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Transit Alert--March 11 & 12 Cardinal Square (Mars, Uranus and Pluto)

I thought I was going to take the weekend off from writing about the planets, but no.  After watching Kelley Rosano's March forecasts for Pisces and Cancer, that pesky Cardinal Square on March 11 has been scratching my brain.  Since we already have experience with Cardinal T-Crosses involving Uranus and Pluto and Mars when it was in Cancer and Libra, this square with Mars conjuncting Uranus squaring Pluto suggests the end of a story.

I received an additional message about this transit and that is Mars acts as a messenger and brings us the courage and energy required to undergo the final leg of the Uranus-Pluto Square transformation.  While it's true that Mars can bring rash or impulsive energies that revolve around destruction, I think that Mars also musters our courage and pioneering spirit to brave the unknown future.  Mars also ushers in new beginnings, while opening our hearts to our childlike innocence.  Mars will push us over the ledge so that we take a leap of faith.  Think of the Tarot Card The Fool which reflects on the number "0" which is 0 Point acting as our platform to launch the New Earth.

In March, we find Mars transiting in Aries, the mirror opposite of when Mars traveled in Libra for 8 months starting in December 2013 and ending in July 2014.  When Mars was in his opposite sign and in a weakened position, he ushered in a time of peace or perhaps the opposite, repressed anger posing as peace.  And now Mars is at his most powerful in his own sign, Aries now combining strength and power with Uranus as they square even more powerful Pluto.  So we have the warrior joining with the Great Awakener (or rebellious youth energy) pitting themselves against the transformer Pluto.

The exact square with Uranus and Pluto begins on March 11 and Mars rolls into 15 degrees (exact) on the 11th or 12th depending on where you reside in the world.   And the same time we have the on-going Saturn-Neptune square which will be exact in November of this year and we have a Trine with Uranus and Jupiter which won't bode well during the time of the Mars/Uranus-Pluto Square because remember that Jupiter expands what it touches so in this case it's lending fiery energy with a Leo signature.  So we have signs, rulers and planets which alone are troublesome and when mixed together are downright volatile.  Watch out for arrogance and power players clinging dangerously to old structures and traditions. This involves all big institutions verses the everyday person.

Prior to the Cardinal Square (at least it's not a T-Cross), Venus also transits in Aries, trining Jupiter on the 4th exact while also conjuncting Uranus (women please be careful during this time and use your intuition) and then on the following day, Venus squares Pluto (the first week of March on the day of the Full Moon in Virgo).  Venus actually could soften the energy of the other planets while bringing in Divine Feminine energies, especially around the Full Moon.  This lady planet also rules what we value and manifestation so if we focus on manifesting peace in our world or even follow our passions instead of getting caught up in volatile drama (Kelley mentions this in her videos), we could avoid some of the stress of the first two weeks of March.

Now, I think that these configurations mark endings for all of us, both individually and globally.  Uranus and Mars will dredge up what Pluto has pushed under the rug in regard to government, large corporations, financial institutions and every industry on the planet.  Family secrets reveal themselves at this time and that which we hid behind falls away (read defenses).  As we reach conclusions about previous or even current circumstances we make way for the new.  And as I said earlier in this post, I believe March marks the end of a story told to us by the planets, but we have to be willing to close the book and move on.

If we rehash old dramas and refuse to let them go, we cannot move into a more peaceful and harmonious future.  Hanging onto old stories about tragedies, especially global tragedies actually keeps us stuck.  We do have to forget the old ways so we can start living the new more peaceful ways of being on the planet.  This works on the individual level too. When are you going to stop telling the same old story of disease survivor? Or when are you going to stop dredging up the abused child story?  Every time you tell these stories you create more grooves in your brain and consciousness that attracts more of the same.  This is why it's crucial to forgive and let it all go, unless of course, you enjoy the attention you get every time you tell these stories. But you must know that sympathy is not the same as admiration.  Turn a new page.

A drama brewing in the US revolves around a US Republican Congressman who invited the Israeli president to speak in front of Congress without going through the usual channels, which in this case, is the US President (this is interesting because President Obama has a Leo Sun and with Jupiter in Leo is in a strong position).  This has that Uranus-Pluto square stamp and this could transform into a scandal or volatile situation if it's not handled immediately.  I don't follow news stories, but this one showed up in my e-mail box and in light of the current transits, this resonated with me as a potentially dangerous situation for the US and of course, other countries involved (Israel and Iran) and the topic is nuclear weapons (Pluto), insubordination on the congressman's part (Uranus).

I'm sure that most of you reading this post are more interested in how these planet transits will play out in your individual lives. Look for the houses in your chart where you have Aries, Leo, and Capricorn at 13 to 16 degrees with 14 and 15 degrees taking the brunt.  The themes of those houses will play out in a large way in your life at this time.  But you already know these themes since Uranus and Pluto are slower moving planets.  Now you will reach conclusions whether that is leaving a marriage, relocating to a new city or town or even new home, ending a career or job, but it's about endings.  It could even be about ending a disease by finally finding a cure that was hidden previously.  And the good news is we will all have more energy during this time, but the bad news is we could redirect that energy causing harm if we don't stay grounded and centered.

March in general marks endings and new beginnings.  The endings occur in the sign of Pisces culminating in the Solar Eclipse on March 20 at 29 degrees Pisces and the beginnings come with the Vernal Equinox also on March 20 when the Sun and the Moon transit into Aries (who already played his starring role with Mars/Uranus squaring Pluto on the 11th).  So if you're going to get all fired up, have some place to go, meaning, use that energy to fuel your passion.  Focus on what you do want and not what frightens you.  Now is not the time to confront others about problems (save that for later in the month).  For now, distance yourself and redirect your energy to more positive conclusions such as visualizing what you do want to happen. I also encourage you to watch videos by Astrologer Veerle, Kelley Rosano and Barbara Goldsmith since I trust these astrologers (abilities and ethics).

In the meantime, if you would like a personal reading, especially if you have planets in Cardinal Signs around 14 and 15 degrees, sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living. I'm offering $10 off Solar Return readings for Pisces Sun in March.  I also read children's natal charts as part of my Pediatric Astrology practice.

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