair cut. Not only that, the moon is in the waning phase as it makes its way to the Sagittarius moon.

Speaking of the Sagittarius Moon, people want to party during this moon, drink too much, eat too much, gamble, or take risks that they regret later. On the other hand, the Sagittarius Moon gives us courage to take adventures, to travel to foreign countries, make friends with people from other cultures, and enroll in higher education. We want to attend lectures or documentaries then wax philosophy like French movie characters into the wee hours. When the Sagittarius Moon wanes we desire to graduate or complete an adventure, but when it wanes, we're just beginning an endeavor, hopefully.

The water sign moons leave us feeling emotional and moody so it's good to plan what could be considered a stressful situation after a water sign moon. But on the other hand, work that involves coloring emotions, reaching others through emotions arts or spiritual practices), or creativity or intuition, go well with both waning and waxing water sign moons.

Fire sign moons lend us confidence and courage to start new endeavors such as campaigns, to travel abroad, give public presentations, star in movies, launch products, and performances. Everyone seems charming during one of these moons or at the very least heroic.

Earth sign moons lend themselves to getting down to business either launching or selling a business depending on which phase the moon is in. They lend themselves to real estate deals, farming or gardening, or working with the earth in some way. They are prosperity and manifestation moons so be careful what you wish for, but they can also leave us feeling stuck or looking over our shoulder too often at our competition.

Air sign moons help us to detach and rationalize or analyze situations in our lives or facing the world in general. They are good moons for studying and researching, that is if we can only focus our minds. We innovate, invent, and engage in lighter conversations. The downside is that we seem too detached and smug during these air moons or we come across as too politically correct thus turning off the very people we hope to impress.

Water Sign moons ask us to go inward and observe our emotions and moods. Perhaps we require time to meditate or de-stress or clear our thoughts so that we can hear our inner voice, also known as intuition. Take a long, hot bath. Visit a beach or large body of water and practice self-care during the Water Sign moons. 

For those of you who haven't worked with moon energies yet, we launch ideas or projects or intentions around the new moon, build upon it as the moon waxing into the full moon and then we end or complete projects around the full moon and move into stillness as the moon wanes until the dark moon.  And of course watch out for the void-of-course moons when anything we start leads unexpected results with the exception of the Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, and Sagittarius moons. As a personal assistant, think of the moon as your personal high priestess or psychic. She helps you tune into your inner guidance.


Even though the sun is considered a personal planet it spends 28 days in a single sign. And usually the most powerful time for us is during our Solar Return (birthday) and our weakest time is a month before our Solar Return when the moon is in the sign prior to our sun sign.

When we work with the sun we look at the themes and activities that go best with each of the Zodiac signs. For instance, a Leo Sun provides us with the space to shine our light upon the through our uniqueness and creativity. We all have Leo somewhere in our charts whether it's on the cusps of our 8th or 1st house and those are the areas that are highlighted when the sun transits in Leo each year.

If we want to take on an organization project and Virgo happens to fall in the Virgo 6th House in our charts, then when the sun transits in Virgo provides the best time for us to organize our daily routine, and make changes to our diet. It's a good time for scheduling medical appointments and even a time at the local spa. Then when the sun transits into Libra it's a good time to beautify our home and ourselves depending on where Libra falls in your natal chart.

The sun represents our core identity but some of us take on the characteristic of all 12 signs as the sun transits around the Zodiac wheel, this is especially true for the shape shifting water signs, and probably less true for the earth signs which are more solid and rigid so they resist change. People with Gemini Sun, Moon, or Ascendant also have that mercurial effect shape shifting through the signs. You might also notice when the sun moves through a particular sign, you meet a concentration of people of that sign.

So if you're launching a political campaign or auditioning for a movie, do it when the sun is in Leo for greatest effect. If you embark on a healing path do that when the moon is in a water sign for best results and so on. If you're looking for work do so when the sun transits in Capricorn or when the sun transits over your 10th House.


