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Turning the Page--Major Transits for May through August 2014

We have entered unprecedented times and an era where spiritual awakening is possible to the everyday person.  This does require the everyday person turning off the TV, spending less time on the computer (doing mundane things), and tuning inward.  This involves meditation on a daily basis (at least for 15 minutes), listening to sacred music, and spending time in nature.  This also involves dietary changes by eliminating foods which the body suffers adverse effects.  Cut out sugars, caffeine, gluten, and casein (cow dairy) and see improvements in your overall well-being.  Switch to whole gluten-free grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits (lower in sugars), beans and super foods.  As you make these changes, your life transforms and you feel more spacious.

So let's look at upcoming transits and themes with those transits.  Mars goes direct on May 19 and remains stationary until June 2nd.  We will feel like pushing ahead on projects that remained stuck during the winter and early spring months.  Since Mars in Libra we strive for balance in all areas of our lives, but especially in how we relate to other people and how we relate to our bodies. Do we get enough exercise or too much exercise? Do we spend too much time in mental pursuits and not enough time in contemplation? Do we move full-steam on projects in which we feel no passion or do we pursue projects of our heart?

Mars picks up speed in June and as the planet picks up speed our projects pick up momentum as if they have minds of their own.  If our hearts are not behind these project, then we could end up creating Frankenstein creatures or regret projects created from the ego.  When Mars picks up speed we also must speak our truth, but that truth also must come from our hearts.  If we insists on racing through the world with an activist sword in our hands just for the sake of a good fight, we face consequences.  Pay attention to levels of anger and upset then find appropriate and safe outlets to release these toxic emotions. Sometimes anger leads to rightful action that make the world a better place.  The trick is to discern between ego and heartfelt actions.  Feel before you act, but feel from the heart.

Why am I going on about the heart and heartfelt actions? Jupiter transits into Leo on July 17. We leave the realm of water and Cancerian nurturing and protection into the fiery realm of ego and heart.  Leo represents both the ego and the heart. We might say that the low road represents the ego and its posturing and the high road represents a generous heart. Since Jupiter expands what it touches, we might witness an explosion in creativity especially in the performing arts. People might experience receiving their 15 minutes of fame via the internet or another form or media.  People will expect to be treated like royalty or we discover our innate royalty and the responsibilities that come with those roles.

Leo's ruler the Sun implies that's time to develop and expand our inner light and know the difference between self-love and narcissism.  Self-love serves the planet, whereas, narcissism causes great harm to others.  It is negative behavior that sucks other people dry through an overindulgence of self.  Living is about giving and receiving and not just taking from others because we feel high and mighty.  Jupiter in Leo unfortunately, expands narcissistic behavior and not just in youth. So let's keep a watchful eye on this type of behavior which is psychologically based.  We might also witness the Law of Attraction used in self-serving ways such as an obsession with materialism with the motto attached, "because I deserve it."  The planet deserves stewardship too.  The problem with Leo is it's lack of maturity and pensiveness. However, the bright side of Leo is that it represents the part of us that shines forth in the world.  See where Leo lands in your natal charts and that's where you are meant to shine.

Mars transits into Scorpio on July 27 after spending 8 months in Libra.  On July 30, Mars squares Jupiter and we see the dark side or the ego coming out to play.  Mars acts as the warrior that keeps narcissistic behavior in check, whether that involves transnational corporations, the President of the United States (Leo Sun) or Hollywood (Leo Ruled).  We might see a lot of posturing in the media with public relation and photo opportunities used to sway public opinion, meanwhile, scandals erupt at this time, uncovered by investigative journalists and grassroots activists groups.  The end of July will feel like a flood of shaming, blaming and humiliation or we will discover humility and forgive those people still stuck in 3D fear-based reality.

Saturn goes direct on July 20 at 16 degrees Scorpio and remains stationary until August 11.  This gives us time to review any restructuring of our lives we did during the Saturn retrograde (past 6 months).  Where did we make changes in finances, career, health, partnerships or the area of the chart where Scorpio rules? Did we discover and integrate our personal shadows (type of work that bodes well with Saturn or Pluto in Scorpio)? Did we go through therapy during this time, even physical therapy since Saturn rules bones and connective tissue? As Saturn gains speed in August, we will implement these changes into our lives, if we chose to make the changes.  Those of us who ignored the song of change, will experience consequences in finances, career, and other areas of the chart that Scorpio rules.  I have a saying, denial is an okay place to visit, but you don't want to live there.

On July 22, Uranus in Aries goes retrograde at 16 degrees where it forms an inconjunct with Saturn stationary direct.  Themes of liberation and change surface but now Saturn brings structure to those changes and Uranus sends our revolutionary spirit inward.  This would be a fabulous time to take up a new form of meditation that involves frequencies or brain waves.  Sound healing and working with astrology bode well at this time and joining like-minded communities focus on spiritual enlightenment is also ideal. Then when Uranus goes direct on the Solstice (December 21st) we can put our new experiences into action.

Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on August 25th and we experience this combustible combination throughout the last week of August.  Mars represents both the warrior and the child and Saturn the voice of authority. Will younger energies battle with older energies? Will we see new ideas opposing those of the patriarchs? Will Mars feel like blowing up old structures? We could experience powerful earthquakes and forest fires at this time.  But if we do, we question the structures of society based in consumerism and materialism.  We ask ourselves about our true values.  What matters most to us, our children or material possessions we hoarded over the years?

On the personal front, caution is required as far as sports, exercise and even driving cars because fractures, bruises, broken bones and serious injuries to the head could result.  Violence could break out between youth and authority. We could also see an increase in domestic violence against children, especially boys.  The news will bring us stories about youth suicide and depression.  Saturn and Mars in Scorpio hopefully will cause us to delve deep to the roots of these problems and come up with practical solutions.

Venus transits into Leo on August 13 and conjuncts Jupiter. This week feels like the ship coming in and will feel prosperous and abundant to most people.  We could feel more generous and giving during this time too as a flow of wealth and love come into our lives. Again, the theme of self-love verses narcissism comes into play so we must strike a balance.  Venus squares Saturn the last week of the month where Saturn casts a dark shadow over Venus and her materialism.  What's too much?

Hopefully this post sheds some light on the planetary weather ahead this summer.  I will go into the transits in more depth with the monthly forecasts.  Since I'm Cancerian I like to know what's coming up on the road ahead so I can plan accordingly.  Between June and the end of 2014, we will experience Saturn and Jupiter changing signs in the element of Fire.  This brings us three outer planets in Fire Signs (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) and only one outer planet in Water (Neptune) and one in Earth (Pluto).  We will feel ourselves moving away from emotional expression and exploration into the world of impulsion and action.  Oh, well, us Water Sign people had a good run of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

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