Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Week of May--The Switcharoo Dance

While I'm still ruminating June's transits, let's look at the final week of May.  The word ruminating seems appropriate as we leave the Taurus month and boy, did this month plod along.  Not that I minded because I used the quiet time wisely, hoping all of you did too.

On Wednesday, May 28, we experience the New Moon in lively Gemini (smack dab on my Mars and centered in my T-Cross).  Since Gemini rules Mercury, start a new writing project now or at least pitch journalism articles to magazines.  Now, is a good time to plant seeds in the fields of communication, marketing, public relations, radio, television and online media.  Also if you plant the seeds now (Mercury goes RX on June 7th in Cancer), you have a better chance of writing with clarity and purpose.  Now, is also a good time to teach or pursue public speaking opportunities.  Authors will get an extra boost if they're on book tours or have book signings coming up during this Moon cycle.  Incidentally, the Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 13th) bodes well for publishing.

On May 30th, we experience a switcharoo (Blogger doesn't recognize this wonderful word) with Mercury moving into Cancer and Venus transiting into Taurus while forming a friendly sextile.  No, that's not Mercury having sex with Venus, but that would be strange.  This means that Venus awakens from her warrior mode and stops to smell the roses.  With Gemini moving into Cancer and Venus into Taurus, write poetry, garden, or spend time in the garden writing love poems.  Cancer rules the stomach and Venus loves the finer foods in life so this is also a good time to cook for loved ones or a lover.  This is a hint for couples just starting out and wanting to know when to get together for dinner they cook themselves.  Take advantage of this week.  Remember that saying, the stomach is the way to a man's heart? Of course, it helps if the cook knows her or his way around the kitchen too.  In another words, don't burn the toast.

The trine between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio coupled with Venus traveling into her own sign and Mercury floating into Cancer also bode well for romance.  Though with all this water and two planets in Cancer, don't take each others' moodiness personally.  Even if an evening ends in tears, don't fret.  I know, as a Cancer native myself, I'm weeping at the drop of a hat these past days.  Cancers even when they deny it and try to act cool, are sentimental creatures.  They're also nostalgic and worry a lot with a multitude of what-if scenarios tucked up their sleeves. And here we have the communication planet landing in Cancer, but for a short visit, because Mercury (that darn trickster) goes retrograde and slides back into his own sign, Gemini, where he could actually cause havoc in the realm of communication.  But I'll get to this in the June forecast later.

The on-going square with Uranus and Pluto continues and we'll feel it in the background with its 2 degree orb.  Though I'll admit I'm used to this square now and it's out of range of my Cancer Sun and Capricorn AC (that business is behind me).  The sextile between Pluto and Chiron softens the square too since we use the tension to bring healing to our hidden and obvious wounds.  I can't emphasize enough to dig deep into the subconscious and eliminate toxic beliefs, patterns, and coding.  You'll find coaches and healers online and in your community who help us with this work.  Why do it alone?

Neptune at 7 degrees feels Mercury in Cancer approaching a trine (but the planets will keep us in suspense until July 20, thanks to the RX) and a sextile with Venus which we'll experience on June 5th, another lovely day for romance, decorating the home, buying new clothing, or beautifying in general.  Get a massage.

I'm keeping this post short and I'll try to complete my June forecast by the end of this week.  But I'll tell you that June (my birthday month), looks promising, but not without challenges.  Check out Carl Boudreau's YouTube video for June 2014. He takes a different approach focusing on the world and humanity in general, but watch his video anyway.

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