Ah, what do we do with the trickster Mercury? We all know about the Mercury retrograde which takes place for three weeks three times a year, except for 2016, when Mercury turns retrograde 4 times. When Mercury moves forward it's time to hone our communication skills, start communication projects, travel, (and the sign Mercury transits will tell us what type of travel works best for that time period), write new material, give speeches, buy computers or other communication technology, buy a new car or machinery.

But when Mercury turns retrograde it's time to move backwards also. It's a good time to edit, proofread, reassess, reunite, reinvent, fix software glitches cause by the last retrograde, practice clear communication, meditate, take a vacation close to home, retreat, recycle and do anything that begins with "re" in front of it, even read between the fine lines. But don't sign any contracts or leases, start a new job, travel by plane or train, buy a new car, buy a new computer or launch any new projects. It's a bad time to launch an ad campaign unless it's reworking or revisiting an older one.

Mercury as your personal assistant helps you make travel plans, correspond with business and personal contacts, write books, schedule events, plan events, get organized, change your daily routine, and launch communication projects. It bodes well for pitching articles to editors and then following through, especially when Mercury transits in either Gemini or Virgo.

The sign Mercury transits in colors the moods of this sign, but it's not emotional moods like the moon signs. Mercury is detached and a trickster. You don't always see what you get and you might be reading another page of the book than the person you're communicating with when Mercury retrogrades.  Since Mercury rules the brain, stay mindful by meditating each day and keeping track of where that little devil is transiting. That will give you the upper hand in the realm of communication. If you work in the communication field or software industry, Mercury is your guide.


This feminine planet shows us what we value. And even though we each have our individual values based on our natal Venus in our charts, when Venus transits through each sign, we value the themes of that sign on a global scale So when Venus transits in Leo we might spend more time valuing Hollywood or taking the stage. We might find ourselves bingeing on Ted Talks videos and that sort of thing. When Venus transits in either Libra or Taurus our quest is for beauty.

When Venus transits in the sign of our sun or Ascendant, it's a good time to revamp the wardrobe, get our hair done, get waxed, or spend a day at the spa. It's also a good time to spend in nature or creating art. We need to look at the places our lives our out of balance and restore balance either through diet, giving up a bad habit or balancing the books.

But Venus can also represent other types of values such as do we value a home, a family, a career, or our freedom so we can roam the world? If Venus is in Scorpio, we value the topics of death, rebirth, reincarnation, sex and sexuality, psychology, other people's money and so on. When Venus transits in Gemini, we value books, knowledge as well as, trivia and talk show hosts.

Those of you with a strong Venus in your chart, can use this personal assistant to create art, garden, travel to beauty spots in the world, beautify yourself or others, interior decorate for yourself or a client and so on. But we can all use Venus as our personal assistant in making ourselves appear more charming, more fair, and more balanced. Body workers and beauticians; bakers and interior design experts would do well to take Venus on board as your personal assistant.


Poor Mars has garnered such a bad reputation as a malefic or a bad boy planet. Yet, without this planetary personal assistant we wouldn't be able to get up each morning, drive or even take the bus to work or get anything done. Mars gets us moving whether that's to the bus stop or on a bike path or to the gym where we work those muscles. Mars brings us ambition, inspiration, and gets us going full steam ahead.

Mars can help us with the task of choosing a new car to purchase or to start an exercise routine. He acts as our powerful personal coach--work those muscles until they burn, baby. Mars is our personal trainer, our motivator, but this planet can also lead us down a road of pent up anger if Saturn and restrictions are involved. We must temper Mars with other personal planets such as the moon which reminds us to practice compassion or Mercury which ask Mars to communicate clearly and use words wisely. Look up the themes of each sign as Mars transits through them (usually 6 per year and I believe Mars goes retrograde every two years).

When Mars turns retrograde it's time to put on the brakes and take a breather. Rest our muscles and maybe even sell the car and get a bicycle. It's also a time to mend any fences we broke during a particularly fierce Mars transit or if Mars grappled with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn as it will do this December when Mars transits in Libra.

I hope my post is helpful. I meant for it to provide information and entertainment. But I'm not joking when I treat the personal planets as personal assistants because they really can assist us with projects, with relationships, and other endeavors as they transit through the Zodiac. You just need to know where to look in our chart and in the sky for best results.

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