Monday, March 9, 2015

Staying in Tune (Following the Moon Cycles)


I experiment with various themes and activities with the Moon as it transits through the Zodiac Signs and through the waxing/waning cycles.  During the last waning Libra Moon (day after the Virgo Full Moon), I decided to get my haircut and because the Moon was in Libra (Venus) I ended up with the best haircut I had a in a long while.  When we match specific activities to the right Moon, we get the best results. Here's how it works.

First, let's look at the cycles of the Moon, including Eclipses and void-of-course Moons.  We can get a bit superstitious around Moon transits, but I have found validity in working with the Moon cycles.  When I first heard of void-of-course Moons decades ago, I worried about job interviews going array or first dates not working out if the Moon was void-of-course during those times.  However, not all void-of-course Moons are equal since I've read that the void-of-course Moons in Taurus, Cancer and Pisces bode well for certain activities usually involving creative projects.

The void-of-course Moon occurs after the Moon has aspected its last planet (say a square with Mars), and hasn't yet moved into the next Zodiac Sign.  According to my planetary guides, we feel disconnected and out-of-sorts when the Moon is in between signs. I know I do.  In fact, I can tell just by how I feel (a bit foggy and low energy) when the Moon is void-of-course.  This feeling reminds me when I would get together with friends and our plans would go array leaving us in surreal circumstances.

For instance, I recall a New Year's Eve from 1994 or 1995 where a group of us got together to celebrate.  We planned on going to a party near Pike's Place Market (Seattle) and then standing under the clock at midnight to usher in the New Year.  With all my friends' children in-tow, we got started late.  We were disorganized and ended up at a juice bar that seemed like a ghost town. We waited for someone to come out and serve us.  Since the door was unlocked we assumed someone was actually there.  But after waiting for 20 minutes or longer, we realized no one was there and the door was left unlocked. So then we tracked down the owner of the cafe and waited for someone to show up and lock the door before heading home.  I don't know if the Moon was void-of-course, but good chance it was during that evening.

I have even stranger stories that took place during eclipses, especially ones visible from my location.  So what's the deal with eclipses? The main deal with eclipses is the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon with the Earth.  Since our bodies are made of 70% water and the Moon pulls on the tides we experience emotional and physical effects.  While I read an article online where a journalist disputed the powerful effects of Full Moons and eclipses, calling it nonsense, I have had too many real experiences around Lunar Eclipses in particular to agree with journalist extolling the virtues of "real science" verses superstition.  And oddly, the journalist of that article claimed that as long as people believe something will happen a certain way collectively, it will.  He unwittingly described the Law of Attraction.

Eclipses remind me of earthquakes in that they shaken and loosen up stuck energy.  Some eclipses, especially Lunar Eclipses bring events that kick us out of denial.  For instance, someone despises their job and feels stuck.  Then a Lunar Eclipse Moon conjuncts their Natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant and they get fired from their job.  Now, this isn't a bad event because this person wanted to leave that job and subconsciously (Moon) hoped that he would get fired from it.  Of  course, had this person been proactive, acknowledging dissatisfaction with his job and sought career counseling or networked for a new job, he could have avoided getting fired.

Eclipses can also bring epiphanies and inspiration that propels us in different directions that are more aligned with our soul's desires.  But mainly eclipses leave us feeling out of sorts, especially for anyone with a Cancer Sun, Moon or Ascendant so it is a time to rest and rejuvenate.  It's best not to do any major activities during an Eclipse or even the 3 day shadow of an eclipse (on both sides of the eclipse date) since it won't bode well.  Getting surgery during a Lunar Eclipse can lead to complications, even fatal ones.  However, some times an emergency surgery occurs during an eclipse that could save a life.  It's as if life events speed up during an Eclipse and anything can happen.  The general rule of thumb however is to lay low and save activities for a later date.

When the Moon waxes it's good to do activities where we are building, creating or bringing a project to fruition during the Full Moon.  Think of the pregnant woman getting rounder as the Moon increases in fullness, of course, the Moon cycle is 28 days (unless you're a rabbit), and the pregnancy last 9 to 10 months, so this is just a metaphor.  A waning Moon is best used when we want to eliminate, breakdown or get rid of something. For instance, if you want a haircut to last longer, get a haircut during a waning Moon. If you want to sell books or give away belongings, it's best to do this during the waning Moon. Weeding a garden or getting rid of pests from the garden are activities for the waning Moon.  Do you see how this works?

Finally, let's take a quick spin through the Zodiac Moons with a list of activities that go best when the Moon is in a specific Sign.  Now, it's best not to do these activities during an Eclipse or a void-of-course Moon so it does take some practice and paying attention to details.  Not all Libra Full Moons are the same, for instance.  If I had decided to get my haircut during the Lunar Eclipse in Libra this April, I probably wouldn't be happy with the results.

Aries Moon--During this Moon we all feel like courageous warriors.  Now is a good time to confront people, set boundaries and say "no" just like a two-year old going through a Mars Return.  This is a good time to start a project that requires lots of energy and physical drive.  Athletics go well during this Moon but don't get too caught up in the competitive spirit or we could end up with sore losers.  Now is a time to risk foolishness and take a chance such as asking someone out on a date.  It's also a fun time to spend with children.  But watch out for egos since we all want play the me-first game.

Taurus Moon--Get a massage, work in the garden, grow your own food or beautify your home during this time.  The waning Moon would be ideal for weeding a garden, but this might work better when we have a Scorpio waning Moon because Scorpio gets to the root.  Get your haircut during a waning Taurus Moon and it will grow back slowly.  This works best for shorter hair styles.   This is also a good time to kick back and spend leisurely time with friends.  Just don't over indulge in food or you could put on weight.

