Thursday, March 12, 2015

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Reading Special

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I'm offering either a Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse reading for $35.00 until the end of April 2015. I will send you a chart and a 10 to 15 minute MP3 of the reading. 
Payment is through PayPal or you can send a cashier's check from your bank.  All international readings are through PayPal only.

Please sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living and make sure you give me an accurate birth time.  PayPal is through wholemusicexp at gmail dot com

The funds I raise through these readings help me to launch my business. 

I also will offer an alternative reading of three oracle cards regarding upcoming events in your personal life regarding either the Solar or Lunar Eclipse (March 18 and April 4).  Just let me know what you desire in your e-mail.

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