Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parked in Traffic--Mars Goes Stationary Direct on May 19

Recently I had the great pleasure of sitting on a local Seattle bus in traffic not knowing if I would catch my Bolt Bus on time (back to Bellingham).  I'm not fond of cars anyway and at that moment, the equivalent of fire-breathing dragons surrounded the bus.  My calmness and poise from the weekend gave way to raging Mars energy.  I wanted the bus to move and I wanted it to move now.  I think I stomped my feet and if I was a cartoon character, smoke would have flown out from my ears.

Well, Mars (which has retrograded since March 1st) finally goes Direct on May 19, but it's slow-going at first with Mars remaining at 9 degrees until June 2nd.  I don't know if this is technically Mars Stationary Direct since the minutes of the degree move forward, but I predict that we will feel like we're sitting on a bus stuck in Seattle traffic.  We will feel impatient and push projects forward, even if it feels like ramming our head against closed doors.  But on the other hand, other people (the ones we've been waiting to hear from), are going to feel that push forward too even if this leads to little progress.

Since Mars transits in Libra, Libras (Sun, Moon or AC) will feel the brunt of Mars turning direction, just like they felt the brunt of Mars turning direction on March 1st.  They won't feel diplomatic and might even have to deal with their Aries side, just as long as they use that energy for direct communication and not passive-aggressive games.  Aries feels Mars going Direct also because Aries rules Mars and the planet falls in Mars opposite sign, Libra.  The lower vibration of Aries could react violently at this time or at least act like a fire-starter.  The higher vibration of Aries will use this energy to create balance and harmony in their lives, realizing that it's easier to accomplish goals through cooperation and diplomacy.

Seattle, 2009, by Patricia Herlevi
Cancer natives (Sun, Moon, AC) experience stomach upset if they hold all their tension inside and don't find healthy ways to vent frustration.  Stay clear of spicy foods now and also keep any food sensitivities or allergies in check.  You know how your stomach responds to certain foods now take responsibility for your health.  We could also see aggressive mothering now (suffocating or smothering) since Cancer natives could feel insecure and fearful about the future as Mars moves direct.  On the plus side, Cancer natives can use this energy to push projects forward (after June 2nd) which involve food security, children, and issues related to the home.

Capricorn (Sun, Moon, AC) also feel a forward motion, but with career and finances. Some of you landed new jobs recently and some of you are planning on relocating into a new home. Congratulations! With Pluto also in your sign along with Uranus in Aries crashing against your secure walls, you feel like letting go of old unworkable situations and putting plans (which you developed since March 1st) into action.  But wait until after June 2nd and you can even wait as long as July 23rd when Mars transits over the degree that it went retrograde on March 1st (27 degrees Aries).  Better yet, wait until Mars moves into Scorpio and forms a sextile with Capricorn on July 27th.

Other signs who feel strong energy with Mars going direct are Gemini and Aquarius who experiences Air Trines with Mars in Libra and Leo and Sagittarius who experience sextiles.  For the Air Sign people, you will clear mental blocks that have plagued you since the beginning of March.  You will notice more clarity and that tension you have felt loosens up.  Fire Sign natives, which includes Moon and AC, you're rearing to go forward with your career and I'm also hearing "relationships and love life".

Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio will feel this energy indirectly or on a minor level.  Your life feels a bit jolted like driving on a bumpy road, but mostly you will feel relief from other signs which have felt tense and irritated for the past two months.  You will feel lightness in the air and notice that other people relate to you now with clear minds and open hearts.

Overall, we have learned many lessons and grown considerably with the Mars transit in Libra.  And it feels like Mars has been in Libra for eternity.  Mars moves into Scorpio (an emotional Water Sign with Mars as its traditional ruler) on July 27.  Then Mars meets up with Saturn, also in Scorpio on August 25th. And I know you're all sitting on pins and needles waiting in anticipation for that conjunction, lol.  But, let's take it one step at a time and celebrate Mars moving Direct.  It's time to put our plans into action and believe in ourselves.  Mars tells us that life is an adventure and its up to us to respond to its call.

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