Gemini Moon--Use this Moon to get in touch with someone, especially a sibling you haven't heard from in a long time.  This is a great time for correspondence unless Mercury is Retrograde.  We have a lot of energy but we waste on talking.  Try listening instead of dominating a conversation (not easy during this Moon).  It's a perfect time for research, especially journalistic research and playing board games.  Telephones could ring off the hook and the e-mail box floods with messages, some which just seem superficial in nature.  Take care of hands and arms during this Moon.  Working with the hands goes well now.

Cancer Moon--This is one of the self-love Moons where we want to pull back from others and climb into our shells. It's a good time to retreat, hang out on a beach, change one's diet, and get in tune with intuition.  If we rush around trying to get things done during a Cancer Moon, we get cranky and everyone else seems cranky too. Children might seem whiny during a Cancer Moon because they require affection and nurturing more so during this Moon.  Take care of your skin, stomach and breasts during this Moon.  It's a good time for releasing repressed emotions with a good sob.  Let that stuff go.  We all require mothering now and healing mother-related issues.  This is a good time for buying silver.

Leo Moon--I have the most challenging time with the Leo Moon because it seems self-absorbed to me, but this is obviously my problem.  The Leo Moon is a booster for anyone working in the performing arts, especially in acting.  William Shakespeare must have referred to this Moon when he wrote the phrase, "The world is a stage..."  We all feel like players, bit or major on this day.  However, when a bit player tries to act like a major player we encounter cheap drama--think reality TV.  This is a good time to spend with children doing something creative.  Go to a parade or the theater. Life at this time resembles a pageantry. This is also a good time for buying anything gold.

Virgo Moon--It's time to perfect, purify and fix broken appliances or get involved in a self-improvement project such as starting a diet, especially during the waning phases.  We look for ways to serve others, but make sure that our egos don't get involved and we expect something back in return.  People who work in the service industries get a boost of energy, though we could all get caught up in worry or doubts or become too critical of ourselves and others.  It's a good time to clean out the closet, clear the shelves and give away those things that no longer serve us.  It's a good time to spend with small pets and organize the daily routine. Rid of unhealthy rituals such as smoking when the Virgo Moon is waning.  This is a good Moon for buying reliable footwear.

Libra Moon--I call this the beauty Moon, but it's also a good time for diplomacy and developing peaceful communication with others.  We don't wish to set boundaries now, but it's always good to know where we end and another person begins.  We might even put ourselves last to please others, but that's also a mistake. However, this is a great Moon for starting a beauty routine, getting a haircut, redecorating the home, planning a wedding,  or getting engaged.  Depending on the Moon's aspects with other planets and the phase of the Moon, legal situations can go well during this Moon.  It's also a good time for dispute resolution and beginning marriage counseling where there is conflicts in a marriage or partnership.  Good time for signing contracts, but only if Mercury is moving Direct and the Moon is not eclipsed or involved with tense aspects such as squares and oppositions with slower moving planets.

Scorpio Moon--I'm not sure if this Moon is beneficial or detrimental to surgery.  However, Scorpio as a Sign has laser-sharp focus and delves deep into a problem, especially a mysterious health problem so maybe exploratory surgery goes well during this Moon.  I don't recommend getting a haircut during a Scorpio Moon.  I tried that once with disastrous results.  People tend to feel gloomy and paranoid during this Moon, but it's a great Moon for scientific research, undercover journalism and detective work.  It's also a good time to uncover secrets other people hide from us by paying attention to intuitive hunches and dreams that occur during this Moon. Research corporations and politicians during this Moon.

Sagittarius Moon--This lively Moon causes us to overindulge in drink or food then regret it when the Moon transits into Capricorn.  We feel exuberant and expansive or like a lucky Irish clover.  It's a fantastic Moon for beginning a long-distance voyage or for getting in touch with someone from a foreign culture.  We have a greater interest in archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, world travel and religion during this Moon. It's a good Moon for enrolling in higher education and pursuing a dream.  This is also one of the manifestation Moons sine it's ruling planet is Jupiter.

Capricorn Moon--We feel grounded during this Moon and it's a good time for getting down to business, especially anything dealing with finances or structuring time, such as creating a daily or weekly schedule.  It's a good Moon for meeting with bankers such as applying for a loan.  If you're doing business wear navy blue or gray for best results.  This is a good time to take care of teeth, bones and other connective tissue and work on posture.  If you fall into depression (easily happens with this Moon) take a warm salt bath or go for a walk.  Strenuous exercise goes well and lifts depression.  We want our independence and to go it alone. Mountain and rock climbing go well during the Capricorn Moon.

Aquarius Moon--Time to invent and innovate.  Envision the future you want for the planet then find your unique path.  Join a grassroots group or get on social media to connect with like-minded groups.  This Moon revolves around groups and group activity.  Time to speak your truth and to advocate.  I don't advise getting a haircut during this Moon unless you want something truly bizarre and off-putting.  We want to shock people now or at least shock ourselves out of complacency.  Good time for energy healing and delving into quantum physics.

Pisces Moon--This Moon lends itself to deeper meditation.  Channel collectives from the other side of the veil or get in contact with your Higher Self.  You can tell who has the God gene and who doesn't during this Moon by the comfort level of the people experiencing the Pisces Moon.  We are less visible during this Moon and we might bump into people because we simply didn't see them standing in front of us.

Activities that involve merging with greater consciousness go well now such as spiritual retreats or energy healing. Activities near the water or in water go well during this time.  Dream big and manifest your heart's desires (Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces).  Watch a movie or make a movie.  Sing, dance or make music. Photography also goes well during the Pisces Moon and you take surreal or enchanted photographs during this time.  Don't buy shoes during this Moon or you'll regret it later.  Foot fetishes and problems figure prominently during this Moon.

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