Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Moon Forecast for April 2015--The Rainbow's Pot of Gold

As I write this post, I'm a month away from the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries on April 18.  Part of me, if not all of me, wishes to jump ahead past the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra and all that muck with Uranus and Pluto. Yet, we can't enjoy the rainbow without weathering the storm.  Besides, all that tension gives us astrologers something to sink our teeth into.

All the New Moons thus far in 2015 have ended cycles and the New Moon at 28 degrees Aries follows this pattern. Although this New Moon falls in a fiery Cardinal Sign, my sense on it brings up the words relaxation and rejuvenation, mainly because this is the first New Moon after the eclipses of March and April and it moves into grounded Taurus a few hours later.

So what does it mean to end a cycle in Aries? If we're not careful Aries energy can burn us out quickly especially if we charge into situations or run with the mantra, "Go, go, go!"  With Aries we want to get stuff done and done now.  We learn to set boundaries and put ourselves first which on one hand empowers us, but on the other hand, upsets the apple cart.  So to end an Aries cycle we must first take responsibility for whatever actions we took whether that's launching a new project or setting the scene to leave a marriage.  This involves commitment to our goal and follow-through instead of waiting for a parental figure to do the work for us.  Ending an Aries cycle requires that we move past our childhood (if we're adults), grow up and act like civilized adults.  Anyone not taking responsibility will experience a kick in the pants during this New Moon.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
We'll also notice the ones acting childish especially since Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo during this time with Mars representing the child or childish behavior and Jupiter in Leo stoking the ego causing melodrama.  Meanwhile, Venus in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius and squares Neptune in Pisces leaving us with a Mutable T-Cross.  Venus in Gemini will either focuses on lectures about healing and ecology or she'll get caught up in gossip or spend too much time gabbing about nothing important.  We could see a competition between women maybe even in an academic or religious setting or local women pitting themselves against foreign women which hardly awakens us spiritually.

We could also witness scandals in the media (more likely) involving academics, lawyers, foreigners or religious figures that come off as exaggerated.  We end up feeling disillusioned with religion or even spiritual practices because of the scandals.  This could involve a renowned guru from from a foreign country who ends up in a scandal and people comes off as brainwashed or gullible.  It's happened before and could happen again with this Mutable T-Cross. Women (Venus) could suffer the most from it, especially if it's a sex and religion scandal.  In any case, I don't have a good feeling about this Mutable T-Cross since I have my Venus in Gemini.

What I do like about this New Moon is Mercury in Taurus where language describes sensual experiences and communication slows down, if not comes to a complete halt.  This would be good time to shut off communication devices and take the phone off the hook.  Pick up a good book and head over to the hammock under a leafy tree.  I also like the Trine with Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn which bodes well for business.  Neptune and Pluto close in on a wide sextile which fuses Pisces and Capricorn energy meaning we can set goals to manifesting our world vision.  Neptune also spiritualizes Pluto and transformation occurs on a spiritual level or leads us to a deeper spiritual path.

With the asteroid Vesta joining Neptune, we purify our intent and vision so that we serve the greater good.  Other favorable aspects include Mars joining Mercury in Taurus because we can now put action behind our words and show up as mature and grounded when we discuss our plans with others.  Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Leo which will either help us to define who we are and what we truly desire or could just add more fire to the potential scandals I mentioned earlier.

Finally, Pluto goes retrograde the day prior to the New Moon giving us a rest from relentless transformation and probing into shadows (which can just leave us feeling paranoid).  The overall feeling I receive from gazing at this New Moon is one of stability.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to take some time off in April to reassess, rethink and recuperate from events from previous weeks.  It's a great time to integrate changes that have occurred on all fronts.  Spend time in nature and get in touch with your soul.  Ask yourself what you really want from life then take the next few weeks to create the steps to manifesting the the life you desire.  The planets transiting in Taurus bode well for manifestation and Jupiter in Leo has us believing in ourselves. Look in the mirror and say the mantra, "I can do it."  Yes, you can.


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