Friday, May 23, 2014

Upcoming Jupiter & Saturn Transits: Coming Attractions to a Life Near You

Jupiter transits into Leo on July  17, 2014 until July 2015 when Jupiter transits into Virgo.

Saturn transits into Sagittarius on December 25, 2014 and remains in Sagittarius for 2 1/2 years, at that point transiting into its own sign, Capricorn.

I don't normally make predictions. In fact, I make it a point not to make predictions based on planetary transits, but upcoming Jupiter and Saturn transits are shouting at me.  When Jupiter moves into Leo this July, I predict that corporations involved with the book publishing industry or selling books (Amazon) are going to interpret expanding energy in their sector as good fortune then overstep their boundaries.  By next summer when Jupiter moves into Virgo, these publishers and especially Amazon will come under scrutiny of the public and the publishing industry in general.  Since Saturn will still be transiting in Sagittarius (which also rules publishing), for another year and a half, we're going to see some giant book sellers and distributors bite the dust.

Also when Jupiter moves into Leo, we will witness pompous behavior coming from higher education institutes who will continue to raise the cost of tuition for especially, students with Pluto in Sagittarius (who will experience Saturn conjunct Pluto when Saturn transits into Sagittarius after December 17).  Then this party will crash for the universities a year later, when Jupiter rolls into Virgo and again the institutions will fall under public scrutiny, if not outrage.  On the religious front, we will see more pompous behavior, but hopefully, humility too based on heartfelt philosophies.  The higher octave of Jupiter could expand spiritual consciousness and bring awakening for some.

When Jupiter is in Leo and Saturn is in Sagittarius, we will witness hedonistic behavior on a grand scale, but that will have consequences a year later or earlier, again when Jupiter enters Virgo.  These behaviors could harm the environment because the exaggerated behaviors are based on consumerism at any costs.  People will also expand their waistlines and empty their bank accounts on foolish risks and gambling, such as buying homes they can't afford or driving cars they can't afford.  There will be a feeling of living in the moment and hyper optimism with some people wearing the motto, "I can have all that I want because I deserve it."  This won't be true for the more enlightened people.  But don't be fooled that all new age teachers are in the business for the good of all humankind.  We will learn that some of these teachers just want our money.  So look for integrity by watching if the teachers walk their talk.  Saturn is all about integrity and cleaning house.

On the plus side, comedy will have us rolling in the aisles with laughter.  Authors who write comedies, directors who direct comedies and comedic actors will feel boosts to their careers especially when Jupiter is in Leo.  They'll work harder at their craft when Jupiter rolls into Virgo the summer of 2016.  We'll also witness the arrival of young comedic talent.

If we travel back 30 years in time when Saturn was last in Sagittarius, in the US, we experienced the trickle down economy, budget cuts in education that caused many professors to lose their jobs, and students loans were hard to come by (I was in college during those years so I remember).  I was also an exchange student during that time.  Travel had some restrictions because of terrorists and airplanes (Libya and Scotland in 1986).  I hope we don't revisit those scenarios, but that's up to us and where we place our thoughts.  Focus on love and we can heal the world from these types of scenarios.

Saturn was in Sagittarius from November 18, 1985 to February 13, 1988
Uranus was in Sagittarius from November 17, 1981 to February 15, 1988 (isn't that interesting)
Neptune was in Sagittarius from January 7, 1970 to November 21, 1984 

With Saturn in Sagittarius we could see restrictions with the internet and travel or we could see less people wanting to travel.  We could develop fear towards other cultures and ethnic groups.  This is something to watch for and respond with peaceful actions that build bridges and not walls.  The good news is that humanity has matured since the last time Saturn transited in Sagittarius and we also have the Pluto in Sagittarius generation coming of age.  Will they find another way to educate themselves besides dealing with university education? Will they create alternative schools? What about vocational training?  We could see a rise in entrepreneurs when Jupiter is in Leo since this is an independent sign focused on self.  We could also use the Jupiter in Leo energy to develop self-love.  Remember Leo represents where each of us shines. We all have Leo somewhere in our chart and this is the place where we follow our heart.

On the health front, we could see a rise in heart attacks and strokes, as well as, spinal problems.  Or we could see research come out that brings healing in this area.  But let's not get overly optimistic.  Start opening your heart chakra now and keep it open.  This could prevent heart disease on an energy level.  One last prediction, we will become obsessed with horses.  Not sure how this will play out, but for two and half years starting this December, horses will keep appearing in the news, in our dreams, and in collective consciousness.  Horses represent forward movement, power and empowerment.  Some spiritual traditions believe that we can climb on the backs of flying horses to ascend spiritually and hear the voice of God.

And speaking of horses, Native Americans also fall under Sagittarius so they'll be in the media too.  And if Finland is ruled by Sagittarius, as some astrology books say, then Finland will experience some type of restriction when Saturn is in Sagittarius.  It could be in the tech industry or something to do with travel.  We might also find that Finland has some of the best universities in the world to study abroad.  Currently, Finland's public education ranks #1 in the world.  We could also witness Finnish historians and preservationists preserving music, language, and cultural stories or a return to Finnish shamanism for younger Finns.

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