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12 Communication Styles of Mercury

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The only time I hear people talking about the planet Mercury is when it's about to go retrograde or is already doing the backwards dance. Yet, Mercury represents our learning, thinking and communication styles.  A conflict of communication styles could even break up a relationship, but not if we get a handle on other people's communication strengths and weaknesses.  Besides, why would someone with Mercury in chatty Gemini hook up with the one-word wonder Mercury in Taurus?

Also consider that Mercury rules the Third House so planets in the Third House also take on the Mercury (Gemini) flavor. Mercury moves quickly through the Zodiac Wheel often spending less than a month in a sign and I've even seen some months where Mercury flips through signs like a card dealer.  I've seen months where Mercury zipped through Pisces, Aries and moved into Taurus.  We don't call the planet Quicksilver for nothing.

And if you think experiencing Mercury Retrograde three times a year proves challenging, trying having Mercury Retrograde in your Natal Chart.  Some people do of course since Mercury retrogrades nine weeks out of every year.  When someone has Mercury Retrograde they most likely have problems with forward-thinking or planning ahead, especially if Mercury is retrograde in Virgo.  They might suffer from dyslexia or other learning disorders, especially in grade school.  They will either have no attention span or too much focus depending on the sign Mercury is in.  They might come off as a slow learner because they can't always articulate their thoughts.  They also have an excellent memory of the past.

In a Natal Chart, Mercury is close to the Natal Sun so it's either in the same sign as the Sun, the previous or the sign after the Sun.  So if the Sun is in Leo, Mercury is either in Cancer, Leo or Virgo.  Many people have Sun conjunct Mercury which fuses the Sun's identity with Mercury's communication style.  These folks are in sync with themselves and have an easy time speaking their truth.

Since Mercury is never far from the Sun, some of the Sun traits (when Mercury conjuncts Sun) come through in the descriptions you find below.  Mercury rules the mind and the Sun rules the heart.  Ultimately we blend the two for best results.

Mercury in Aries--These folks often talk too loud and don't always have their facts straight since they speak on impulse instead of giving thought to their words.  They butt in when someone is speaking, especially if the person bores them or if they just feel like provoking an argument.  On the plus side, Mercury in Aries make excellent motivational speakers because they know how to fire up passion in others.  They speak like a pioneer and they exude bravery even when they're shaking in their shoes.  They are quick learners, but they have too much energy to sit still for long periods.  They're actually brilliant in their own way, but often times act like fools. I'm not sure why they do this.

Mercury in Taurus--These folks just want to take in all the sensations of the world around them so they would rather not talk.  Therefore, when you ask them a question you either receive a grunt or a one-word answer (this is also true for people with Taurus Moon).  When they do talk, they often speak in poetry as they describe the outer world or they might just tell us to go hug a tree.  They are tactile learners and again rely on their senses for collecting evidence to tell them what is true or false.  They're slow-moving bulls, but this doesn't mean they're slow learners. Some children with Mercury in Taurus start talking later than other children, but don't worry, they will catch up.

Mercury in Gemini--Often these folks learn quickly, talk in a rapid, sometimes rabid fashion, and collect information like some people collect gadgets.  The internet was made for Mercury in Gemini folks since they have the power of knowledge at their finger tips. They type fast too. They do everything quickly and when others can't keep up, they bore easily. Similar to Mercury in Aries, they butt in while you're talking to them, especially if they don't like the direction the conversation is heading.  They love board games and playing with words or numbers.  They want to talk, talk, talk, but they might just talk other people's ears off.  These folks are handy too (good with their hands) and often have attractive hands and arms.  The only way to shut them up (they might even talk in their sleep) is to give them something to do with their hands.

Mercury in Cancer--On the downside, Mercury in Cancer folks are not above using pouting or sulking or even whining to get their way, especially when they are children. They also use crying as a form of communication, but I can assure you the tears are the real deal.  Mercury in Cancer feels exposed and vulnerable so a person with this Mercury might feel too shy to speak up or raise their hand to answer a teacher's question.  They communicate through feeling and emotion.  They come alive around the Full Moon, almost exploding with insights and ideas.  They also speak from intuition, that is if they have developed their intuitive gift.  They offer soothing words to those in need.  These folks seem tender and vulnerable to others, but watch out since Cancer is a pushy Cardinal Sign and Cancers were born to lead just as much as their polar opposite, Capricorn.

Mercury in Leo--They don't all require our undivided attention, but these folks shine like a July Sun, sometimes causing glare, at other times they merely sparkle like sunlight on a lake.  They love drama, so get them on a stage or under spotlight, otherwise the situation could get out of hand quickly.  Similar to Taurus, they speak a bit slower while absorbing every beautiful word that floats from their golden mouths.  They prefer to bath you in their innate wisdom which they generously bestow upon you, a mere peasant.  They speak like royalty or presidents. As far as learning goes, they must be the first in their class and they bask in a teacher's affection or adoration.

