Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Venus conjunct Uranus Squares Jupiter & Pluto: Feminine Warrior, Not Boy-Chaser

While I was researching the Mars Direct transit, I saw a dance between Venus conjunct Uranus with squares to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer forming yes, a T-Cross.  However, the degrees between planets aren't exact, but within a 5 degree orb.  Venus transits in Aries at 19 degrees and Uranus transits at 15 degrees with Jupiter at 18 degrees Cancer and Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn.

Well, I know you're all tired of T-Crosses and the tension, not to mention lessons these configurations bring us.  And I'm picking up powerful energy around the Divine Feminine with both men and women embodying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  Remember Venus represents balance, but here she's wed to Uranus who represents the surprise or shock factor.  How do we create balance with a bull in a China shop knocking over tables and shattering beautiful objects? That's the image that comes to mind.  To make us feel even more cautious, not to mention, paranoid, Pluto lurks in the corner representing structure of our lives and other people's resources.  Jupiter in Cancer again expands upon the feminine theme since Cancer rules the mother and possibly even our Earth Mother.  I haven't even looked at the female asteroids for confirmation.  But Mars in Venus sign, Libra further validates this theme.

Mary Magdalene, Wikipedia
However, I'm picking up an even bigger message and it revolves around us women.  I know we have heard the concept of self-love in every spiritual corner these days, but that's because it's the most important message of this era.  This applies to drug addicts as much as it does Super Woman because women abuse themselves in too many ways from the way we chastise ourselves in private or the way we refuse other people's compliments by negating their words.  "Oh, you like this old dress?"  When we eat junk food instead of fresh vegetables and whole grains, or not drink enough pure water, or fail to exercise and sit on our butts all day, we negate ourselves.  And when we chase after men instead of attracting them through self-love, we desecrate the goddess within each of us.  Become the female warrior and not the boy-chaser.

So who is this female warrior I keep mentioning in my posts?  She's the tigress in us that comes from a place of her heart center or Love.  Her mission is to bring balance and harmony to the earth through peaceful, not forceful actions (what we call inspired actions).  She refuses to cling to relationships or partnerships that don't honor her and she teaches others by example.  The Female Warrior comes from a place of compassion, humility (not denigration), integrity and passion.  She not only lives her passions, she embodies them inspiring others to take up the twin swords of truth and justice for the earth and all creatures upon it.  A Female Warrior actually exists in all of us, men and women (as well as children).

The Female Warrior embodies the whole woman and not the split between the prostitute and the saint-nun.  All her chakras flow a clear channel of love. Now, when we become the Female Warrior and love ourselves fully and completely, we don't chase after anything, and certainly not boys.  We attract through our actions and our being-ness. We are radiant at this point.  So Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries = the Feminine Warrior in conversation with Pluto transforming structure and Jupiter in Cancer making sure that every being on the planet has sustainable nourishment of the soul, mind, and body. Do you now see the bigger picture?

We're back to self-love and knowing this journey well.  We don't get there over night, but we keep walking the path.  Each day we see another shadow fall away or we find another crumb of enlightened energy on our path leading us to the Divine inside each of us.  This journey is so important that we have no time to play games, sexual or otherwise.  Venus represents what we find attractive and how we attract while Uranus represents sudden events such as someone coming into our lives because we attracted that person with our brilliance.  If we vibrate at a low frequency then watch out because the trickster is at work.  Either way, we're involved with a steep learning curve.  Aries of course represents our adventurous spirit and our playfulness.  Whose to say that the journey of the Feminine Warrior isn't playful?  Think of Archangel Ariel as she watches over the natural world and finds delight in the myriad of creatures.

Let's become the Female Warrior and stop chasing boys or clinging to toys (gadgets and other addictions).  Will you grab the gauntlet and take control of your destiny or let others do that for you? When we hope for this or that person to come into our lives to make us whole, we shoot ourselves  in the foot and ooze our personal power (like blood) on the earth.  We lose our life force and clog our chakra channels.  The T-Cross with fast moving Venus lasts a week, but it's one heck of a powerful week.  Wake up.

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