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Lunar Eclipse in Libra (April 4, 2015)--Balancing Act

After March's Uranus-Pluto Square, the Cardinal Signs won't enjoy another major event involving Libra, Aries and Capricorn.  But on April 4, we experience a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra, forming a Cardinal T-Square with Uranus-Sun and Pluto.  Meanwhile, Jupiter at 12 degrees Leo trines Uranus-Sun, sextiles the Libra Moon and forms an inconjunct with Pluto. All of this carries the theme of transformation.

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Those of you with Cardinal Sign planets between 12 and 16 degrees will experience a life-changing event whether that appears on the global canvas or in your personal life.  If we look at the chart for the Lunar Eclipse, we also see a loose Grand Fire Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus with the Sun.  We're all going to experience  a surge of energy which in itself isn't a bad thing if we have an outlet to direct that energy. Imagine electricity with no place to go and the sparks that derive from misplaced electrical energy. A good use of that energy could come in the form of transforming the workplace or building new structure, especially with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius coming into play.

Signs most affected by the Lunar Eclipse are Aries, Libra and Capricorn, with Libra taking the emotional brunt and Aries acting impulsively for good or ill.  While the Libra Full Moon reminds us to find balance in the areas of our lives where the eclipse impacts (look at the houses in your chart with Libra, Aries and Capricorn on the cusps).  Marital problems could erupt at this time if both parties or even one party has repressed emotions as not to hurt the other person's feelings or out of fear of confrontation.  Aries types want more freedom than usual especially with Jupiter in Leo coming into play (Fire Trine).  Libras want a different sort of freedom that happens more on the intellectual level whereas, some Libras will demand space so that they can find their authentic selves.

On a global level, tensions erupt in cities, towns, provinces or countries with an Aries or Libra Ascendant, Moon or Sun (such as the city where I reside with has a Libra Ascendant at 17 degrees), especially with 12 to 16 degrees Libra or Aries. This tension will most likely involve justice and youth.  Could even be university students returning from spring break only to be greeted by a tuition hike or some other type of bad news which leads to protest, most likely occurring over social media.  This is just a potentiality.

Also the Lunar Eclipse occurring at 14 degrees in Cardinal Signs (Libra and Aries) plays a significant role. Uranus occupied 14 degrees Aries from February 10 until March 10 before it moved into an exact conjunction with Mars and an exact square with Pluto.  And speaking of Pluto, this planet transited at 14 degrees Capricorn from January 25 until February 28 so we could revisit situations from those periods. Mars and Aries represent youth, courage, and boldness as well as, aggression, competitiveness and violence.  Mars and Aries act first and think later, sometimes too late.  Mars has a tendency to lead to rash or impulsive behavior sometimes out of courage and other times pure foolishness.  Fortunately, Mars is at 2 degrees Taurus at the time of the Lunar Eclipse.  Mars energy almost comes to a standstill when it enters the Sign of the Bull.

Meanwhile, the asteroid Pallas (Greek Athena), hangs out in the Galactic Center at 29 degrees Sagittarius reminding us to close a cycle that started in ancient times or the era of wise women elders.  This suggests to me that we find our solutions by going inward and connecting with the wise priestess in each of us, man or woman.  Use intuition instead of logic now, strive for peace through sharing and cooperation and give up this idea that others are out to get us.  Give up the idea of us verses them which always leads to battles of one kind or another.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi 
With the Grand Fire Trine we could manifest peace between nations, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius and most likely this starts on the business front or from cultural exchanges.  We could also find solutions in archaeology discoveries found at this time, especially in the area of ancient religious practices. Perhaps university students graduating later this spring come up with solutions to problems that have dogged us for centuries with Uranus and Sun in Aries involved.  It's not all gloom, but boy, will the planets put on a show around this Lunar Eclipse.

Venus in Taurus forms a trine with Pluto at the beginning of April which segues into the Lunar Eclipse and so this is a fantastic time to get exercise, take care of bones, skin and teeth, as well as get grounded through hiking in the woods, mountain climbing and gardening.  Farming goes well at this time, especially with crops that grow slowly underground such as root vegetables and I have an image of ginger root.  This trine bodes well for body workers, especially chiropractors and massage therapists.  You could see an influx of clients the first week of April, especially on the 4th and 5th.

No matter who you are or where your Natal planets land in your chart, the first two weeks of April either complete a transformation process that began around March 11 or bring new changes that affect you on a profound level.  As always focus on the positive.  Focus on what you can do and then do it.  This Lunar Eclipse reminds us that each of us and our contributions to the Greater Good matter.