Mercury in Virgo--These folks often seem shy, but maybe they're just lost in analysis as they tackle another problem in their busy minds. These folks are organized and when they're still in grade school, they probably carry around organizers, calculators, and cell phones.  If they have a pencil box it's either neat as a pin or sloppy but with everything they could ever need in the box.  They love problem solving and tearing things apart so they can do it better the second or third time.  They might seem nit picky, but that's only because they enjoy fixing, perfecting and purifying others.  If you're looking for a hard worker, choose Mercury in Virgo who will keep trying until they get it perfect.

Mercury in Libra--These folks sometimes come across as space cadets as they flit from one person to the next or one situation to the next.  They love planning weddings, dinner parties, or a child's birthday party and in fact, they represent the party planners in the Zodiac.  They love to look their best and when I think of Mercury in Libra I think of the quintessential Parisian man or woman dressed and coiffed to perfection that we can't tell if they're really human or a store mannequin.  They can come across as icy at times, but only because they are lost in thought or we failed to practice the required protocol.  Mercury in Libra strives for balance and prefers diplomacy to arguments.  As far as learning styles, Mercury in Libra learns quickly and gasps foreign languages easily and effortlessly.  They love learning and are often lifelong learners.

Mercury in Scorpio--These folks come across as brooding at times and some people find them frightening. They probe into our private lives without ever saying a single word.  It's like they already know everything about us as if they pluck that information out of the air or a dark cloud in the sky. They can retain information on a deep level and they seem to know everyone's secrets which they store for use on another day.  They speak the shamanic language and love learning about the regeneration process.  They can handle dark topics better than any other Zodiac Sign and nothing seems to phase these folks.  Don't ever mistake their silence for stupidity. They prefer to save their wisdom for the right time.  These folks are brilliant and make excellent detectives or psychologists.

Mercury in Sagittarius--The word hyperbole was invented for Mercury in Sagittarius. While these folks will have us rolling in the aisles with laughter from the satires they weave, they are also prone to exaggeration. They love talking about adventures, especially adventures in foreign lands and they often can speak several languages or speak like academics even when they only have a high school education. They learn quickly if teachers engage them in topics they care about which include anthropology, other cultures, religion, philosophy, mind expansion, law as well as, good food and wine.  Similar to Gemini, they are a wealth of knowledge and similar to Libra, they consider themselves lifelong learners, but would rather learn from experience then burying their nose in books.  Having said that, someone with Mercury or Jupiter in Sagittarius would do well to work in the book publishing industry.

Mercury in Capricorn--Why do these folks insist on talking about gloomy topics? They sometimes remind me of the character Eyore from Winnie the Pooh, "We'll ne-ver make it."  But in all fairness, Mercury in Capricorn does have a sense of humor, a bit dry and on the rocks, but it wouldn't surprise me if many comedians born in December and January have Mercury in Capricorn.  They tend to be a bit self-effacing, but they pull it off having us chuckling along with them.  They learn quickly, especially in the realm of business. Children with Mercury in Capricorn might work odd jobs to learn about the value of money and they desire to earn their way in the world while lifting themselves up from their own bootstraps.

They're not always the most talkative folks and some of them retreat into their silent caves from time to time. They are also as moody as Mercury in Cancer, but more grounded.

Mercury in Aquarius--Think absent minded professor types. No, they're most likely not suffering from dementia, but they do get lost in their brilliant thoughts which are way off in the future.  I'm hearing the theme song from The Jetson's.  Don't bore these folks with past inventions or history because they're ready to bring the far off and far out into the now. Give them problems to solve and they'll supply you with technology to achieve the job.  The downside to Mercury in Aquarius is that these folks come across as detached and awkward in situations that involve emotional intelligence.  It's not that they don't have emotions, but getting in touch with emotions takes a backseat to thinking, innovating and inventing.  We're going to thank these folks when they solve climate change and other problems dogging us at the moment.

Mercury in Pisces--These folks channel virtually 100% of the time.  They don't know where the answers to test problems come from, but they pluck information out of thin air. When they're not above speaking to humans and don't imagine that they are the Divine Daughters and Sons of Pleiadians, they offer soothing and compassionate words from Ascended Masters.  They are most likely to speak through choreography, cinema, photographs or music and when they do, they reach us on a deep level.

In an educational setting, they have trouble focusing on lessons as their minds wander off to who knows where. They might start preaching to us too, if not in religious tones than they'll speak veganism or tell us to go hug trees. These folks make excellent spiritual teachers, healers, priests and holy saints.  They also speak the language of dolphins and other marine life.  Got to love them.

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