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Forecast for April 2015--Cooling the Dragons

For the first week of April, some of us lick our wounds from experiences brought on by the exact Uranus-Pluto Square and Solar Eclipse in March.  While others, integrate changes into their transformed lives.  While it's unhealthy to judge others along their paths, assess where you have landed after the perfect storm, ground yourself and move forward knowing all changes are for the better.  Share your wisdom with those only now embarking on their life path.

We launch April with a Lunar Eclipse (April 4), at 14 degrees Libra.  The degree of the Aries Sun conjunct Uranus and the Moon in Libra square Pluto bringing us another Cardinal T-Cross. Mercury also transits at 8 degrees Aries which means that people speak before they think and often using sharp words.  While it's beneficial to assert oneself in a conversation or in other circumstances, let's try not to dominate or control others.  This is a time of impulsive and spontaneous acts, even foolish acts since Aries rules the fool and where we act childish.  However, Pluto in Capricorn acts as a double parent or authority figure that sets us straight. This would not be a good time to flirt with the law either since Libra represents the legal system and the Full Moon in Libra eclipses the Aries Sun.  We could see rash behavior and car accidents now, especially involving young people.

Full Moon in Libra 14 degrees 24
On the other hand, we could find balance in our lives through engaging in playful activities or getting a child's perspective on the areas of our lives we take too seriously.  Some children come across as charming and balanced while other children experience meltdowns at this time if their lives, including diet are out of balance. In fact, if a child experiences a meltdown take a look at diet and exercise.  Are food allergies the culprit? Is the child eating too much sugar (stay below 25mg sugar per day)? Is the child sitting indoors all day instead of going outside and getting fresh air and exercise?  We must remember that when planets transit in Aries, we have an abundance of energy that can easily lean towards aggressive, even violent behavior if we don't work off the steam.

As with all Libra transits, I ask everyone to look at their diet because Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas so watch sugar intake.  The problem with planets transiting in Libra and especially and eclipse in Libra is that we crave sugar or sweets so it's hard not to indulge.  However, taking a B-Vitamin complex and chromium helps in relieving the craving as does eating carrots, bananas, almonds and coconut instead of indulging in ice cream, cookies, cake and soda.  In fact, if you're on a spiritual path, give up the soda, cookies and ice cream because these weigh you down and mess up the pancreas, leading to obesity and diabetes too.  Have a special treat once in awhile, but be realistic and know that indulging in sweets everyday is bad news to the body.

Speaking of Libra, Venus figures prominently (if we use Taurus as a co-ruler of Venus) in April. This is because Mercury transits into Taurus on April 15 (Tax Day in the US), Venus transits in Taurus until the 12th when she travels into chatty Gemini, the Sun transits into Taurus on the 20th and March starts off the month in Taurus.  Planets in Taurus form a sextile with Neptune in Pisces and later Chiron in Pisces (for exact dates check an emphemeris or planetary guide). Planets transiting in Taurus also trine Pluto in Capricorn when they are around 15 degrees, but square Jupiter in Leo around the same time.

Wikipedia from Alice in Wonderland
I see two scenarios playing out and it depends where we are at on the evolutionary scale.  People who seek only pleasure at the expense of others and the planet, have a ways to go before waking consciousness.  We could see a rise in hedonistic behaviors and shopping that breaks the bank for some folks.  However, we could also see a boost to the real estate market, people could renovate or redecorate homes now, get their hands dirty gardening or starting a victory garden such as added raised beds to the lawn.  It would be an excellent time to head to the farmers market and support your local farmers.  Taurus rules farmers.  We see beauty in the natural world as spring blossoms around us, wear lighter colors, and want to listen to aesthetically-pleasing music, dance or sing, especially with the Taurus-Pisces sextiles.

Those of you who work in a healing profession could see an increase in clients coming to you, especially if you work with aromatherapy, color therapy or sound healing.  Music and dance therapy go well now too. And we'll all have more energy and enthusiasm to promote our healing or metaphysical practices as the Fire Trine with Jupiter and Uranus continues throughout April with a 5 degree orb.  On April 6, Mercury joins Uranus and forms a trine with Jupiter and we will communicate optimism on this day.  We can-do just about anything during this week and manifest our heart's desires, but only if we feel deserving of them.

We start off the month with the Sun joining Uranus and trining Jupiter, but this is around the time of the Lunar Eclipse-Cardinal T-Cross so Jupiter exaggerates either destructive or awakening energy, depending on the circumstance.  While we think of Jupiter as a benefactor, Jupiter can also cause us harm through being excessive or over expansive.  Meaning if Jupiter encounters a violent situation, especially when it's in a Fire Sign, it stokes the violence.  Jupiter in Leo could add arrogance to the picture and egos fly off the handle. People might have inflated views of themselves and not deliver the goods or start a project they'll never complete because they exaggerated their skills and commitment level.  It's also a good time to discern what is and what isn't truly narcissistic behavior since we overuse this word in labeling people.  For instance, just because people like taking selfies doesn't mean they're narcissists especially if they are committed in other areas of their lives to improving life on the planet.

We have some movement changes on planets in April. Jupiter finally goes Direct on April 9, but Pluto goes retrograde on the 17th and Saturn is already retrograde. Jupiter has also moved out of a Yod with Pluto and Chiron (March 24) so forward movement results and business picks up.  Those of you (such as myself) who suffered financially during the Yod, will see improvement of money flow occurring around April 9, right before Tax Day in the US.  Some of you will get a bigger tax refund than originally thought, especially if you have your Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Venus in Leo.

Finally, let's look briefly at the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries on the 18th.  Right after the New Moon, the Moon goes Void-of-Course then a few hours later moves into stabilizing Taurus.  The only information I'm picking up at this time for this New Moon is that it completes a cycle of growing pains and that many of us mature emotionally during these transits, leaving behind impulsive and compulsive behaviors.  Some of you might experience tooth aches, head aches, fevers or problems with the face during this New Moon, especially if you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant around 28 degrees Aries or the New Moon falls in your 1st or 6th houses.  If this happens, retreat from your daily routine and get plenty of rest.  These problems will pass quickly.

April looks like an active month, at least for the first two weeks and around the New Moon in Aries on the 18th.  But we will also have an urge to pull back and away from the maddening crowd to spend time outdoors or in a garden.  Some of us will spend time on a hammock getting caught up on reading or spend time at art galleries.  With so many planets in Taurus in April and the Fire Trine with the planets in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, we can also manifest our heart's desires, but again we must feel worthy of those desires. Keep a cool head and stay grounded as we move into mid-spring or mid-fall, depending where you are on the planet.  Enjoy the unfolding.

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