Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio--Step into Integrity

Persephone's ascent, Wikipedia
I had no idea what I would write about this week then I listened to Mark Husson's Power Peak show yesterday.  Mark waxed on about the Scorpio Full Moon and voila I had my topic for the week.  Normally I don't write about New and Full Moons, but my intuition nudged me with this one.

First, let's look at the sign of Scorpio. This Zodiac Sign has a reputation for sexual activity, waxing on about death and mortality and of course, the transformation theme.  Scorpio also rules big finances, large corporations, big government, banks, entitlement programs, other people's money, other people's resources, the subconscious mind, psychology, self-sabotage (along with Pisces and 12th House) and it's the place where we dive into the dark recesses of our mind and soul.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if we can call it that, Taurus brings us sensual experiences and connects us to the earth (and all its hedonistic pleasures).  While Taurus feels grounded (the most grounding of the Earth Signs), Scorpio takes us into deeper waters or into a vast desert.  With Scorpio we don't know how far we must journey to find the oasis with the watering hole.  Yet, Scorpio is a fruitful sign, even if most of the fruits we harvest come to us through psychological exploration.  While Venus teaches us self-love, Scorpio-Pluto teaches us self-honoring and setting firm boundaries.  But with Scorpio, lessons of integrity come up (ours and the integrity of others) and that's the theme coming up with this Full Moon.

Spiritual Warrior Joan of Arc, Wikipedia
The Full Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn and during the actual opposition to the Taurus Sun, the Full Moon has a 4 degree orb with Saturn.  But that's not all.   The Saturn-Moon conjunction (which is a conversation between two planets in the same sign in close proximity), trines Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces.  This Water Trine (though not exact) sends us a powerful message of self-transformation by getting in touch with our authentic selves then expressing our truth in the world.  To do anything less than that is to walk out of integrity.  Saturn and Scorpio represent integrity or the old saying, walking our talk.  Who will take us seriously if we say one thing and do the opposite?

To further emphasize this theme Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries (again a conversation between two planets in the sign of the Spiritual Warrior) which square Pluto (Scorpio's planet) in Capricorn (Saturn's sign).  Practice integrity, not just now, but always.  Don't lie. Don't cheat then rationalize that you're not harming anyone.  Don't point the finger at a "greedy" corporation then act greedy yourself.  See where this is heading? Remember that Full Moons are powerful and the power resonates for several months (at least 6) until we experience the Full Moon in Taurus next autumn.

Be careful what you say during this time too and double check facts.  Mercury in Gemini (its own sign) squares Neptune in Pisces (its own sign) around the time of the Full Moon with a 3 degree orb.  This square began last Saturday so some of us might feel foggy and confused.  I attempted to teach a workshop with this square in place and let's just say, I lacked clarity and direction (even with careful planning and organizing the material)!  Neptune and Mercury are the two most aspected planets in my chart (traffic jam with other planets) so I don't always get my point across, and certainly I struggled to get through my workshop material last Saturday when the orb was exact.

Perhaps, this signifies at time of going inward (which is easier to do when the Moon wanes then when it's Full) and find our truth before presenting it to the world.  We could find ourselves reassessing our entire lives or just the part of our lives represented by the House where the Full Moon in Scorpio transits.  And as we go inward, at least we can avoid the scandals that surface in the news or droves of people carrying clouds of doom (which usually occurs around the Scorpio Full Moon).  Personally, I would rather meditate then hear gossip about the latest sex scandal involving politicians or corporate executives.

Watch for vengeful feelings now or any blaming & shaming games.  Forgiveness is key now.  Walk in another person's shoes and change our perspectives.  Admit that we don't have all the answers and in fact, we still have a lot of probing and detective work to do on ourselves.  So let's not focus on what others are doing wrong and stop the victim talk.  We are responsible for our own happiness and once we acquire true happiness because we act like authentic people, no one can take our happiness away.  It's like love, the more we give away, the more that comes back to us.  As we stand at another crossroads, let's choose love and leave fear in the dust.  We can do this.  Let's do this.

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