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Forecast for June 2014--Moons, Loons and Moody Tunes

June Brides, by Patricia Herlevi
For whatever reason, the energy of June 2014 reminds me of a calliope.  Strange whirling music surfaces along with childhood memories swirled together into mush.  June feels nostalgic even though most of that month the Sun transits in Gemini.  

Perhaps, most of our memories that surface in June have to do with early education and learning something new.  There is a return to childhood or even more, a return to enchantment in June.  Perhaps it's the summer on a beach or sunbathing on a lawn with a transistor radio playing pop music in the background. For me, it's the smell of Coppertone suntanning lotion or the smell of my plastic Skipper doll or the taste of taffy.

Gemini and Cancer share this month of college graduation, Father's Day, children getting released from school for the summer, summer jobs, summer vacations and road trips.  Some people take this time to catch up on their book lists or play word games while waiting in airports or in the backseat of a car.  It's also a time of sending cards, getting back in touch, family reunions and communication of all types. Unfortunately, Mercury goes RX in June (June 7 until the 30th) so maybe that has something to do with returning to the past.  But use this time to review past events with a realistic eye.  Much healing can happen now if we are realistic and remember life as it really was.

We start out the first week of June with an Air Trine between the Sun in Gemini and Mars at 9 degrees Libra (where Mars has parked for over two weeks).  On June 2nd, Mars finally scoots over to 10 degrees and begins picking up momentum like a locomotive train.  On June 6, the Gemini Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries which suggests people playing with words in a provocative manner and sparking heated debates or arguments.  This is a day when we will encounter know-it-all people.  People will butt into each others' conversations and could even act rude.  We might also see rudeness in the form of snarkiness on the internet or someone could cut us off in a phone conversation or in traffic.  Overall, people will act immature and we can take a few deep breaths reminding ourselves that this phase will soon pass.

Antiques & Avenues by Patricia Herlevi
Alternately, we could hear some good ideas now, but we might not get the whole gist of the ideas since Mercury goes retrograde on June 7th in the sign of Cancer.  Misunderstandings in relationships or between mothers and children could end in tears or hurt feelings.  Mercury is at its worst communication wise when the planet is stationary retrograde or direct or when it slows down which is the week preceding a retrograde or after the planet goes direct. Communication feels wobbly, glitches surface in machinery and with the Air Signs, we experience the infamous Mercury RX woes (yes, cars and computers could breakdown and with Uranus in Aries be careful when driving too).

The good news is that it's a good time to get the computer or car fixed.  It's a good time to go back and edit text or to clear out old e-mail messages and e-files or hard copy files.  It's a time to reassess all forms of communication.  For those of you who work in marketing, analyze your messages and see the results.  Do you require to tweak the words or use some wordplay or puns? Try adding a bit of fun into your marketing message since the Gemini Sun brings out the child in us.

Also the first week, Venus in Taurus forms an inconjunct with Mars in Libra which are both rulers of Venus.  This emphasizes how we get our messages across in relationships, especially intimate relationships or legal partnerships.  This also would not be a good time to sign any contracts.  It is a good time to chill and get a massage or take a mini-vacation.  Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio continue a Water Trine which brings compassion and nurturing to the mix.  And Uranus and Pluto continue their tense square reminding us that despite the summer sun and glorious beaches awaiting us, there is still much work for us in the area of transforming our lives.

We experience the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12/13 at 22 degrees (opposes my Natal Venus exact). Since Jupiter (Sagittarius ruling planet) is in Cancer, Cancer  natives will reap rewards now for hard work or receive some type of recognition or reward.  However, a warning comes with this Moon and that is not to indulge in drink or food. Nourishment is one thing, and eating because we feel empty is another that leads to an expanded waistline or thighs that won't be easy to solve later.  We could also exaggerate emotions or philosophize into the wee hours of the morning.  Don't stuff emotions with food or alcohol which could lead to liver trouble and illnesses caused by repressed emotions, such as stomach problems or pain in the breasts. Do use this time to practice generosity.

By Patricia Herlevi
On June 9th we experience a trine between Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio so could experience intuition shooting for the roof. Women might wish to spend time alone or with a group of spiritual women.  Food, sex and passion are on our minds on June 9 and 10th. This is also a fertile time so if you don't want to get pregnant, use protection while engaging in sex.  You would also protect yourself from an STD, which is a possibility with the Scorpio Moon.  This is the time of the High Priestess and the goddess within all of us.  Children might also show their psychic side or just seem moodier than usual.