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  2. Lots of change. The Pisces Moon eclipse was about releasing ancient beliefs around sin/saints and martyr/victim. It leads to liberation. The Libra Lunar Eclipse is about regaining balance in your life and reclaiming your power.

    If you would like a more detailed reading bringing the houses and other aspects in your chart, see my Moon specials at

  3. Any insight about this lunar eclipse hitting my Saturn at 14 Libra in the 8th house? Been dealing with issues for the last 7 years with my mom's health and decline (she's 92, a Pisces), assisted living, financial decline because of all the money flowing into her care, and potential loss of inheritance as a result. Also, selling my childhood home and moving again.

  4. What comes to mind for me is that it's time for you to reclaim your power. Saturn in the 8th House is going to bring up fear revolving around death, taxes, resources of others, and others having power over you. These power issues are on the soul level, even the deep subconscious level. With Saturn in the 8th House these are life lessons for you that fortunately, or unfortunately, will reach a climax during the Lunar Eclipse that conjuncts your Saturn.

    You are asked to find balance in your life and in your case balance of authority and power. This is a challenging path, no doubt because Saturn is a stern teacher that ultimately brings wisdom and grace. In Libra, we are asked to stand up for ourselves or stand in our own power and reclaim your inner authority.

    Saturn also represents parental figures (especially elderly ones because Saturn represents age) and Libra represents relationships. How can you take your relationship with your mother to a higher level? Do you glean the lessons she is teaching you through these experiences? What is your soul connection to your mother? These are themes to meditate upon.

    Now, this Lunar Eclipse also brings in Pluto which is going to further emphasize those 8th House themes and Uranus which has you wanting to rebel, breakout of the old way of relating and get in touch with your inner child (Aries). What are your needs? How can you take care of your needs? What is required to bring stability in your life? By reclaiming your personal power you can manifest financial resources and what ever else is required.

    Pisces represents self-sacrifice and hospitals in some cases. But I doubt your path is of self-sacrifice so you're dealing with generational values and attitudes on top of everything else. I have aging parents so I can relate. I wish you much wisdom, faith and grace during this Eclipse period and beyond.

    1. Thank you so much for this very thoughtful answer! I really appreciate your insight and guidance. It has been such a difficult time, and I know there is much room for growth and wisdom here. Thanks again so much; I will meditate on all that you have presented here. Blessings to you.

  5. What is to be expected for gemini? In love mainly I am stuck with the same individual who can not make up their mind

  6. Are you a Gemini or is the person you're inquiring about a Gemini? We can't change the behavior of others nor do we want to waste our energies doing so. Often times the behaviors that bother us in others are hidden parts or shadows of ourselves. When we own our shadows one of two things happens 1) the person changes their behavior towards us on their own or 2) the behavior stops bothering us because we reclaimed our power in the situation.

    Having said that, Gemini is a dualistic sign along with Libra and Pisces. Gemini must experience both sides of the coin to make decisions and often then, they still can't decide. For Gemini, life represents a banquet of opportunities and they want to experience all of it, usually out of curiosity. This is the nature of Gemini.

  7. J, I'm glad I could help.

    I know all about 8th House challenges since I was born with Pluto and Uranus in my 8th. Having outer planets in the 8th House brings us to our knees at times, humbles and transforms us.

    Sending you love and light.

  8. As a Cancerian, I have encountered nasty people who are doing their best to scapegoat me. I live in a city of passive-aggressive people so this doesn't surprise me. The city has a Libra Moon and Ascendant with a late Cancer Sun. The eclipse formed an conjunction the city's Ascendant with this eclipse.

    Since eclipses shake up emotions, I'm considering whether or not I want to relocate to another city.

    I'm not complaining, but giving an example of the power of this Lunar Eclipse. I also experienced blessings this weekend with some pleasant surprises. The theme of this eclipse for me is to heal the scapegoat scenario which has dogged me my entire life.

    I'm not responsible for other people's shortcomings or behaviors, but I am responsible for loving myself no matter how others treat me, speaking my truth and saying no to passive-aggressive people.

  9. I suspect that the Baltimore riots are related to this eclipse because the chart I found for Baltimore, Maryland at Astro Data Bank has a Libra Sun at 16 degrees and an Aries Moon (no degree listed) for Baltimore.

    The effects of an eclipse can last anywhere from 30 days to 6 months (sometimes longer). So we're not through with the April 4 Lunar Eclipse yet.