Also on the day of the Full Moon Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio.  Since this opposition happens in fixed signs and oppositions usually occur outside of us, we could see a stalemate in relationships.  Venus prefers to stay in the sensual and superficial realm while Saturn in Scorpio wants to probe beneath the surface and learn everyone's secrets. This is a case of not being able to leave well-enough alone.   Someone could be caught in an affair and the other person (the more mature partner) has trouble forgiving his or her partner.  Or this could relate to the environment verses commerce with neither side giving into a compromise.  In any case, despite the mutable Full Moon, we will experience rigid thinking in the area of our lives where Scorpio and Taurus fall in our Natal Charts.

Last but not least for this busy second week, Neptune goes retrograde so now we have 4 planets in the retrograde motion and during the final week of the month the asteroid Chiron goes retrograde also sending us back to your childhood to review and heal wounds.  I'm thinking we'll require compassion for ourselves and others during this time and also we will pay attention to dreams relating to your childhood--not just nightly dreams but also ambitions that we buried in our childhood or teen years due to someone not approving of those dreams. Now, we will revisit those dreams with new eyes and new hope.

On June 18, Mercury retrogrades into Gemini and this is when we'll experience or could experience computer glitches, cars breaking down but I think most of what we'll experience is misinformation in the media or publicist making exaggerated claims.  A retrograde period is a good time for us to research these claims, but not gloat when we discover lies or exaggerated claims.  We could also see a news story reported incorrectly in several sources which usually ends in amusement.  How can those reporters mess up the facts? Well, journalism and broadcasting are ruled by Gemini.  Expect delays in travel too.

Life in Retrograde by Patricia Herlevi
Mercury RX also trines the North Node in Libra this week which suggest that an injustice from the past will return for balance.  We could see retrials in court or an innocent person exonerated or a guilty person finally caught red-handed. But this trine is ultimately positive in that justice is served.  We could also see victories for the everyday person in regard to the telecommunication field or the internet.

On June 22nd, the Sun moves into Cancer and we celebrate the arrival of Summer and during this last week the Sun trines Neptune in Water with an exact degree on June 29 (my birthday).  The New Moon in Cancer at 5 degrees also trines Neptune bringing us some powerful dreams at this time.  Intuition feels heightened and again we seek the goddess or high priestess within.  We just know things without knowing how. We feel a strong Divine connection or we feel like the river meeting the ocean as we merge into a sense of Oneness or Unity Consciousness.  Definitely meditate during this phase and set intentions for the summer and beyond.

Now is a good time to focus on how we nurture ourselves.  Are we drinking enough water? Getting exercise? Are we eating foods that give us vitality or do we learn that we suffer from sugar or another type of addiction? Be honest and seek the appropriate medical help.  We feel like children now too and being around children feels delightful as we all connection to our imaginations and experience enchantment. Watch an old Disney movie or go camping near a river, lake or beach.  Take a cruise or go out in a sailboat but use precautions since all this water could lead to accidents if we are careless.  Don't drink alcohol while driving a boat for instance and check the weather first before heading out.

Tricksters & Bagels by Patricia Herlevi
Saturn forms an inconjunct with Uranus with a Mars flare.  We could see the everyday person fight a corporation or the everyday person once again questioning political and economical structures that don't serve the populace.  If anything we could see some angry words flying or some brilliant ideas coming from the average person that can solve some of our woes.  The good news is that the gap between retrograde Pluto and Uranus has widened giving us relief from on-going tension.  And the sweet sextile between Venus and Jupiter ends when Venus transits into chatty Gemini on June 24th, two days after the Cancer New Moon.  Take advantage of the Venus-Jupiter flowing aspect between June 13 and the 24th because this is a time of receiving abundance in many forms (a fruitful and fertile phase) if we remain open.

We remain open by creating space in our lives, by eliminating old clutter in our minds, hearts and homes.  If we have done the work on all levels then the last two weeks of June bring us a treasure trove.  If not, we'll have to wait another 12 years when Jupiter is in Cancer again and Venus is transiting in Taurus. So there you have it, an extremely long June forecast.  I'll go into further details in upcoming June posts.

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